Game 2016.114: Tigers at Mariners

Seems like forever since we last won a game. The M’s are now only 1.5 games behind Detroit in the wild card race. Maybin to the DL, and Greene is day to day. Sky is falling.

Not really, still a lot of baseball left.

Streakbuster JV on the mound tonight, but opposite King Felix.

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

1. 2B Ian Kinsler

2. CF Tyler Collins

3. 1B Miguel Cabrera

4. DH Victor Martinez

5. RF J.D. Martinez

6. LF Justin Upton

7. 3B Casey McGehee

8. C James McCann

9. SS Mike Aviles

14 thoughts on “Game 2016.114: Tigers at Mariners”

  1. There will be no sense of urgency today with Cleveland losing..hopefully they can get JV a few…King F will be tough on the Tigers…lets dent the West Coast jinx!

  2. Soon as I saw Avilies at SS I didn’t watch the game. But I will say this….0-3 comes from Brad having to make decisions. His bullpen management is a joke…..
    Finally he is ranked as the 25th worst manager in baseball. How can their possibly be 5 worse!

  3. Upton is 2/25 in Aug with 1 rbi and you let him bat with 2 outs , game on the line.9th inning………fire Ausmus!..Verlander has a better chance of getting a hit here!

  4. Tigers got close with an 8 game winning streak. With a 4 game losing streak and 3 games in Texas, they have a chance on a 7 game losing streak by the time they return to Comerica. I have always thought, and still believe, the only way to the post season for the Tigers was to win the division. Even if the made the wild card, I agree with Norman, that as a wildcard, we would not do well.

  5. Can’t beat Cleveland and can’t beat teams outside of the AL Central..that pretty much sums up the playoff picture…6 total runs in a 3 game series in Seattle after going into the series red hot shows just how inconsistent this team is. If tomorrow a pen pitcher is needed in the 8th, instead of a red hot AWilson Brad will throw JWilson out there again cause he is the 8th inning guy. Despite three bombings this week. Brad,is another reason why any playoff run would be short, in my opinion.

  6. The upcoming games with Cleveland will be the season. Meanwhile last night I was confused on why J. Wilson relieved Verlander instead of A. Wilson? That is the night before Alex came into a basesloaded and no outs situation and didn’t let a run score. J. Wilson came in and gave up 3 runs. So why go with J. Wilson? Am I missing something? Off to Texas for the three game series…look for a guy on the 3B side wearing a Tiger D Castellanos jersey.

    1. Ole Miss, you are not a baseball expert manager like Brad. Of course you don’t understand these complicated issues! See my rant about the 2013 playoffs. If you could spill a large beverage over someone while you get a foul ball, it will help to see you tomorrow. Enjoy the games!

    2. Ole Miss, you will earn your merit badge for the TEX-DET Friday night game, where game-time temp is projected to be 97 (though hotter on the field)…Saturday & Sunday you’ll get a bit of a reprieve, but also a pretty good chance of rain.

      I’ve been to games at the prior TEX stadium and the current one and the heat can be brutal…more so in the old park, which was just a heat absorbing cement bowl. Incidentally, TEX’s (now called) Globe Life Park finished construction in 1994 – and there’s plans (subject to voter approval this Nov) to build a new billion dollar stadium in Arlington… the new one would be a ‘retractable roof (AC’d) stadium’, which makes sense in TX heat… but only 22 years, and they already want ‘a new’ stadium?! I watched one game at Globe Life Park from an architectural company’s office situated in right-center field…not a bad way to watch a game there.

  7. Fear not, remember Brad is experienced in the playoffs. Remember the 2013 series against Baltimore. In the first game we were down 1 run in the 8th and Brad brought in Joba Chamberlain our 8th inning guy. Things didn’t go well, Joba, Soria, and the rest of the pen gave up 8 runs. Game Over!

    That’s OK, in the second game JV left with no outs in the 6th after giving up a single to Nelson Cruz (pretty good considering what Cruz does to us). Brad brought in Sanchez (who was coming back from an injury) and he shut the Orioles down. He faced 6 batters, all outs with 2 K’s. Plus we got another run to extend our lead to 6-3. But it was the bottom of the 8th and Joba had to pitch the 8th! Joba faced 4 batters: 4-3, HP, single, single. Brad makes a change brings in Soria who walked one and gave up a double to Delmon Young to give the O’s a 7-6 lead. In the post game Brad said Sanchez was limited to 2 frames because he was coming back from an injury!

    Do any of you see any familiar patterns compared to our recent games? It’s a shame the manager can’t go on the DL.

    In my mind Brad was the manager, but it was Leyland. Oh well, not the first time I’ve made as ASSmus of myself on this blog. Maybe Jim tutored Brad.

  8. Ole Miss have a great weekend!……get close enough to the dugout so you can help Brad!….oh and say hi to my guy JUp…you can’t miss him he’s the guy dragging himself and his bat back to the dugout after any at bat!..oh one more thing offer to pitch the 8th if needed!….drink lots of Lone Star!!

  9. Who is responsible for the physical conditioning of the Tiger pitching staff. I mean is there anyone on the staff not hurt, or hasn’t been out at some point!???
    They baby these millionaire pitchers so much that the slightest owie puts them down. Used to be all 5 starters would log 200 innings a year. The Tigers will be lucky to have one make 200.

  10. All, thanks for your notes of success. Good to be in Texas as I try to bring a Gulf tropical wave of a rain with me…it’s a dry heat! The best thing I like about The Ballpark in Arlington is that behind home plate you can walk to the top of the second deck and talk with the Tiger radio announcers before any game. All very approachable and I have found memories of a five minute chat with Ernie, who also took the time to introduce me to a young Dan Dickerson. Such friendship and courtesy is what baseball is made of. I also recall doing the same with Al Kaline and George Kell.

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