Game 2017.42: Rangers at Tigers

The Tigers are in the limelight tonight on ESPN. Old Man Hamstring and all, Ian Kinsler can’t resist that, and neither should you.

Miggy came back with a vengeance last night. Alex Avila apparently sold his soul to the baseball devil. Andrew Romine is in the lineup because..well, because he’s going to go all Caesar Salad on Yu Darvish.

JD Martinez hit one home run yesterday.

Today’s Boyd in the Hood Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Alex Avila, 1B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. JD Martinez, RF
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Tyler Collins, CF
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

Pitching: Matthew Boyd vs Yu Darvish

Where is Hicks? Just saying.

14 thoughts on “Game 2017.42: Rangers at Tigers”

  1. Napoli hitting. .180 can’t lay off the high pitch so once again, like Fri Tigers go down and in, two dingers 425 on Fri, and 420 today. I guess we are showing him were not afraid of his. 180….SMH!

  2. Dyson hasn’t struck anyone out since April 11th and he gets JD and J-Up. That’s our boys.

  3. Win one…lose one…win one ….lose one…win one lose one or two………..loks like 81-81 to me….and the .230 club is becomming the .220 club…that doesnt help.
    I am glad lots of good softball on today. This would have been hard to watch straight up.

  4. Any less effort by the Tigers and they would have been asleep!

    That game was a lot like going to the dentist!

    Game went to 4-2 and the Tigers just plain quit!

    JD…JUp..Casty..Fingers..McCann..Mahook( PH)
    ……..1 for……..19….strand 12
    5 guys in the .220 club..soon to be joined by JUp….and sooner to be 5 guys in the .210 club.

  5. Well as the Tigers continue to prepare for their July sale, the next 4 are against the Astros who were just swept by the tribe. One bright spot may be that Dallas Keuchel is on DL.

  6. With a batting lineup of only 3-4 actual sticks
    I don’t think any position player, other than maybe JD, should safe from a July fire sale.
    With 3 good relievers and 2-3 starting pitchers I dont think any pitcher, other than Fullmer, is safe from a july fire sale….
    Does Al Avila have the cahones to clean house. He tried in the off season and failed -. Lets see what happens next.

    1. If Mr. I were still here, I would have hope for signing JD. I’m afraid that CI is more interested in the bottom line. The answer will come in July. JD will get a lot of interest even as a rental (like Cespedes was). If the Tigers do not trade him in July then they may not get anything for him. If we don’t trade him in July there will be some hope but only if Chris wants to ignore the tax. While I’d like to blame Big Al, it is out of his hands.

  7. To put together a 8-9 game win streak like the Rangers did..Boyd and Zim woould have to win twice, each. Miggy, JD, and Avila would need 3 more consistent sticks…….

    1. +1 The problem with Boyd and Van-Man is they are so young. I remember growing up in the Bronx as a Dodger fan (hated the Yankees back then)that Sandy Koufax’s first six years were pretty ordinary. After that he was “lights out”. I see hope for Boyd and Van-Man. Zimm is more of a concern. Now that he’s back from his injuries, he has been very ordinary. Hopefully he’ll regain some of his good form, but it could go either way. With his contract, Zimm is not too likely to receive much attention in July.

      Because the division is so poor, we could win it (50-1?), but so could the Twinkies, White Sox, or Royals. I still expect the Indians to be safely in first place by July. If, so than no one from our division will be likely to get a wild card.

      Jud, I agree with you that going forward will be very tough with our array of .200 hitters will be very hard. Even if we stay close, Brad can let enough games get away simply because he can’t think out of the box. All year I’ve been hoping he would move Victor down in the batting order so he doesn’t clog up the base pads (or GIDP) when runners get on. Casty and J-Up think they are greatest home run hitters ever and NEVAER are willing to take the walk or single to keep the line moving. Fingers is more than half way to another 0 fer 30 so I guess Brad will play him for his defensive skills.

  8. about 1/4 of the season in the books (21-21), and the positives so far:
    1) Avila (Jr, not Sr)
    2) JD return
    3) Bullpen actually showing some improvement as of late…but then again, only one way to go from rock-bottom
    4) Starting pitching has been healthy, and for the most part, respectable
    5) offensive production from unexpected sources
    6) underperforming top of the order “should” (or better) step it up…soon

    1) bullpen (and mngmt of said bullpen) has been horrible up until recently
    2) lack of production from high dollar/high expectation hitters
    3) Zimmerman hasn’t had one impressive start yet
    4) base running and plate discipline remains problematic
    5) older players are and likely will continue to be more subject to injury

    I still think they are a .500 (+/- 7 games), but if they stay healthy, and the rest of the ALC continues to underperform, DET will remain in the playoff hunt quite possibly into Sept

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