Game 2017.90: Blue Jays at Tigers

Mr. Fulmer was brilliant last night, which was enjoyable to watch, if not exactly surprising. The hitting was a welcome surprise, with the middle of the lineup even waking up. They Tigers defied Jud’s prediction and had a very patient approach at the plate, letting Liriano waste pitches to his heart’s content.

The interesting question is, what effect if any did the team meeting before the game have on the guys? Brad scoffs at such things, but it certainly looked like an inspired team.  Then again, maybe the was just a fluke good game.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Anibal Sanchez vs Marco Estrada

Just look at the game post picture. Anibal has a secret, and he’s not telling.

36 thoughts on “Game 2017.90: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. Fluke game is possible but remember this is another epic battle with another last place team.

  2. Wonder how many innings Victor ends with runners on base?.. With only 5 RBI in 7 weeks, I bet a lot.

  3. A little drama from Greene but he survives the “meat” of the lineup. Good time for a walk off since our pen talent goes down from here.

      1. Not Montero’s fault. It’s those doggone pitchers.

        Montero was like a Salvador Perez right up until he got the big money. Then, poof, gone. Kinda like Andrew Romine in that regard, who bats .255 in 2015 and gets a mammoth multi-month contract, and he hasn’t hit over .240 since. Who’s gonna take on that contract? Why is this being overlooked, when the Tigers might very well be $1.3MM over the luxury tax limit in 2018?

    1. Tigers have stolen 3 (12) times before (and this is #13), stolen 4 (1) time, stolen 5 (1) time, under Ausmus. It’s not the manager, Jud, it’s the personnel. Remember Rajai Davis?

    1. Ah, I get it now. They were trying to get to Mikie but forgot to count the runners on base. Or check the innings and the score. No problem.

    2. Walk J-Up to get to an average .265 batter with some power? Unfortunately, worth a thought. At least he didn’t chase on the last at bat.

      1. Seriously, though. The condensed game isn’t going to show me every pitch, so I have to wonder: Did Harrell just kind of lose it, or did it seem like he was almost pitching around Upton? There was a base open, I suppose.

    1. It was a battle of wits. Miggy completely psyched ’em out. I bet he said something.

  4. Well another good game.. Solid pen…….
    Come from behind late…
    Win in extras……
    Who cares how?….
    A win is a win is a win and they actually out played the Jay’s!

    1. Oh I agree, and I did notice the pen did the job. Just thought it was interesting and almost a copy of Hardy’s outing two days ago.

  5. “Rockies Interested In J.D. Martinez”

    About time for that MLBTR headline. The Rockies have prospects the Tigers should be interested in, not all MLB-ready prospects, but that is not the point. I think it’s a match. Colorado has a good shot at a wild card and would seem to be the most serious potential buyer on JD.

    “Could Tigers Package Fulmer With A Big Contract?”

    They wouldn’t. But Zimmermann is mentioned here. I see no reason that anyone would trade for Zimmermann at this point regardless of package, but after the season, assuming that he has remained healthy and has any kind of solid second half, maybe he could be traded in a bad contract swap if the Tigers throw in one more player. Jacoby Ellsbury is the only idea I’ve had so far (there must be other possibilities). Being stuck with an average, too expensive, occasionally injured Ellsbury in CF seems like it would be less of a burden, less of an obstacle, than gumming up the pitching staff for three more years with Zimmermann.

    Unless the Tigers can pull off winning their next 10 games in a row, I have a feeling that all of the tradables are going to be traded by the end of the month. JD, Wilson, Avila, and maybe even Sanchez if Detroit picks up the $5MM. For 7-8 prospects, maybe.

    1. I’m sure that the Tigers will get some offers for JD. The real problem will be that most clubs will only want to rent him for the remainder of the season. That will keep what they offer less exiting. The Tigers are in a bnd because if they don’t accept an offer they’ll certainly lose him as a free agent.

      If they move Fulmer, they we can look forward to even more dismal starting pitching than we have now. (By any definition our starting pitching is at best mediocre.)

      I also can not imagine anyone wanting Zimm given his performance these past two years. His next two starts may help but still unlikely.

      The Tigers 10 game winning streak should finish about the same time as I win the Mega Millions jackpot.

      1. 10 game winning streak (even 12 game) odds are much, much better, Tony. Bet on that instead.

        Trading Fulmer would be flat out insane, in my view. The package for him does not exist that any team would possibly offer.

        On JD, to the contrary, I think that Detroit’s position gets better every day. No anxiety whatsoever. Renting JD could be renting a playoff spot or a World Series appearance, and those things, too, are only rentals. No one is trading for him with anything else in mind, and at his price, it is a steal. Which is why Detroit can drive a hard bargain. Losing him after 2017 “without compensation” troubles me not at all. The Tigers picked him up for nothing. Great run.

        1. I agree w/Loon – trading Fulmer would be insane, unless DET suspects some issues (health or emotional) could present themselves in the future.

          Deadline trades, like Fulmer, Norris & Jones (jury still out on the latter two) can bring in some young (cheaper) talent…and DET should be exploring all options in the next two weeks…even:

  6. The next 10 games are the last hope for even a so-so season. 7 games against the Royals and 3 with the Twinkies. Only 3 are home games. If we go 7 and 3 there may be hope. My prediction (and I hope you all get to point out how wrong I was later) is 4 and 6 and I’m being optimistic.

    1. 4-6 sounds reasonable. I would not bet against it. I’m no longer on the optimist “team.” I think I was alone on that team, anyway. Still interested in good games, though, like today’s. Win or lose.

  7. 4-6 about right with me.. Hard for the Tigers to put in big time effort in more than one game in a row. Plus as soon as you run into a good pitcher it’s almost an automatic 0 or 1 run offense, and a loss. Tonight’s match up has 5-1 written all over it.. 100 pitches by Zim thru 5 and 5 runs…90 pitches for Vargas thru 8.and 0 or 1 run.. Hope I am wrong! ….

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