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Dontrelle plus 3

20.12.2007 16 comments

The Tigers and Dontrelle Willis agreed on a 3 year contract. The Tigers will pay Willis $7 million in 2008, $10 million in 2009, and $12 million in 2010. It’s a very reasonable deal with limited downside. The surge in homers and walks last year was disturbing, but he should benefit from Comerica Park’s left […]

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Not so tender moment for Durbin, but Byrdak has that loving feeling

12.12.2007 16 comments

Chad Durbin’s stint as a Detroit Tiger came to an end today when the club made the decision to not tender him a contract. Durbin, who entered 2007 out of options made the team as a bullpen arm as the team broke spring training. But an injury to Kenny Rogers thrust Durbin into the starting […]

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Rogers, Rumors, and the Winter Meetings

03.12.2007 88 comments

The Winter Meetings kicked off today. My fellow bloggers have already commented on how it will be a fairly quiet meetings for the Tigers. That’s what happens when you fill your biggest needs within a couple weeks of the end of the season. Still, I don’t think the Tigers are done this offseason. While I […]

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As the elusive veteran pitcher world turns

16.11.2007 14 comments

There was quite a bit of drama for a Friday evening as Kenny Rogers fired Scott Boras. Rogers sent an email to all GM’s (wouldn’t that be a neat distribution list to have?) saying that he was now representing himself. This seems like great news for the Tigers who were hoping to resign Rogers. Kenny […]

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Valuing Kenny Rogers

14.11.2007 55 comments

At the end of last season Kenny Rogers future involved one of two paths:  retiring or resigning with the Tigers. The quote was “It’s either here (Detroit) or nowhere.”  But last week despite Rogers’ decision to play again, Scott Boras said they were going to explore options.  Now it appears that the sides are having […]

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Jones’n a day late

13.11.2007 11 comments

The Tigers make 2 moves, and my internet connection flakes out that night. As such, I’ll just wrap the analysis into one post. Before getting into the individual evaluations I wanted to note that with the Todd Jones signing, the Tigers payroll has eclipsed the $100 million mark. I have it pegged at $102 right […]

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Tiger sign Todd Jones

12.11.2007 52 comments

The Tigers inked Todd Jones to a 1 year deal. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 2 Joneses today. I’ll have more tonight. In the meantime here is a post looking at Jones’ 2007 season. Conference Call Notes People are happy. Todd is happy. Dave is happy. Jones’ kids are excited because they are […]

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GM Meeting Wrap

09.11.2007 24 comments

More great stuff from Jon Paul Morosi in the Freep today as he catches up with Dave Dombrowski at the conclusion of the GM meetings. The cliff notes are: The Tigers made an offer to Kenny Rogers and are waiting on Scott Boras at this point The Tigers have contacted agents of Mariano Rivera and […]

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Tigers on pace for club record payroll

30.10.2007 9 comments

I did some long overdue updates to the payroll information. And already the Tigers have $90 million committed to next season, and that’s with only 15 players under contract. My total is a tad under the $90 million mark, but I don’t have the data for Cameron Maybin’s contract which has to be in the […]

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Bang for the buck

25.10.2007 3 comments

Net Win Shares Value is Dave Studeman’s attempt to assess the value of a player and their contract.  He released some of his findings today, and there are several Tigers items worth pointing out. Net Win Shares Value looks at the 3 different classes of players (not eligible for arbitration, arbitration eligible, and free agents) […]

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Tigers pick up Pudge’s option

09.10.2007 43 comments

The Tigers announced that they have picked up Pudge Rodriguez’s $13 million option for the 2008 season. That’s one less question mark out there. I already wrote up my thoughts on the matter.

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Pudge speculation and innuendo

04.10.2007 48 comments

We’ve now heard from all the relevant players involved in the should we exercise Pudge’s option discussion. Mike Ilitch weighed in on Pudge last night: “Pudge did a big thing for us, putting a face on the franchise,” Ilitch told The Associated Press on Wednesday night. “He’s made a lot of contributions. “I don’t think […]

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