Game 2017.70: Tigers at Mariners

I don’t have much to day today; my algorithms are being tweaked. No spoilers, but I think there may be a great demand for fake baseball news soon.

Surprisingly, Anibal’s start was one of the highlights of last night’s game. He has earned himself another start. JZ, meanwhile, is auditioning for an outside shot and landing on a playoff contender.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. JD Martinez, DH
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. John Hicks, DH
  7. Mikie Mahtook, CF
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Jordan Zimmermann vs Ariel Miranda

20 thoughts on “Game 2017.70: Tigers at Mariners”

  1. Chad Bell displaces Miggy from the Faces of WAR ledge. All Adduci has to do to stay on the board for the rest of the season is not play again, which he seems intent on doing, or not doing. It’s a mad world.

  2. If JZ’z audition doesn’t go well, there’s a good Perry Mason episode on at 11:30 PM. I quit early last night and missed FRod’s big moment, thankfully.

          1. Could. Would. Did. I think the Stumpf audition is over. Singularly unimpressive, like Phil Coke in decline. I think we will soon see Blaine Hardy again, perhaps even Kyle Ryan. Meanwhile, the release of Rodriguez is imminent. So maybe Edward Mujica, perhaps even Bruce Rondon.

            Further predictions: JaCoby Jones rejoins the team after the road trip. Alex Presley demoted. And not that I’m pinning too much hope on Jim Adduci, but I think he trades places with Mikie Mahtook (not out of options, right?) after the rehab assignment.

            Furthermore, once Adduci disappoints as he very well may, guess who’s back? Yes. Tyler Collins.

      1. But just barely. We should probably check which episode it was before we jump to conclusions.

  3. I’m thinking Mahtook to Toledo and Collins back with Detroit even before Adduci return, if he ever does. This is the longest oblique injury in the history of sport. But I digress. What does Mahtook do, exactly? You see, it’s not that I’m boosting Collins here. Just getting bored with the current selection of outfielders.

  4. That daring sequence of bunting and stealing sure worked out well. It’s almost as if Detroit were built for this sort of thing.

  5. Freakin’ Cabrera. Thinks he can hit everything. Doesn’t. Misses or fouls off his pitch when he gets it. Really bad on the road this season, too. Ugh. I’m out.

  6. Miggy lifetime BA is about..090…so far he is 0/8..6LOB…out on the West Coast…in LA its the bars…in Seattle I have no idea..
    But to quote Brad…”this team is fine, everyone goes thru this”!…

  7. 1/2 game from the bottom…If the Sox ever will be. ……ker..plunk…
    But lucky for us…Brads not worried!…

  8. Interesting moment in the game with Kinsler stealing
    third while a pass ball going by the catcher and scores…
    and then JD goes yard on the next at bat…
    Question…why does Lettuce steal with Avila batting…
    He was out by a mile… I thought as an arm chair
    manager that having the runner at first would open up
    more of a hole to right field… Head scratcher for me.

  9. Question… Are the Tigers like a Zombie movie….
    They look like the walking dead…
    Bobby Knight when asked what he thought of the NBA…
    “It’s like watching two mice screw…Not very interesting.”

  10. Ah, I missed the comeback and the failure of JWillie. I went to bed. While Perry Mason was tempting, I opted for sleep! Good choice since Loon’s prediction about the return of Fingers would have been enough to keep me up or at least give me nightmares. Lots of 0 fers in the box score.

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