Game 2017.18: Tigers at Twins

That was a great win, all things considered.

19 thoughts on “Game 2017.18: Tigers at Twins”

  1. Avila in ’17 – 19AB’s 8 H, 4 BB, 7 K’s – everything he’s hit has been a hit…he’s either got a hit, walked or K’d…batting .421 w/7 RBI – keep up this pace AA… eliminate the GIDP

    how about DET’s AAA lineup putting up some runs today?!?!?… 7 through the 3rd IN – go figure

  2. a few more runs and we’ll be “KRP” in MIN instead of CIN…

    KRP = a lead that is “KRod proof”

  3. newbies: Adduci & Hicks today 6 for 9 w/7 RBI …not bad for a couple of league minimum salaried players… yes, i know this type of production won’t continue from them, but nice to see a few blue collar players having “a day”

  4. Considering how many guys are out, the underachieving pen and the brilliant management, that was not a bad road trip. More importantly, we did beat the Indians 2 out of 3.

  5. Sanchez used to have an amazing aray of pitches.. FB.. Curve.. Slider… Change.. Off speed curve.. Cutter….
    … he just throws a fastball every single pitch and.. Not very well….MLB hitters figure this out, and quickly.

    1. Yes, a sad story and even Mr. Sanchez has to think it is unfortunately time to go.

      1. …the silver-lining for him if/when DET and Mr Sanchez part ways… he’ll receive the remainder of his $16.8M salary this year, and another $5M team buyout for next year

        1. 21.8M. You would have to shoot me to get rid of me. I can not blame him if he goes on the mound once a week to be pounded. Beats the heck out of what most folks have to do to earn much less of a living.

  6. FREEP article by Brad on why Victor doesn’t have any extra base hits…. And I quote… ” it’s because he is so slow”!!!…duh!.. Thanks Brad for that valuable insight. You think maybe if he hit one in the stands he could take his time around the bases, at least once this year?

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