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2006 Season

Tigers Minor League Wrap – 4/8/07

08.04.2007 3 comments

Toledo 3 Louisville 13 There was only one Tiger affiliate playing today, and it didn’t go well. Yorman Bazardo started and got shelled leaving in the 3rd inning He walked 4 and combined with 6 hits gave up 7 runs. Cory Hamman came on in relief and didn’t walk anyone in 3 innings work, but […]

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Making their own luck

14.03.2007 9 comments

In my last post I pointed out that Kenny Rogers, Nate Robertson, and Justin Verlander were the beneficiaries of some combination of good defense and good luck. Basically I was trying to point out that while all 3 had solid seasons, there were some breaks that were beyond their control that went their way. But […]

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Luck of the Pitcher

14.03.2007 9 comments

I think it is pretty common knowledge at this point, that in large part the Tigers pitchers results exceeded their performance last year. If you subscribe to the DiPS theory, that pitchers have limited ability to control whether balls in play turn into hits, then in general the Tigers pitchers got by without striking out […]

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Statistical Leftovers

03.03.2007 3 comments

Just cleaning out some leftover data from the pitch-by-pitch analysis from the last couple weeks. These are a couple things I calculated along the way, that never made it into a post. These data are from 2006. Tiger data While delving into Curtis Granderson’s strikeouts, I calculated many of the same stats for the rest […]

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Kenny Rogers extra giddy-up

25.02.2007 1 comment

Here’s a fascinating post looking at Kenny Rogers stellar playoff performances. The author uses video to break down Kenny’s mechanics and demonstrate the extra effort and the quicker tempo Rogers was throwing with against the Yankees. Particularly interesting was the video comparison showing a regular season start and the Yankees playoff start. Rogers rushed his […]

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More on battling with 2 strikes

22.02.2007 5 comments

Following up on yesterday’s look at 2 strike hitting, now we’ll look at what individual Tigers did in on the brink of striking out. The following table lists the Tigers hitters performance in all situations after the plate appearance reaches 2 strikes

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The Tigers and Baserunning


In today’s mailbag Jason Beck answers questions about the Tigers aggressiveness on the basepaths. Beck notes: I think what you’ll see this season is an emphasis on more aggressive baserunning aside from stolen bases, such as going from first to third or second to home on singles more often. They have the personnel to improve […]

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Plate Appearance Depth for pitchers

24.01.2007 3 comments

After taking a look at how hitters did as plate appearances grew longer, it seemed easy enough to see how the pitchers fared. I decided to take a look at two Tigers with contrasting styles, Jeremy Bonderman and Kenny Rogers The MLB 2006 norm was for OBPs to start increasing once the plate appearance went […]

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Pitches per Plate Appearance

18.01.2007 3 comments

After examining the depth of plate appearances for the Tigers and MLB as a whole, I wanted to take a look by individual Tiger at what happens as a plate appearance grows longer. Of course this would prove to be a massive post because each player would need their own table and or chart. Instead, […]

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FSN Replaying Playoff Wins


Fox Sports Net Detroit is certainly going to warm Tiger fans up as we wait for pitchers and catchers to report to spring training. The station will be airing the Tigers 7 consecutive playoff wins in the ALDS and ALCS. The games will be shown in their entirety along with some of the postgame reactions […]

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Examining Depth of Plate Appearances

15.01.2007 8 comments

Certainly there is more to plate discipline than first pitch swinging. We’ve seen that the Tigers aggressiveness in that regard actually pays dividends. We also know that the Tigers strike out more than any other team in the American League and walk less than only the Cubs and Mariners. One hazard of first pitch swinging […]

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Even More First Pitch Swinging – Starters vs Relievers

09.01.2007 4 comments

In the comments to the first first pitch swinging post Nate asked about the differences in the time of game reasoning that the value in wearing down a reliever is minimal. It was easy enough to break it down by starter versus reliever. The Tigers swung at the first pitch slightly more against relievers going […]

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