Game 2017.88: Blue Jays at Tigers

Welcome back from the break, everybody!

Mr. Kinsler is out today with “flu-like symptoms.”  (It doesn’t apply to Ian, but with some players I read that and think “hangover,” cynical old guy that I’ve become).

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Alex Presley, CF
  2. Alex Avila, C
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Victor Martinez, DH
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Andrew Romine, 2B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Justin Verlander vs Aaron Sanchez

24 thoughts on “Game 2017.88: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. Tigers put their usual 5-6 guys on the get their usual nothing from the $55mil duo.. 0 runs.. Business as usual

  2. Billion dollar business and the Tigers can’t afford to water their grass . Rockband screws up the outfield.. Look at centerfield!!! Looks like the Sandlot field!

  3. JV 100 pitches in the as usual.
    Flyball to JD.. He drops it. Groundball to Iggy with runner on second. Doesn’t even try to get the runner going to third..Sac fly.. Run… . This team is frickin terrible!

  4. They pitch around Upton, to get to Miggy. Miggy hits the 1st pitch into a DP. This is where we are.

  5. Exactly… How bad are things when you walk JUp to get to Miggy.. 6LOB…Miggy 5..Victor 1…hmmm!

  6. JV at 104 pitches to start the inning so you have to wait thru 2 BB because no on was warming up. Good job Brad

  7. Hardy a BB machine.. Send him down.. Tears up Int Lge.. Back up.. Walks people.. Goes back.. Tears up comes back Ball ball ball ball… Can we try anyone else!!!!
    Don’t you learn something from Fullmer.. Just go after hitters. This starts with JV.. 100 pitches every 5 innings… How many BB today another 10…Brad will whine they are all rusty from the break.. Gee Blue Jay’s must not have taken that break!

  8. This team needs a trip to see the Wizard.. Its got no Brains.. NO heart and certainly no courage!

  9. It appears JV is doing his best to remain a Tiger, but give credit where credit is due: This was a total team effort.

      1. Romine had a really nice game all around. Stumpf – intense-looking fellow, eh? – did a nice job. Maybe he can do the same in a higher-leverage situation some time. The Tigers seem to be sticking with him, and maybe it will pay off. If a trade of Justin Wilson is really on the table, it had better. Castellanos saved a double – I’m not sure what Cabrera was doing at 1B on that play. The 3-6-1 DP was pretty slick.

        Hardy just couldn’t get the ball down in the one inning that made this lopsided. Bad error by JD – he should know where the line and the wall are by now, but apparently he’s still spooked, and perhaps he has every right to be cautious. Think what an injury now would do to his career (and that is not sarcasm). Cabrera can’t seem to lay off what he apparently can’t hit. Hard for me to believe this really has anything to do with anything off the field.

        Now we know how many guys need to have bad games to make a loss. Three. The whole team looks bad – 10 walks yielded and 0-5 RISP and all that – but it wasn’t that bad. Just bad enough.

        Team slogan 2017: Just bad enough.

        1. Yeah, that dropped catch by JD was the beginning of the end. Meanwhile, Cabrera had one of his worst games of the season. 6 of the 7 worst have come since June 19, during which time he has a .654 OPS over 20 games.

          I don’t think it would be a great loss to recall Hicks and put Cabrera on the DL for – what’s the latest, right hip flexor strain? And play Victor a little more sparingly. Maybe a day of rest per series.

  10. Hey Miggy,
    Your family should be your number one concern. If you are playing like you are playing, because you are worried about your family, then go take care of them. You aren’t doing the Tigers any good playing like you are. We are all concerned about you and your family situation, and hope everything turns out for the best.
    All Tiger Fans

  11. Can we get Miggy’s family here has Refugees …. I have thought all along that this is really weighing on him…He is lost and listless out there… On Casty’s great play…why was he caught behind the bag on the
    one hop throw…This team really set a tone for the second half…What a
    ….t show out there….Someone put a tent over that circus.

    1. His family must not want to leave. I mean he easily can afford to transplant them here. If he is paying protection money like he says, end it all by bringing them here. His wife and kids are here, it must be parents and cousins etc.

      1. Jud, I’m sure Miggy’s family would leave in a heartbeat if they could. As Americans we tend to think that other governments around the world allow their citizens the freedom of movement we are allowed. As screwed up as we think our government can get from time to time, we are truly blessed.

  12. Lariano will zip the Tigers like he usually does for 1 simple reason. He does not throw a lot of strikes and teams wait him out… The Tigers won’t
    Swing batter batter swing!

    1. The Tigers have not done well against Liriano since 2013, least of all at Comerica. Cabrera has a .167 OPS in 12 PA (no hits). Upton and Kinsler are a combined 3 for 21. Only JD, Victor, Iglesias, and Castellanos have had some measure of success. When things are this lopsided, it’s reason to believe there is going to be some regression to the mean. Or hope. Detroit has hit LHP well in 2017.

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