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2006 Season

More on first pitch swinging – runners on base

08.01.2007 8 comments

While I dispelled some of my issues with the Tigers and first pitch swinging, I still had some questions. I think many Tiger fans can remember what seemed like all those times there were runners on base only to see Magglio Ordonez (or any host of other Tiger hitters) take a swing at the first […]

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First pitch swinging

07.01.2007 9 comments

There were a couple ways to describe the Tigers approach at the plate in 2006. The optimist might say they were aggressive, the pessimist might say they were hack-tastic. I guess one measure of this might be their propensity for swinging at the first pitch. Now with the first pitch, 4 things can happen. There […]

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Even more about lineups

02.01.2007 2 comments

There’s a new Tiger blog, Dtown Baseball. It is authored by DTW commentor Eric Jackson. Eric did some further investigation into Tiger lineup configuration and examined the assertion that the Tigers used 120 different lineups. Eric raises a great point that there are many distinct lineups, but that there was still considerable consistency. He looked […]

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Detroit Tigers Weblog 2006 Year in Review

26.12.2006 14 comments

It’s that time year where it is time to take a look back at the year that was 2006. Fortunately for the Tigers, and their fans, this isn’t a painful experience this year.

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Link round-up


Jim Leyland picked up the BA Manager of the Year Award. He takes after his boss, Dave Dombrowski who picked up the BA Executive of the Year Award last week. Lee and Sam both got new looks going into the new year. In addition to the new look, Lee is cranking out the analysis as […]

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Inge gets a new deal – is he worth it?

08.12.2006 31 comments

The Tigers appear close to a long term contract with Brandon Inge. The deal is believed to be for 4 years and $24 million. This certainly seems like a reasonable deal for the Tigers, even before taking into account the current free agent landscape. The Tigers don’t have anyone in the minors knocking down the […]

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Short cuts

03.12.2006 3 comments

While I wait for the BCS results, I’ll let others do the heavy lifting and link out: There’s an interesting look at the results by count, and more importantly by what happens after a certain count. The Tigers swung at a ton of first pitches, and Tom Gage even had some stats saying it was […]

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The DIBS Awards

28.11.2006 5 comments

Others have beat me to the post, but the Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes announced their Tiger awards today. The press release is below:

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Moving On

29.10.2006 92 comments

It’s been a couple days now, and I hope the pain isn’t quite as strong. I received emails and calls from friends offering condolences like a loved one had passed away. It got me thinking about the grieving process, and I realized I did the bulk of my grieving after game 4. By game 5 […]

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2006 Season: The Aftermath

27.10.2006 51 comments

Once again we’re saying wait til next year, but this time we’re doing it with a banner to hang. The only thing that hurts is that it is so tough to get to the World Series in the first place. The Tigers could field a healthy competitive team next year and still finish 3rd in […]

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Congratulations Cardinals

27.10.2006 27 comments

My sincerest congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans. The Cardinals went out and outplayed the Tigers. St. Louis is a great, historic organization with a tremendous fan base. Enjoy the next year as defending World Champions. You earned it.

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World Series Game 5: Tigers at Cardinals

27.10.2006 206 comments

PREGAME: So here it is, win or go home or whatever other cliches you choose to use. I’m in a much better state of mind thanks to the counseling session that took place in the Game 4 Aftermath comments. This preview is pretty thin. First, I’ve covered the Tigers starter Justin Verlander as well as […]

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