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2006 Season

World Series Game 4: Aftermath

27.10.2006 38 comments

At this point I’m not even sure how to process what transpired tonight. I’m not sure what feels worse, the fact that the Tigers are down 3 games to 1 or the fact that it is exactly where they deserve to be. In terms of pitching and offense, the game was pretty much even. The […]

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World Series Game 4: Redux

26.10.2006 45 comments

PREGAME: Yeah. I’m not writing a new preview. You can reference the old one here. And if you’re looking for the St. Louis perspective, check out the previews from these fine blog-establishments: Viva El Birdos (very active in game discussion also) and Cardnilly, Meanwhile, Deadspin wonders if this series will ever end – or more […]

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In the best interest of ratings

26.10.2006 7 comments

Remember way back in the ALCS when it was going to be too cold to play baseball at night in Detroit? Bud said that the game had to be moved to 4:30 and the move was all because of the weather: “Would you rather play at 4:30 in the afternoon or at 8:15 and go […]

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Now a radar gun story

26.10.2006 3 comments

Now this is getting out of control. This World Series really needs more action and less speculation. Now there is controversy over the radar gun and Joel Zumaya . Please. The radar gun has no impact on the game. Yes, Zumaya looks at the gun. But if he’s throwing to the gun instead of the […]

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Who do you start

26.10.2006 3 comments

Starting with the assumption that game 4 is played at some point, who do you start in game 5?  It appears that the Cardinals are leaning towards Jeff Weaver (tip o the DTW hat to Viva El Birdos). For the Tigers I really think it depends on the outcome of game 4. If the Tigers […]

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World Series Game 4: Tigers at Cardinals

25.10.2006 36 comments

UPDATE: It’s a washout. They’ll try and do this again tomorrow night around 8:30. Don’t know if this will hold or not, but as I write this, lists Justin Verlander as the starter and TBA for the Cardinals. I hope it’s a goof. Skipping Bonderman would be, ummm, there’s not even words. PREGAME: I’m […]

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With the Tigers being awful for a long time, and merely bad the last 2 year, they have accumulated a pile of players nobody knows about. That’s why it’s been neat to see some the exposure that the Tigers are getting. For one it’s nice to see them get recognition. Second, it’s nice to get […]

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The Lineup Shuffle – or deck chairs on the Titanic?

25.10.2006 7 comments

Do the Tigers need to change their lineup? Jim Leylandis certainly considering it. The lineup question was one I was going to pursue yesterday before I ran out of time. Last night’s 3 single effort certainly has stirred the pot to the point of action. The obvious problem with the Tigers lineup is that their […]

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World Series Game 3: Aftermath

24.10.2006 22 comments

It’s not so much the loss that is troubling. I actually expected Detroit to lose this game just based on the pitching match-up. It’s that once again they looked so incredibly bad in losing. Here’s the list of Tiger highlights: Neifi Perez comes off the bench and makes a nifty double play to retire the […]

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World Series Game 3: Tigers at Cardinals

24.10.2006 57 comments

PREGAME: The series shifts to St. Louis and the new Busch stadium. Busch has played as slightly more of a pitchers park than Comerica Park has. The pitching match-up will be Nate Robertson against Chris Carpenter. The Tigers faced Carpenter once this year and jumped on him for 9 hits, 6 for extra bases, and […]

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Links that aren’t sticky

23.10.2006 16 comments

A pine tar free delivery of miscellaneous links: I’m two-timing this blog and blogging the World Series for AOL Sports. Myself and Cards blogger Dan Moore from Get Up Baby are both contributing. I was on today’s episode of Sports Bloggers Live along with Larry Borowsky of Viva El Birdos. The main topic was of […]

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The one about the gunk

23.10.2006 19 comments

There’s really no getting around the Kenny Rogers and the yellow thumb of crud. I was hoping this would go away as a non-story, especially with all of the principles involved saying it is a non-story. Despite that, everybody and their brother has become an expert on pine tar and it’s physical properties and they […]

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