Game 2017.132: Tigers at Rockies

Remember the good old days when we used to gripe about the getaway day lineups, with multiple starters on the bench? Doesn’t matter so much as the moment, does it? I’d just as soon see Machado as Kinsler or Hicks as Cabrera

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Mikie Mahtook, RF
  2. Dixon Machado, 2B
  3. Justin Upton LF
  4. Nick Castellanos 3B
  5. James McCann C
  6. John Hicks, 1B
  7. JaCoby Jones, CF
  8. Jose Iglesias SS
  9. Justin Verlander P

Pitching: Justin Verlander vs Chad Bettis

24 thoughts on “Game 2017.132: Tigers at Rockies”

  1. Love the Machado for Bootsie switch. Ian has one year left and I think Machado can handle 2B. I would do like Disney and make Ian mentor his possible replacement.

    Miggy I hope gets medical attention and prepares for permanent DH. While I like Hicks, he is a catcher and I’m hoping there is a possible 1B prospect available to the Tigers. I think Hosmer will be a free agent but we need to lower salary base.

  2. I see Mario and Rod have been given their notes for the broadcast. They are talking about J-Up opting out and Casty in RF. If Casty hits enough to be a starter I’d leave him at 3B with late inning Lettuce help. In RF he should be as good as Moya, without Moya’s range.

    If J-Up finishes the season as he is going, he would be insane not to opt out even for a little less money with a real contender.

  3. Let’s see Casty has zero range at 3B.. So that should translate to at least 5 feet to either side in RF.. That is if he can actually catch it!

  4. If I were Brad, this is how I would handle the September call ups and my starting lineups:

    The following players would sit for at least 50% of the games:

    Miggy, Ian Kinsler, Casty (except he can DH in some games). No I wouldn’t play him too often in RF.

    I left Victor off because, if he’s smart’ he won’t return this year and retire. If he doesn’t retire, he’s taking a chance on making his wife a widow and his children orphans. He has been a wonderful player for us and can give nothing else. Family comes first.

    I’d sit J-Up about 20% of the time. I believe he’s going to opt out (makes sense). But he does have a shot for a career year.

    Iggy I’d also sit about 20% of the time, but to me he is a MUST KEEP player. I would take a long look at Dixon Machado at 2nd base, hopefully with Bootsie as a willing tutor.

    I would AVOID playing the youngsters by pitching matchups. Like playing Jones against left handed and Parsley against right handed pitchers. If they can’t hit any other way, they shouldn’t be here.

    On the pitching side, I would bring up our best AAA and yes, even AA pitchers to try. If starters, try to get them 2 starts, if pen 3-5 appearance. This would be on the job training. They may not (probably will not) be ready but we can tell a lot about their character and work ethic from this experience.

    Right now, I can predict this will not happen, Brad’s not wired that way. The organization is not geared to do anything out of the box.

    Brad will try to put on a winning streak to save the crumbling remains of his managerial career. If he did sit someone like Miggy for half the games he’ll hear a lot of bitching but what is the player going to do, quit? If the player gets disruptive, then Big Al needs to step up and earn his GM pay.

    This season is shot, would love to hear how some of you would deal with the last month.

    1. I agree with all of it, except that, after some deliberation, I’d sit Upton 100% of time now.

      Oh, maybe I disagree with Kinsler as mentor. Sounds good, don’t think that things really work that way. Kinsler wants to play every day and should. Maybe for Detroit, maybe not, but it’s not like he’s ready to be Grandpa Kinsler, team mascot.

    1. +1 He was probably gone at the end of the year anyway. Downside: they will no doubt use it to force Casty on us as an outfielder.

      1. If you’re REALLY an optimist…JD says he would like to come back. Of course he said that a month ago, before all the wheels and the spare fell off.

        1. If he gets into the postseason, he may decide he’d like more of that and that would eliminate the Tigers.

          1. I’m stunned by the trade of Upton, both sides of the deal. The possibility never crossed my mind. But it’s brilliant. Too bad this same stunning possibility doesn’t exist – at present – for Zimmermann and V-Mart (who may be retiring… please).

            Upton would have great when the Tigers had some pitching and needed some pop to get them over the top. Those days are gone. He’s not a cornerstone. He’s solid, albeit inconsistently solid by and large.

            Even if the Casty as RF thing factors into this somehow, which I find stupid, this is still brilliant. They are getting out from under in a big way here. Here’s hoping they capitalize and get a bit lucky as well.

    2. I’m good with the Upton trade, I’m pretty sure he let them know he’d probably opt out. Interesting that it was Maybin they shipped out to make room.

      I don’t expect Verlander to go anywhere. If they had anything promising in the works they would have shuffled the rotation so that he wasn’t pitching the day before the deadline.

  5. With J-Up gone, the Indians may recreate the Battle of Little Bighorn this weekend. I may be unwell if Casty plays outfield. He will get fewer errors in the OF because he probably won’t get to a bunch of balls hit toward him. It will be interesting to see who the Tigers bring up and how they use the call ups.

  6. JV to the Stro’s… I am good with both deals if what has been reported is true.. Too bad no one will take VMart but he might be done anyway. Kinsler hasn’t done squat this year, he can go next.
    .. Keep racking up those prospects. It’s all the way now……

  7. Got younger and more athletic, and shed a ton of payroll… If that’s what we wanted, we just got it. Sad to see both go, but it had to be done in my opinion.. 3 more to go.. VMart.. Kinsler.. Miggy.. I’d even go for Casty if we are trying the more athletic… If Miggy and or Kinsler stay OK,… But….. Still need a true CF.. And an entire pitching staff, except keep Greene and Fulmer.

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