News and Notes: 12.28.2010

Not a lot going on over here, hopefully everyone is enjoying the holidays.

Thanks Coleman.

– John Lowe analyzes offseason moves, and gives the Tigers a comfortable edge over the Twins.

– Do you have energy?  Do you like fun?  Do you like the Tigers?  Apply here.

Brad Penny as a challenger for the 5th spot?  I could go for that.

Danny Knobler of CBS goes out on a limb and eliminates the Indians and Royals from the 2011 Central race.

– The imperfect Perfect Game was SI’s 2nd best story of the 2010 season.

Jacob Turner was a hot topic at the winter meetings, so says Captain Smokey.

News & Notes: 11.20.2010

– DD’s latest interview infers that a big bat is top priority now.

– Ni was sent down, and Alberto Alburquerque (not to be confused with “Albuquerque”) signed to minor league deal and added to the 40.

– Ordonez news – Boras is already doing his thing, and Jason Beck thinks this means that Maggs will sit deep into free agency before making a decision.

– Heyman furthered the notion of a Grienke deal, and ponders – why not Soria too?  Interestingly, Soria has a limited no-trade clause that gives him the right to veto deals to the Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies, Red Sox, Tigers and Yankees.

– Apparently, no trade to the Tigers clauses are popular these days.

News & Notes: 11.15.10

Welcome to the Hot Stove – the GM meetings began today.

AJax has a nice showing in Rookie of the Year voting, but hats off to Feliz.  Feliz took 20 of the first place votes, with Jackson receiving the other 8.

Casper Wells gets hot in the Dominican Winter League, then tweaks his knee.

If anything, the Tigers are at least talking to the Marlins about Uggla.

In other news:

Kirk Gibson’s bat that took Eckersly long and created a legend sold yesterday for a measly $576k.

River Ave Blues takes a look at the long term implications for the Yankees if they sign Lee.

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Brewers may be putting their infield on the block (including Prince Fielder), and expresses concern that 4 years would be too much for Victor Martinez.

Jon Heyman just tweeted that Kuroda signed a 1 year deal with the Dodgers for $12M.

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Postscripting Perfection

Some news and notes in the aftermath of the Armando-Galarraga-perfect-game-that-wasn’t-due-to-Jim-Joyce-blown-call-heard-round-the-world.

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Opening Day Link Round Up

It’s finally here. Real Tigers baseball again for the first time since game 163. Here are some items of interest that may help you get ready for today:

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