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2005 Season

Luck and Fieldability

23.01.2006 1 comment

David Pinto from Baseball Musings has begun to release the 2005 Probabilistic Model of Range (PMR) data. Today he posted a table of which pitchers had more outs than expected on balls in play (or the lucky/unlucky) as well as rankings of the expected percentage of outs on balls in play (how easy was it […]

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Warm Tiger Memories

09.01.2006 3 comments

This time of year is always tough for me as a baseball fan. The past two years the Tigers have kept things interesting in January with the signings of Ivan Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez. Miguel Tejada rumors were about the closest that Detroit fans have come to excitement since the winter meetings. Given that, I […]

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Sickels Top 20 in Review

25.11.2005 2 comments

John Sickels has posted his review of his 2005 top 20 Tiger prospects. Comparing last year’s list with what transpired, it is easy to say that the Tigers farm system is definitely looking better. Going into 2005, Justin Verlander, who hadn’t even pitched professionally was Sickels top-rated Tiger prospect. While Verlander had a very promising […]

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Light week

22.11.2005 4 comments

Barring any transactions, it looks like this will be a pretty light week. In the meantime, I invite you to look back to March where I asked everyone to make “bold predictions” about what would transpire for the Tigers this season. Here is the link to the posting, and the predictions are in the comments. […]

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2005 in Review – Tigers run distribution

09.11.2005 5 comments

Earlier in the season I took a look at Detroit’s run distribution. By run distribution I’m talking about the frequency with which they scored (or allowed) a certain number of runs per game. I’ve updated the analysis to include a full season’s worth of games. The chart below shows the Tiger’s performance given the number […]

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Tiger Win Shares 2005

18.10.2005 5 comments

Next in my series of recapturing the glory/trauma of the 2005 season I take a look at Win Shares. Other posts so far in the series include DL Time, Runs Created by Position, and Offensive Efficiency. The image you see below is a treemap. Offense is represented by the light orange boxes, pitching is by […]

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A Model of Inefficiency

08.10.2005 2 comments

It was a familiar scene for Tiger fans this season. A runner gets to third base with less than two outs. The next batter would invariably seem to do one of three things, a strikeout, a sharp ground ball to third, or a pop out to second. Once that second out was secured, the final […]

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2005 in Review – Runs Created

04.10.2005 7 comments

I have a number of posts planned to take a look at the 2005 season. The first of which is a look at runs created by position. I apologize for the size of the table below, but I wanted to take at how productive each position was this year compared to last year. I also […]

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Days, Dollars, and the DL

20.09.2005 10 comments

In the first of what will be a depressingly long series titled “What went wrong 2005″ we’ll take a look at the injuries the Tigers have sustained. While the Tigers have a higher payroll then most of their AL Central counterparts, their record is better only than the Royals. However, this season is a prime […]

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One Run Bummin

22.04.2005 10 comments

With the Tigers dropping to 0-5 in one run games this year, the fans are getting restless. Exacerbating the situation is the fact that the Tigers were 12-27 last year in one run contests. Of course it is necessary to assign blame. Typically success or failure in close games is attributed to the bullpen, the […]

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Previewing the Offense – Catcher, Outfield, and DH

02.04.2005 1 comment

Time to wrap up the season preview with catchers, outfield, and DH. The other previews are linked to below:RotationBullPenOffense-Infield CatcherThe desperate Tigers gave a desperate Pudge $40 million dollars last year and everybody seemed to benefit. Rodriguez was instrumental in the Tigers return to the 70 win range, and found himself in the MVP race […]

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In UPN vs. Tigers – the Fans Lose

06.03.2005 11 comments

It was reported last week that UPN 50 and the Detroit Tigers have broken off negotiations to broadcast Tiger games. UPN 50 has been the Tigers over-the-air broadcast partner since 1995, and they have typically aired 25-40 games each of those years. Unless things change drastically over the next 3 weeks, non-cable subscribers will be […]

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