Game 2017.48 & 49: Tigers at White Sox

It’s too bad they both weren’t rained out last night—except for the Avila blast. He continues to stay hot.

Collins would look good in a sombrero. He was only a pitch or two away last night. Keep trying, Fingers! Better grab one while you can, because JaCoby Jones was called back up from Toledo (Chad Bell was sent down).

In worse news, Ian Kinsler and his old man hamstring were placed on the 10-day DL.

Also, pitcher Arcenio Leon was added to the roster, and William Cuevas got the DFA to make room for him.

Today’s Game 1 Lineup:

  1. Andrew Romine, 2B
  2. Alex Avila, C
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Tyler Collins, RF
  8. JaCoby Jones, CF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Mike Fulmer vs Tyler Danish

2nd game: Buck Farmer vs Derek Holland

Jose did not look good in the leadoff spot, and gets bumped back to 9th, where he has been doing well lately.

The pitchers are swapped around a bit, so we don’t get the anticipated Danish-Farmer matchup. I always wondered where those things grew.

59 thoughts on “Game 2017.48 & 49: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. Kinsler to the DL is bad news and bodes ill for the rest of the season as well.

    Omar Infante with Toledo, 41 G, 173 PA:
    301/331/378 .710 OPS, 1 HR 15 RBI

    1. +1 Omar also had a great spring as I recall but if we bring him up we might have to send Fingers down. We must not do that.

    2. not a lot of great news coming out of DET these days

      …if they continue to flounder for the next two months, i suspect we’ll see a big sell-off (though i believe several non-contenting teams will also be trading underperforming “stars” and their large contracts) before the 7/31 MLB trade deadline – so it may be a ‘buyers market’ this year…i guess the current DET players will determine over the next 57 games (games until trade deadline) the type of team they’ll have in DET on 8/1

      1. Collins is a dead man walking. He has worn out his welcome. Too bad. Intense player. Coulda been a Kinsler.

        I think Omar is the way to go. Machado and Iglesias in the same lineup, no thanks. I don’t expect Infante to be a revelation or a savior, but it looks like Kinsler could be a part-timer the rest of the way.

        1. Even if Detroit is desperate to sell by the deadline – I don’t think it will come to that – no one wants what they might be desperate to unload. Cabrera? No. Verlander? No. Zimmermann? No. V-Mart? Absolutely not. Kinsler? Why bother? Upton? Ha ha. J.D. Martinez for a couple prospects, woo-hoo.

          1. Agree Loon… Not a lot for the late shoppers to
            nibble on… Our only chance was for Verlander and
            Zimmerman to get the job done…Great to see that
            Fulmer is not having a soph slump. I thought the
            two lefties would be up and down… Bull Pen is
            shaping up when we don’t put in the AAA throwers..
            Our outfield defense has got to be one of the worst
            in MLB history… Casty has made zero improvement at
            third… Looks like we are a good hitting team on
            paper… I guessing we finish .500 at the best… Back
            to the golf tournament..

            1. .500 at best is a very reasonable prediction that I will continue to resist, but my resistance is wearing down.

  2. Wow. First two innings, 6 baserunners, first and second twice, first and third once, bases loaded once, no runs. This team “will” hit? When?

    1. Again and again. Only one run down and they still could win, in which case all’s well that ends well, except that all is not well. What to do?

  3. Miggy has been underwhelming this season. (And Victor is under even that). Miggy still has a lower WAR than Iglesias, McCann, and Adduci (who has been out for weeks).

    1. Yeah, speaking of Adduci, was his DL stint extended? That must be some oblique strain. Maybe he won’t save us from Collins/Mahtook after all.

      Miggy peeks in at #12 on the Faces of WAR. He looks like an uninvited guest there. Arcenio Leon can probably pitch one inning and knock him off. Or maybe JaCoby will do it.

      1. This is for Loon’s comment above: +1 Although I hope you’re wrong about Ian.

    2. Maybe Miggy can morph into a right handed “Big Pappi” when he
      becomes the full time DH….
      However…he is not going to age too gracefully…
      I still think that what is happening down in his homeland has
      taken a toll on him mentally…

  4. White Sox scratched a run and Fulmer shut them down. Bad news is that the way we’re hitting he may get his 2nd 1-0 loss in a row.

    1. What a gem by Fulmer, though. I guess we shouldn’t let the offense ruin that appreciation.

  5. Switching over to PGA golf coverage… Having a hard time
    watching this slow motion train wreck …. I am like a
    crack addict and can’t quite kick the habit… (watching
    the Kittens)….

      1. Through 7 the Sox had thrown about 150 pitches to Fulmer’s 67.

        *153 to be exact.

  6. Three strikeouts and a walk yesterday, three strikeouts and a walk today. I guess that’s Collins’ game now, he hasn’t put a ball in play in two games.

    1. By rights that last AB should have been the last of his Tigers career. There is Efren Navarro, there is Steven Moya, even if there is no Jim Adduci at present. It is just getting pathetic with Collins. Shoot, there is Andrew Romine. Collins doesn’t even need to be replaced with an OF. Call up Infante or yet another pitcher. I vote for Mike Zagurski, just because.

