Game 2016.89: Tigers at Blue Jays

We desperately needed that start from Boyd yesterday. I felt that  Ausmus used him perfectly. The bullpen was good enough as Rondon got an undeserved win. Would be nice to see the pen give us a scoreless effort today. We’ll need it.

Cabrera is in a massive slump. He’ll come out of it.

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  1. Tuned in…Runners in first and third..Miggy with a chance to make a game out of this..first pitch , of course, just barely swings hits a lazy pop up…walks towards first…30 mil and 2 rbi in the month of July…wow!..see you guys after the break!

  2. I keep noticing Devon Travis and remembered we gave him up for Anthony Gose. DD made some high profile trades, many of them good, but he also has a lot to answer for.

  3. It looks like the Yankees will beat the Indians again and we will not pick up any ground. We had a shot at the first game, but we would have had to use K-Rod in the 8th. Of course, Brad went to Alex Wilson who gave up a hit that made it irrelevant.

  4. ……. .July
    ..190…..2R ….0 RBI
    ..222…..4R…..2 RBI
    …444….1R…..1 RBI
    …241….2R….2 RBI

    PLACE these Tigers with their July numbers
    Hint….Romine hit .444
    Hint….Miggy got paid just shy of $2 mil for his work

    1. Just back from Sweden and this show will be replayed on the MLB channel tonight (14JUL) at 6pm EDT. Will watch!

      1. After watching The Bird, I have thought of who better than to be the next statue in Comerica? While Fydrich never had career longevity and the detailed stats, he certainly had the innocent and very large heart of a ballplayer. What a magical season it was 1976! Whom better to be the next statue?

  5. Before the “Bird” show, there was the Futures game, which I taped and watched because Nate Smith was pitching, a lefty in the Angels system who I met in Tacoma earlier as he was charting for Salt Lake. He looked good, but the US got crushed. An unexpected bonus was the presence of Ms. Watney as a dugout reporter. A quick look at Google maps shows she is now some 1300 miles from my front door. This is as close as we have ever been!

  6. Any truth to the rumor that Mark Lowe and Anibal Sanchez are in San Diego pitching the Home Run Derby?

      1. I’ve been complaining all year about the Tigers carrying 13 pitchers when they need someone who can hit in spots on the bench. As for Aviles, he is almost a regular he plays so much. That’s insane unless the frat pictures he has of Brad are really nasty. The writer of the article is correct, whatever Aviles can do, lettuce can do better.

  7. McClendon benched Lacoby Jones for not hustling on a routine pop up that he hit…..OMG!…you can bench half the Tiger team for stuff like that…on a daily basis!…


    Read Winning Ways as I think it gives some valuable insights. I have sometimes marveled on how certain players sometimes end up on wining team after winning team. Often, not the same wining team they were on before. And almost always, the player in question is not a super star.

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