Game 2017.69: Tigers at Mariners

Tonight marks the much anticipated return of Anibal Sanchez. Or perhaps it’s the much appreciated return to the West Coast.

Either way, there is baseball tonight!

As expected, the Buck was passed on down to Toledo to make room for the triumphant return of Anibal.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Alex Avila, C
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. JD Martinez, DH
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Alex Presley, RF
  8. Andrew Romine, CF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Anibal Sanchez vs Sam Naviglio

29 thoughts on “Game 2017.69: Tigers at Mariners”

  1. This is a must see game for me, at least until Sanchez either survives his big test or is bombed as he has been recently. I’m sure all of us wish him well. The Tigers can certainly use him if he’s right.

    1. This is one I wish I could see or at least stay up for all of. I’m hoping for some lively coverage to read tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic. We’re a bunch of old men. As far as I know. Coleman might be a bot (the consistent tone makes me suspicious), but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that he’s an *old* bot. But maybe a West Coast bot in a more favorable time zone. Jud’s out west, eh? Jim! He’s in Washington!

  2. Even though its on “my West Coast time!”..I am in and out..because the bottom line is Tigers …West Coast….Never comes out worthwhile. But Like Tony I will peek in to see Sanchez……

  3. Another bases loaded, no outs and we get 1 run (more than other times). Hard to be optimistic.

  4. Peeked back in, it’s the 5the. Good for Sanchez but in the grand scheme of things whether he shuts them out for 5 or 6 or 7 ..once it goes to the pen.. There’s less than a 50% chance of winning this game… Plus it doesn’t matter if it’s 1-2-3-5 run lead the odds are still the same. Last…. It’s Soooooo hard watching the Pussycats bat on a daily basis.

  5. While I was watching Mutter was on first base and on a pitch he ran to second base without the batter hitting the ball… Brad looked at Lamont to see if they thought that “stealing business” is legal!???? pitch…… DINGER!

  6. My take on Sanchez was that he has earned another start. If our tremendous offense could have come up with a timely hit or even sac fly, he had a chance for a win.

  7. Jud had it right. I should have gone to bed as soon as Sanchez finished! That’s all fffolks!

      1. Yes, perhaps it’s time to give him some time off. He had a similar stretch last year if I’m not mistaken.

    1. Miggys West Coast lifetime average is about .090…….0-4 tonight
      Means he is right on…he shouldn’t ever make any West Coast trip. Never does anything..

  8. Decent job by Sanchez
    2-2 game at 9:15 PST
    A Wilson two run dinger at 9:47 PST
    FRod two run dinger at 10:15 PST
    And from 7:10-10:47 Tigers basically do nothing….
    …thats the Wrap!

    1. I give Sanchez some credit just for going to Toledo to try to save his career. I hope he can salvage a new contract so he can pay his US taxes now that he’s a citizen.

      FRod is almost ready to be the closer again. Glad I went to bed after AWille failed.

  9. Woke up for the second time to see Frankie
    work his magic in the 8th…Excuse me for
    not fighting sleep to watch the comeback…

  10. So let’s see, the Tigers have so-so starting pitching, bad pen, great hitting except when needed, spotty base running, inadequate outfield and 3B defense and we think they can contend. If it weren’t for our brilliant and inspirational field manager and coaching staff we would be in real trouble. Looks like long 2017 and 2018 seasons ahead considering the depth of our farm system.

  11. When the announcers are discussing the prospects
    of eating grasshoppers …. that tells you all
    you need to know about our team.

  12. Could we get FOX to put on some White Cap
    games ….especially when the Tigers go
    Has anyone seen some White Caps games…
    Looks like they are a pretty entertaining
    product this season.

  13. My sister has season tickets for the Whitecaps. Me I get to watch the Tigers here on the Westcoast..
    …………Life is not fair!

  14. You know it’s not a good game when the top video highlight is titled “Iglesias Avoids Pickoff.”

    1. I was hoping for “Cabrera Flies Out to RF.” (Flys? I can never remember.) My prediction is in trouble if he’s back to swinging at low and away pitches.

        1. But hey, that really was some move by Iglesias. He should show Kinsler that trick. Oh, that’s right. It does require being awake.

  15. Let it be known (like it matters) that June 19 was the day my 2017 prediction went from World Series title to not making the playoffs.

  16. I feel like I have let you all down by not watching the M’s vs. Tigers series. I have been either at my grandson’s games ( 14 year old RHP/2B) or binge watching “The Wire” with my bride. In my defence ( hockey spelling) the M’s broadcasters make me gag. The M’s are unseasonably hot right now but I believe they will join the Tigers and several other teams on the golf course(s) mid October.

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