  7. Thank you softball gods… I only peak in once in awhile… I too am a Pussycat crack head….. Back to softball

  8. It won’t matter in the game but tell me that Jones doesn’t catch that last hit by Abreau.

        1. Point conceded. 🙂 Part-time DH, maybe? Walking to first base must be wearing Victor out.

  9. You won’t believe this, but it is fact: Detroit is the best hitting team in the AL, Innings One thru Six. That best includes more runs driven in than any other team. For Innings One thru Six, they rank #7 in all of MLB, in fact. Only 6 NL teams have driven in more runs.

    Now, for Innings Seven thru Nine… I think you can predict it.

    I’d like to say they can’t hit. Or they can’t score runs. Fact is, they just can’t win.

  10. What an offense. 28 K’s in two days by Sox power pitchers like Pelfrey, Danish and a host of other. Miggy keeps his road trip going, still looking for his first RBI. Brad will stay strong, he’ll probably run out the same lineup again, after all, they are due.

  11. In the past 7 games including today.. Miggy.. Victor… JUp… Collins… CAsty have driven in 7 runs added together… When?… I don’t remember any of them….theres your hittetd. …but Brads not worried so why should we be?

  12. Has Dave Clark gone rogue or what? What is up with this lately?

    Or was it V-Mart’s fault? Out by a mile either way. They must be unfamiliar with this Avisail Garcia fella.

  13. What’s Hicks making a year …. 18 mill???
    Show them how it’s done big John…

  14. 41 K
    32 LOB
    3-31 RISP
    Cabby.. Upton.. JD.. Casty basically do nothing in 3 game….
    …….win one….. PRICELESS!
    Farmer.. Hicks.. Greene.. JWillie… Save the day!

  15. i missed the nightcap…but see Farmer was a badly needed pleasant surprise (WOW, 11 K’s!), though JWilson did his best KRod imitation to give the hometown fans something to stick around for

    1. That why you don’t see many LH closers…Most of the
      best hitters in BB are RH….
      I have never been a big fan of the one closer position.
      If you have three good hitters coming up in the 9th that
      are RH, why not go with Greene…as a better match up…

  16. AWilson can pitch to an all RH 9th inning set of batters, but Brad would have to think of that. And AWillie is basically the 8th inning guy now. Same with Greene being the 7th inning guy. All this is beyond Brad!

  17. T**********–This just in heard it on DTWB first….Presley up…Collins fired….tomorrow!….*****************


      Collins back to AAA, i can see that, but after Farmer’s impressive outing (and yes, i understand it was one start against CWS), he also catches the dog back to Toledo… if you’re not going to start him, he can get work in the bullpen… its not like they (bullpen) couldn’t use some help

  18. Collins got his shot at solidifying himself
    as a major league player… I believe he
    struck out 43 times in the last 40 innings…
    but his OF play was off the charts… (eyes rolling)
    Tough to keep up but he has
    to have them thinking about it. Hardy is just
    brutal to me….Waste of a roster spot….
    One more time …..Is Zimm going to get on track
    at some point… Was not bad in the last game.

  19. Presley has done nothing offensively in Toledo…
    and described as “passable” in CF…Now that
    is exciting news.
    Is Aducci out for the year? Did he play any CF
    or is he strictly a corner OFer? He would look
    like Ty Cobb in our line up right now…He was
    swinging a hot stick…

    1. Aducci is on the DL and it was extended. Too bad. I still don’t understand why they don’t bring Omar up to play 2B.

      1. Tony…Omar could fall out of bed and still hit….
        How are his stats in Mudsville?
        I gotta believe he would be a better option over
        Machado…He could back up at 2nd and 3rd…Dixon
        needs to play everyday so he can improve… I know
        these opinions from the recliner are always easier..

  20. The Tigers give “Fingers” the ultimate finger… nothing worse than dfa’d except, you know released… how do you get to Toledo from here? How many strike outs is too many? Many Questions, too few answers….

  21. Wonder what Micky “Mantle” Mahtook thinks about Presley jumping
    him in the mix… Didn’t he go yard in the last game he played in?
    Why as why when figuring out the way the management thinks..

  22. Based on the 1st 2 innings at bat, it may be a long day for the Tigers. Lettuce got to a 3-0 count and we’ve been swinging early and often since then. Pitch location doesn’t matter.

    1. Brad has given everyone the green light on 3-0 lately… the 4-5 I have seen…. swing every time…..not even one hit,

  23. Bout time…Zim..Miggy…Casty..JUp.started earning that big money they are getting….starting with Miggy!!!

  24. I hate to quote a Buckeye but Woodrow Hayes had
    a saying….” To win, you must eliminate losing…
    and losing is beating yourself…It happens too
    many times with the Tigers…
    Iggy throws a screw ball to Casty from 60’…the
    runner is a dead duck… and Casty can’t move his
    azz over and block the bad throw… and then to
    boot…nobody backs up the throw behind third…
    We give away at least one run a game due to poor
    execution of the fundamentals…

  25. Zimm and Frankie …Home Run derby pitcher for All Star game…
    Give me some and skip him the next outing…
    Maybe Zimm and Sanchez can join each other and create the highest
    salary in AAA history…

  26. This “T” ball defense is an embarrassment…
    Castey is going to need a trip to Dr. Phil…
    might as well include Zimm with that appointment.
    Maybe they can get a discount… Man oh man..
    back to the golf channel…
    What if you got a two run penalty for making
    During a debate about which game is harder…Sam
    Snead lamented… “We have to play our foul balls.”

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