Game 2016.136: Tigers at Royals

“Squander” is yesterday’s word of the day, as the Tigers left 12 on base, including 6 by Justin Upton, who picked an inopportune time to finally cool off.

Cleveland stayed hot, however, and now it’s 5 1/2. Norris pulls his van up to the mound for a big rubber game.

Today‚Äôs Let’s Try This Again Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Iglesias, SS
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Upton, LF
  7. Collins CF
  8. McCann, C
  9. Romine, 3B

Same lineup as last night, that hasn’t happened much lately.

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  1. A good read about Dan Dickerson’s game prep. The 3×5 cards are awesome; Jim’s and Dan’s love and knowledge of the game is why I listen to the game with the TV sound down. I also keep a notebook on every season going back to 2000 when I got the Tigers on Direct. I keep score on every game plus include key comments. I love to hear how Dan and Jim keep score; I’ve heard them mention using highlighters while I share the exclamation point for good play.

    1. Nice article and perhaps explains why I think Dan is the Tiger’s best announcer (wish he were on TV). He doesn’t have to engage in conversations on moon phases or barking dogs.

    1. Yes but that goof should be instinctive. He is looking at the batter and where and how the ball is hit. Where does he think he is going.

  2. Gee Brad lets leave him in a little longer….you have 13 pitchers and Wilson doesn”t have it today…Brad -2…no -3 still clueless and unprepared with pitchers

  3. Brad is not 100% to blame. He does have limited options and Alex has been good. If JV had started, he would not have let Brad pull him.
    You all should realize this could be the season.

  4. Earlier this year I said that if the Royals were using Soria they were really hurting. J-Up is making up for the lost months early this season.

  5. In the end, guys, if he ends up with 25 dingers and 85 RBI..will it be worth it. Does One month of a tear make up for 5 months of nothing?…the career, yearly averages just might be there. Thats a tough one!…Maybe the answer is if it gets you in the playoffs thats enough, but if not earlier this year numbers could have..what do u guys think?

        1. that’s been Upton’s MO the past few years, lot of K’s and a streaky hitter (a/o non-hitter) – probably never going to be a .300+ hitter, but he may find a way to get 20-25 HR’s and 80-100 RBI

          …pretty steady defensively, and decent baserunner – and Kirk Gibson (when asked by AAvila & DET mngmt) gave him a glowing endorsement… which from a guy who managed him, probably pushed DET to Upton rather than Cespedes in the FA market…and he’s a bit younger (than Cespedes)

  6. DET w/5 player w/20 Hr’s or more and w/Castellanos w/18

    when is the last time DET had 5 guys w/20 or more HR’s on the same team? …how about 6 players?

    1. i agree w/all the Kinsler comments (fielding and picked-off specialist…and tough… a true “ball player”)

      …KRod now tied for 4th in all time saves…guess one could also assign ‘a save’ to Kinsler (in the field) and Upton @ the plate

  7. Great weekend of baseball. This sure is a lot of fun when the games mean something. Is Ian a warrior? Go Miami!

  8. DET really needs HOU to take 3 of 4 from CLE this week (@ CLE) – fortunately HOU is still in the WC hunt, so they’ll be in ‘must win’ mode. CLE has the starting pitching edge in 3 of the 4 matchups…so we shall see.

  9. i see where DET has Zimmerman slated to start against MIN on 9/12 – if DET could get April Zimmerman for 3 starts in Sept, that would be HUGE

    1. Must be Tiger Closer Reunion weekend with the outings by Soria and Rodney…both were ugly.

  10. OTFiM – loved the article on Dickerson. Thank you for posting.

    This bullpen will be the end of us.

    For the first time in a long time, this team is playing like a team. Sept will be interesting.

  11. the K’s (5 in 2 IN) are nice for JV, but it also drives up the pitch count (33 thru 2), and w/Sale pitching, we’ll likely need JV to go deep into this game, w/little margin of error

    …need to make Sale throw some pitches, get his pitch count up there – and get to CWS bullpen

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