Game 2016.61: Tigers at Yankees

So….a few weeks ago I wrote a post charting Verlander’s difficulties and questioning whether he can ever be an ace again. I’m happy to say I was wrong. I’m not sure if he is. But he can be. I would like to point out that I pinpointed his slider as the difference maker, and I want to demonstrate why his slider has been such a big part of his recent string of strong starts (bullpen be damned).

Since giving up 7 ER to the Indians in 5 inning on May 3rd, JV has allowed only 10 ER over 44 2/3 spanning 6 starts. His ERA in that span is 2.01, his WHIP is a microscopic .78, and he’s K’d 52 batters. The BAA is .161 and the OPS against is .465. That is ACE STUFF.

Without analyzing pitch by pitch metrics, it’s hard for me to find the exact data, but I can tell you that the velocity of his slider on a game by game basis has been its highest over the past six games, and pitch value of his slider this season has been at its highest in 5 of his last six starts. By increasing the velocity of his slider and giving up a little break, it has become a ferocious pitch, perhaps because it is more difficult to recognize. Watch it for swings and misses today.

Someone please post the lineup when avail.


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  1. 1. Kinsler, 2B
    2. Maybin, CF
    3., Cabrera, 1B
    4. V Martinez, DH
    5. JD Martinez, RF
    6. Castellanos, 3B
    7. Upton, LF
    8. McCann, C
    9. Iglesias, SS

    Almost the same as last night, but JD and Castellanos swap spots.

  2. Doesn’t take a Medical degree to see Miggy is off, most likely the back. He falls under .300 tonight which is like anyone else falling under .200…And as Miggy goes so go the Tigers

    1. I hope not, but last night could have been Sabathia as him owns him (except in playoff games).

      1. Its more than CC..10 games in June..No HR…3 RBI..3 runs..1 HR last 16 games…oh theres definetely something wrong!

  3. Kevin, Nice write up on JV. All he has to worry about is that the offense manage to get him at least 1 run.

  4. I can not imagine what JD was thinking on that play. I’m sorry there is no excuse and there should be some penalty for him. He could have gone as far as second and still gotten back.

    1. Brad…”we worked on baserunning in spring training”….ya!..and not only was he dead wrong. Not one coach will say anything to him about it!

  5. Please, announcers, don’t give the other team credit for completing a Double Play on that fly ball. These are the Tigers you have to remember!..

  6. wish we could have this JV for two more innings, but w/94 pitches through 6, we’ll be fortunate to get another full inning out of him… i guess DET bullpen will have to earn their paychecks tonight

    1. I think JV will go about 120 tonight, if all goes well. That should get him through the 7th. Frankly if the pen can’t hold 2 inning, we do not deserve to win.

  7. The biggest problem with JV looking this good it doesn’t mean anything when it goes to the pen!

    1. agree, add this 5 RBI night to Kinsler’s resume – he’s been great offensively and defensively this year

    1. …you can think it, but don’t even say that (“pen proof”) Tony – especially against NYY

  8. I am kinda enjoying the Yankee announcers tonight as we are tuned into their Direct TV broadcast. Not the least bit overly biased!

    1. i agree, i think the NYY TV announcers are the best (home team broadcasters) in MLB, most nights its tough to tell they’re the NYY announcers – very little bias … these guys are the polar opposite of Hawk Harrelson

    1. if so, i’ll never understand that logic… why not stay with the hot pitcher until he shows he’s not (hot)

      1. Anyone want to start a list of things Brad has done in the past that we couldn’t understand? My personal favorite is pulling Sanchez in the playoffs against Boston after 2 good innings (as I recall) when he came out of the pen because he had to limit his innings.

  9. good move pulling JV, he wasn’t locating his pitches near as well that inning… might have been a little gassed

  10. Brad read our blog between innings. Way to go guys….then!!!
    Two whiffs but he can’t possibly be expected to get a LH batter out….new category….(.BDL)…Brad Defies Logic!!!

  11. No matter how this ends, and we can still lose, Brad acted like an idiot. There was no need to burn our closer today and we are starting a string of 16 games without a day off.

  12. Hey Alex you only threw one pitch change no curve…when you can’t throw strikes with your one pitch you have to go!!! the way what do you do all day long. Think you could develop one more????

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