Game 2017.47: Tigers at White Sox

***Update: the first game has been postponed, and now will be part of a Saturday doubleheader.***

It’s a rare good old-fashioned double-header. Let’s play two!

Last night’s game was a little frustrating, and a little unlucky. Both Miggy and Victor hit line drive rockets right at a glove, and got runners doubled off (Fingers maybe shouldn’t have been, or maybe he was trying to steal 3rd?), and JD Martinez missed a 2-run homer by no more than 2 inches.

Today we play two, and get a lucky draw in the first game, our old “friend” Mr. Pelfrey. Hopefully in the 2nd game we can eat up Danish.

McCann needed 5 stitches and is on the 10-day DL. Hopefully Hicks picks up where he left off.

Today’s Game 1 Lineup:

  1. Jose Iglesias, SS
  2. Alex Avila, 1B
  3. Victor Martinez, DH
  4. JD Martinez, RF
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Tyler Collins, CF
  8. John Hicks, C
  9. Andrew Romine, 2B

Pitching: Buck Farmer vs Mike Pelfrey

2nd game: Matthew Boyd vs Tyler Danish.

Brad plays it a little different, giving Miggy and Ian the first game off instead of the 2nd. I’m guessing we’ll have no JD in the 2nd.

14 thoughts on “Game 2017.47: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. Fortunately Fingers continues to play and display his excellence at the plate, in the field and on the base pads!

  2. HelpMeMakeIt has a good point. Boyd needs a good outing. Boyd, Norris and Fulmer had little (Fulmer none) MLB experience when they joined the Tigers. We put them in the starting rotation and we should be happy that Fulmer has turned out to be a stud. If the other two turn out to be stars, it will take more time. Hopefully Matt can get some confidence and start improving. Folks, with our starting rotation, the Tigers are not contenders. And our array of highly paid .200 hitters can not carry the team. Let’s start developing the 2019/2020 teams so the future is brighter.

  3. Hard to replace McCann on defense,but Hicks can help offensively easily, in fact McCanns wife could replace him offensively.
    Big weekend towards buy or sell. If you can’t be the Sux, then forget it. Even though I am a selll guy no matter what in 2017.

  4. Cy Pelfrey is shutting down our big time offense…
    If he keeps us under five runs…man I am telling
    you….Even with this chaotic road trip from hell.

  5. That’s two potential rallies we’ve killed on our own. It may even allow Cy Pelfrey to qualify for a win.

  6. Boyd’s control problems continue…Two things that have
    bad endings ….Dogs that chase cars and pitchers who
    start out with a 1-0 count all night…

  7. Hardy should never pitch to a right hand batter…
    He is at best someone to come in and get lefties
    out….I start to get ill when he starts warming up…
    We just give away games playing bad players….

  8. Heres the thing about facing the Pussycat offense.. Even if 2-3 guys are hot you get to pitch to 6-7 guys hitting. .200…..that ends all rallies. I mean if you can’t hit Mike Pelfrey… How BAD ARE YOU????
    But hope is eternal. Our great leader Brad says wr are gonna hit!.. And we were worried about hitting!

  9. Pelfrey…. 5 inn… 4 HITS… 2 RUNS… 7 K’S Tells you more about the Tigers than the White Sox…..

  10. Collins has played 25 games this month with hits in 2 games. I wonder is this is a MLB record. Has anyone played a full month with no hits in even 2 games or 1 game. We might be watching history!!!

    1. After we batted in the 8th, I went to bed. I missed the 3 runs the Sox added in their 8th. Last night the Tigers fanned 13 times, 7 by Cy Pelfrey. That speaks volumes. Of the 11 batters we sent to the plate, 8 of them are batting in the .200 range. Our starting pitching has been (except for Fulmer) at best mediocre. If we were playing at home every day and had a day off every 3 days, the results wouldn’t change much. We are not very good and our manager and coaches don’t seem to have a clue.

  11. Pretty dismal. One good thing about 2017 is good moves, or at least decisiveness, in response to problems, in contrast to a number of seasons past where I recall problems just festering, especially back in the Leyland years. It started with a quiet offseason free of questionable signings and some fairly good under the radar moves. Then:

    Boyd in, Sanchez out, Lowe and Pelfrey gone
    JaCoby Jones makes the team out of spring training
    Stephen Moya sent to Toledo
    Kyle Ryan struggles and is demoted
    Adduci and Hicks get the call and contribute big-time
    F-Rod out, Justin Wilson in as closer
    Sanchez and Tigers agree on Toledo

    Alex Avila has been a positive surprise. Collins has disappointed, but giving him the full opportunity was the right thing to do. Boyd has disappointed, but not giving up on him just yet is probably the right thing to do.

    Moves good, personnel mostly fine, stats awful, results mixed, reaction disappointment. 22-25. Bring back Jones and Adduci, ditch Collins and Mahtook, replace Boyd and Hardy and Rodriguez with whoever, and then maybe end up at 44-50 for your trouble. I think it’s up to the big guns to start playing like big guns.

    If Detroit is eventually supposed to be a seller at the trade deadline, what it it that they have to sell, exactly, besides half a season of J.D. Martinez?

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