Game 2017.113: Pirates at Tigers

Well, hell of a day to be late on the game post. Because there are important happenings afoot.

Yes, MLB has finally realized they have to do something for the players. Because they work so hard, for peanuts, in anonymity. So this upcoming weekend is player appreciation week.  And as part of this much overdue gesture to finally play attention to the players, there will be a weekend where the players get to play in weird jerseys with their nicknames on them.

And, by some strange coincidence, the fans will be able to pay very large but well merited amounts for these said jerseys, because MLB is thinking about the fans while honoring the players, because they are nice that way.

Loon will finally be able to get his “Sanchie” jersey, which makes me happy inside.

The teams apparently had veto power over the nicknames. I guess that explains why Nick is “Nick.” I guess they vetoed “E-5.”

I would like to take credit for this nickname jersey idea—I mean, our blog was talking up nicknames DAYS ago—but since they already had jerseys made up…probably a coincidence.

Candelario was too late to the party for a nickname jersey. Still, he must still be a mite peeved that Iglesias is Candelito. Total nickname blocking there!

Oh, also I predict Verlander will pitch very well today.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Jim Adduci, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  5. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. John Hicks C
  8. Andrew Romine, LF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching:  Justin Verlander vs Ivan Nova

32 thoughts on “Game 2017.113: Pirates at Tigers”

  1. I have watched that a few times. That play is an E maybe 30% of the time. This is interesting.

      1. I shouldn’t mock. So far I’ve only seen one angle, not a good one. But what draws my attention now is how Castellanos played it *after* getting eaten up by the ball. Take a look. No urgency. Hit, error, whatever. It did not have to be a double, though. No way.

        On the other hand, 5 RBI. It’s The Castellanos Conundrum. Just like the novel by Robert Ludlum, or Coleman, or whoever it was.

        Wasn’t it just the play before that Adduci tracked one down pretty nicely?

        1. Good observation. My son in law was here and he made the same comment. It’s either a single or an out at 2nd if he had run after the ball.

          1. I’ve gone back in forth a few times in my head on this. Ausmus did make a bunch of things moot by bringing in Greene, which is a good thing in some ways–it certainly let Nick off the hook, and maybe the official scorer. But on the other hand, I think JV has earned the right to finish off the disputed no-hitter.

  2. Phew! Glad to see that fourth run.

    E-5 washed away! The Casty Man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

  3. I’d trade the 3-run triple for an out or error on that play.

    I think they should change the scoring decision after the game; that would generate way more interest than a Sanchie jersey.

  4. If it weren’t for E-5, Verlander could’ve had his 3rd no hitter. Only 5 pitchers accomplished that feat, including Cy Young, Feller, Koufax and Ryan.

    1. It’s technically possible that they could change the scoring decision. An incredible long shot, but maybe they’ll consider that E-5 was playing third.

      1. It is possible, but the baseball gods do not look favorably upon Tigers no-hitters. Remember Galarraga. And the Alamo.

        1. Brad settled the issue. C’mon Brad! What, are you saving his arm for a trade or something? He had a shot at a legitimate disputed no-hitter.

          1. My own opinion is that Brad can’t stand JV. He’s let him get shelled in several games long after he should have pulled him which has run his ERA up. Yes, should have gone for the complete game.

            1. Doug, Verlander thinks he can pitch until he’s 44, and I don’t doubt him. I think he’ll get his 3rd no-hitter at some point.

  5. Yay! Go Justin. Of course, all the debate about the no-hitter might end right here.

    Gak! Gameday lied to me. I suppose it still holds, but…

  6. I think the fans should be able to vote on the nickname on Brad’s jersey for the weekend.

    Seriously, why not bring Justin back out, just for the fun of the sorta no-hitter? To protect Casty’s feelings? And if you are going to, why Greene? It’s 10-0, that’s Saupold Time. Or that Chad Bell guy or whoever.

    1. Can’t help but agree. “Greenie” needed the work, though. That, I am sure, was the reasoning for one thing. The other? I’m sure Verlander will be questioned on the matter, and I don’t expect any controversial answer.

        1. He wouldn’t say anything about the E-5 for sure, but I was thinking more of the “what did you think about being removed from the game?” question.

  7. Let’s see Candyman plays a little yesterday and today Casty gets 3 hits 5 RBI…. Hmmmmm… Coincidence I think not!!!

  8. As I said, Brad doesn’t like JV.The “hit” would have been in an out with many of the better 3b players. Still, it was smoked so hit is OK. If JV pitches a clean ninth, then it would have been more of a doubt for the official scorer. It’s OK, no-no’s are not supposed to be easy.

  9. It really is too funny, that jersey thing, right after nicknames became a hot topic here. I’ll wear the “Sanchie” right after you guys chip in and buy it for me.

      1. Oh heck yeah. I’d be obligated. But I’m actually starting to warm up to the Sanchie thing, now that I’ve seen the “official” nicknames. Sanchie isn’t so bad, I guess.

  10. I tire of all the post game “it’s great to be home” comments. Have they noticed they are a sizzling 28-25 at home?

    1. Ha ha. They probably mean literal home, not Comerica Park. But 28-25 is pretty sizzling for a 52-61 team.

  11. Castey just has to knock that bugger down… He has no chance other than blind luck to make a play like that … Verlander’s look on the mound was priceless…Miggy probably whispered …. Now you can’t be surprised are you?

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