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Warm Tiger Memories

09.01.2006 3 comments

This time of year is always tough for me as a baseball fan. The past two years the Tigers have kept things interesting in January with the signings of Ivan Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez. Miguel Tejada rumors were about the closest that Detroit fans have come to excitement since the winter meetings. Given that, I […]

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Miguel Tejada Rumors

06.01.2006 8 comments

So an otherwise quite Detroit Tigers offseason became a little more interesting yesterday with a Boston Herald article (via Tiger Tales) that mentions the Tigers were a late comer to the Miguel Tejada sweepstakes. Then Tom Gage managed to get a “no comment” instead of a denial from Dave Dombrowski about the Tigers interest in […]

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Wrapping up Trammell and the Hall

05.01.2006 4 comments

Baseball Toaster has been conducting a roundtable regarding this year’s Hall of Fame candidates. Part III features a debate about the merits of Alan Trammell, and to a lesser extent Lou Whitaker. These wise and educated men are in agreement that Trammell clearly deserves a spot, going so far as to say: Maybe I need […]

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Batting Around the Order

04.01.2006 1 comment

With the talk of starters yesterday, it got me thinking about potential batting orders. Now the value of setting the order is probably overrated. Aside from putting higher on-base guys at the top of the order, I’m not really sure how much sequencing actually matters. The only other real consideration I see is balancing left […]

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On Pudge’s Defense

02.01.2006 1 comment

Last year about this time there was a pretty popular post about Pudge Rodriguez’s ability to thwart the running game. Last year, Pudge’s caught stealing numbers have suffered a little bit, but his reputation made him the catcher that was least likely to be run on. He led Major League Baseball with .51 stolen base […]

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DTW Year in Review

29.12.2005 2 comments

The post that was 12 months in the making, and 45 minutes in the writing – the Year in Review. (seriously, there is NO Tiger news to report) As you’ve probably realized if you’ve been reading this site for awhile, I like statistics. With that, let’s take a look back: Posts: 210 Words: 103,537(not counting […]

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Locking Up Bonderman

26.12.2005 4 comments

With Jeremy Bonderman reaching arbitration, he won’t be had for the $400,000 that he made the past two years. The 2006 season will be the first of 3 seasons where Bonderman will be arbitration eligible before reaching free agency. Now there is a school of thought – that has been applied very effectively in the […]

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Trammell and the Hall of Fame

25.12.2005 4 comments

It’s Hall of Fame voting season, and with the ballots due in soon, some BBWAA members have begun to post their ballots. For Tiger fans, this is the time of year when we are typically disappointed that our heroes of 84 get shockingly few votes. Now the candidates from that team are down to two, […]

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