Game 2016.63: Tigers at White Sox

The Tigers took the first series on their road trip behind yet another scoreless outing by Michael Fulmer, and behind yet another Ian Kinsler Day. Kinsler has now not only established himself as the most valuable Tiger so far this season, but should be in the picture for early season league MVP predictions (whether he actually is or not, is another story). Kinsler easily leads the Tigers with a 3.3 WAR, and as far as the league goes, is tied for 4th best:

2016 AL League Leaders WAR

3.5  Xander Bogaerts

3.4  Jose Altuve

3.4  Mike Trout

3.3  Ian Kinsler

3.3  Manny Machado

3.3  Robinson Cano

It’s still early in the season, but that’s some pretty good company.

Michael Fulmer himself has vaulted into 2nd best on the Tigers as far as WAR goes (1.9), with 28.1 scoreless innings, a 7-1 record, and a 2.52 ERA. He has been quite a revelation; consider that a year ago today, he was pitching AA ball for the Mets. When asked to put Fulmer’s performance in perspective, Ian Kinsler said “I don’t think you can. What’s the point in putting it in perspective?”

Tonight the Tigers stop in Chicago for 3, after sweeping the White Sox in 3 back in Detroit a week ago. James Shields takes the mound for the bad guys. Shields got bombed for 10 runs in less than 3 innings in his last appearance for the Padres, and promptly did the same after being picked up by the White Sox, giving up 7 runs in two innings, and giving a new meaning to his moniker Big Game James.

Today’s Boyd in the Hand Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Maybin, CF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. Castellanos, 3B
  5. JD Martinez, DH
  6. Upton,  LF
  7. Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Aviles, RF
  9. Iglesias, SS

Victor gets a rare day off (he has never hit Shields well), the other Martinez takes his place, and Aviles (or “Availed” if you are spellcheck) gets the start in right.

48 thoughts on “Game 2016.63: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. Tonight illustrates why I wish the Tigers would carry one less pitcher. The obvious choice to go down would be either Hardy or Parnell. If they carried an extra outfielder they could have put him in right Field. My choice would be Moya, left handed power and right fielder. Not a big deal, just an opinion. Today starts 2nd stop on the road trip. First stop was very successful, hope they can bury the Sox who are playing poorly.

  2. Victor must have more to this knee problem than the Tigers are admitting to. He can barely make it from base to base. Yesyerday good example of it..we need his stick..

    1. If Victor can come off the bench and pinch hit late in games like he did at the beginning of the season, he won’t need to run much.

  3. James Shields, 23 earned runs in his last 6 2/3.

    That’s a 31.03 ERA if you’re keeping track at home.

    1. It should be obvious by now that Boyd is not (nor will he be even close this year to) Fulmer. We are now in a tight game with multiple opportunities for Brad to blow the game. His first mistake has already been made, bringing Parnell in when a hit or two gets the Sox into the game. If our hitters go cold now we will probably lose.

  4. Nick Castellanos will grow up to run like Victtor Martinez (for you poets out there, that scans pretty well).

  5. When its not Greene..JWilson or KRod..anything can happen and probably will…keep scoring”‘!

  6. It looks like Brad wants to make Aviles a regular even if he has to disguise it by playing him in different positions. We just give up too much by having a sub 200 hitter coming up with RISP time after time.

  7. Tigers have put 18 runners 8 runs aren’t that many considering…but they basically do this all the time…oh and those 8 runs won’t nearly be enough!!!!

  8. How many of you would have let Alex Wilson come out for this inning after the two rockets he got his last 2 outs on? Just a thought. Nice play by Casty.

  9. DET pitching have walked 3 tonight, and two of them have scored. CWS pitching has walked 8 and only one of those scored

  10. In the top of the 1st and again in the top of the 6th, Salty and Aviles came up with two on and one out. Both times they ended the innings with no damage. You can not give away outs like that.

  11. i’d bring Greene back for the 9th to face 2, 3 & 4 hitters for CWS – after that 9 pitch 8th inning

    KRod has been good lately, but Eaton, Cabrera & Abreu is a tall order for him

  12. 7-0 lead….put 23 runners on base..13 hits 8 walks..2 errors
    somehow adds up to 9………can’t put a struggling team away…not amazing..we see it all the time…KRod hasn’t got it tonight Brad!!!!!!….

  13. 33 pitches for KRod, maybe shoulda took my advice and brought back (9-pitch) Greene for the 9th… now they have Sanchez & Hardy

    You blow a 7-run lead and i’m not sure if you deserve to win

    1. Remember – they blew an 8 run lead and came back to win. At least Parnell can’t come back in to blow the game again

  14. Brad you have to walk Eaton to set ……nevermind!!!! Brad -10 this game..can’t figure out how to score 26 runners…absolutely can’t pitch to Eaton..00ps -11

  15. That’s 3 in a row for the Sox. Shields outdueled Boyd, both gave up 6 ER but Boyd left first. Our ball pen outdid themselves again and our wonderful offense had 14 hits plus 11 walks and still couldn’t pull it out. Great start to this series, way to go Tigers!

  16. Can’t wait to hear Brad explain by his Cybernetics why he pitched to a guy who was already 3-4 and is hitting .415 in that RISP….actually I can wait…I never ever ever listen to Brads post game BS!

    1. Yes, as we used to say: A day late and a dollar short! Wonder where Aviles will play tonight?

  17. FYSA presently KC is 20-7 at home while only 13-23 on the road. Let’s get the two remaining games as wins in Chicago as that may be needed to have a successful road trip.

  18. As I posted a few days ago, I thought this could be a pivotal 30 games before the All Star Game. I really thought that with a 500 or slightly better record in these games that we would start the second half still in contention. After taking 2 from the Yankees I was certain we could pull it off. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in just how much Brad can mismanage games. I also didn’t know Victor might not be available. In spite of the importance, Brad is enamored with playing Salty and Aviles. While Salty is a good veteran catcher, McCann is the #1 catcher and should NOT sit out several games in a row. James brings more than his bat and glove into the game. Aviles probable shouldn’t even be on he club considering that lettuce can do anything he can do and probably better. The way Brad rests players, the Tigers will be ready to defend 4th place later in the year. Bringing in Parnell last night (or just the fact he was with the Tigers) borders on the criminal. Allowing him to start the next inning was criminal. Buck Farmer is as Norman said “six for a half dozen” exchange. We would be much better off to have another position player who can hit available. I mentioned Moya, but you guys can suggest others. Last night I pointed out in the 1st and the 6th Salty and Aviles came up with two on and one out. Both times they ended the innings with no damage. You can not give away outs like that. This can still be a successful 30 game run but it might be better is Brad were suspended for a while. End of Rant!

  19. Victor still not ready to play so super-genius will have Casty as DH. Iggy bats 2nd, McCann catcher, super star Aviles at 3rd and lettuce plays CF. That will teach Maybin to get on base 3 times! We should win if Zimm can pitch a No-no for 9 innings. I will not miss Perry Mason tonight.

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