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Rod Allen is a Top 10 Broadcaster, and Other News (Updated)

01.03.2012 7 comments

Other than the breaking news from yesterday that some people are entrusting their professional livelihood to Gary Sheffield, it’s been spring training as usual for the Tigers. The pressing lineup questions right now are 2B and a 5th starter.  Not surprisingly, Leyland isn’t saying anything about the latter, and I don’t think anyone had enough […]

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Talking Baseball

03.02.2012 2 comments

DTW was approached recently with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift…(for you, not her). Ed Randall is a long time Yankees (booooooo) sportswriter and reporter.  He writes a popular baseball blog called Talking Baseball.  During his time he’s interviewed a bevy of baseball personalities, including quite a few Tigers (yaaaaaaaaaaay).  Recently, he put his interviews onto […]

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Comerica Park Version 2010

09.04.2010 6 comments

Every year brings a few changes to Comerica Park. Sometimes it’s new menu items, or food, signage, or game presentation. This year brings a little of everything.

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Opening Day Festivities

09.04.2010 2 comments

If you’re lucky enough to be heading down for Detroit’s big party, Opening Day, here is some information on the on field pregame happenings.

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Opening Day Still a Hot Ticket

02.04.2010 8 comments

In Detroit we take great pride in the festive atmosphere that surrounds Opening Day. It really is a Detroit holiday and there are often claims that we have the best Opening Day in baseball. The game is always a sellout, and thousands more that don’t have tickets still make the trek. It appears that even with a down economy and a team with questionable prospects that the secondary market is booming for tickets in 2010.

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The fans, they do care

30.09.2009 17 comments

Drew Sharp was disappointed in the turnout for last night’s game with “only” 30,000 fans in attendance. But it appears that everyone who wasn’t at the game was watching the game on television as last night’s Tigers game was the highest rated one ever on Fox Sports Detroit. Ever. More than the excitement of 2006. More than the expectations of 2008. Ever.

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The price of the playoffs

23.09.2009 14 comments

The Detroit Tigers have been lauded in this space, and recently in much more prominent places, about the relationship the organization has with the fans. But something seems to be amiss with regard to playoff ticket pricing. While some of other contenders are offering playoff tickets at only a slight mark-up, and in some cases at a slight discount, the Tigers have joined the Angels as teams who are putting in for premium price hikes.

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Tigers postseason ticket opportunity


Here’s the official scoop on how to get in on some Tigers postseason tickets (should the need arise)

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Clearing my mind

24.06.2009 10 comments

Editors Note: Sorry for the lack of a cohesive post here. Things have been busy lately and while some of these topics might warrant a post, I know it won’t happen in a timely manner. Instead you are stuck with this concoction of stuff. The Tigers really need to make a point of announcing Alan […]

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Tigers ticket thread

07.03.2009 12 comments

Tigers individual tickets go on sale at 10am today. Last year there was a mad dash for tickets. Opening Day wasn’t even an option and the equivalent of 27,000 tickets had been drained from the capacity of every game. This year is a little different. Season ticket sales are down. Official numbers haven’t been released […]

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Feeling cold?

28.01.2009 7 comments

Are you tired of the snow? Tired of the cold? This should help. (yeah, I kind of like the Always a Tiger campaign)

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Granderson’s Celebrity Shoot Out – 2009

18.01.2009 5 comments

It looked to be another successful event for Curtis Granderson and his Grand Kids Foundation. Depite some awful weather, there was still an impressive turnout of both fans and celebrities at Lake Orion High School. Granderson assembled and impressive roster of celebs and athletes with Michigan ties. The biggest in name value was probably Kid […]

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