Game 2016.58: Blue Jays at Tigers

Everybody is raving about Michael Fulmer, and with good cause: Fulmer has now had three consecutive scoreless outings of 6 or more innings, and would have had three of 7 or more innings if he wasn’t wisely pulled early in a lopsided game. One more scoreless inning would have put him in the company of Clayton Kershaw and Pedro Martinez as the only rookies to pull that off. A few more outings like this, and ROY whispers will be heard.

The Fulmer/Cespedes trade is now looking like one of Dave Dombrowski’s better ones, and a fine parting gift. Tonight the fruit of another midseason trade, Matt Boyd, goes against his former Blue Jays.

Today’s Boyd in the Hand Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Romine, CF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. JF Martinez, RF
  6. Castellanos, 3B
  7. Upton, LF
  8. Saltalamacchia, C
  9. Iglesias, SS

Romine will try to stay crisp in the 2nd spot of the lineup as he gives Maybin a day off.

47 thoughts on “Game 2016.58: Blue Jays at Tigers”

  1. For Norman: Norman, you just don’t understand genius and/or logic. Maybin has played 20 games this year, he’s hot as a pistol so far and if he doesn’t rest tonight he won’t be able to get a day off until the day after tomorrow! He’s also the only one, so far, to not have fallen to the 2 spot curse. Good luck to lettuce.

  2. I guess we’re going to find out who can hit an excellent 2-seam fast ball this game, he’s flinging that thing up there at 97 pitch after pitch.

    1. …apparently no Tiger… wonder how long its been since VMart K’d 3 times in one game

  3. Don’t worry, Sanchez’s pitch count will get to him in another 6 or 7 innings.

    1. only 93 pitches and 12 K’s through 8 innings! …impressive on the part of Sanchez…and as for DET offense, what’s the opposite of ‘impressive’?

  4. About this time last year I predicted was I wrong!…..2016….76-86, You read it here first…

  5. Tigers have large supply of hats laying around to tip for these occassions…they have been here before!

  6. Parnell auditioning for a spot in the DET bullpen… probably not a good start by walking the #8 hitter on 5 pitches and bumbling a play in the field, etc.

  7. This game doesn’t bother me, Sanchez has been great. We can beat up Dickey tomorrow.

    1. agree – DET ‘should’ beat Dickey, since he’s been mediocre at best this year, but about every 5th start he’s got a lot of movement and he’s effective

  8. Old BP did OK considering he created the jam. Only problem is we haven’t come close to hitting Sanchez.

    1. w/Cabrera now out of the lineup, that may have been DET’s best chance to win this one (9th)

      1. I think we’re 0-25 in games where we pull Miggy to put in a faster runner. He’s such a smart baserunner as well.

  9. Nick is sweet in the 10th. Ok Saltalamacchiaieieo! It’s your turn!

  10. I can’t believe I just saw, what I just saw!!!…Kinsler has been money the past 12 months!

  11. agree on all postgame points above

    DET has been on the losing end of these types of games this year, its nice to see them grind out a W – after just 1 hit through 8 IN…superb!

  12. And who would believe Upton is right in the middle of some huge runs counting back 3-4 games. Might only be one at bat but he has come thru…x


    i’m sure you’ve all seen the Ventura – Machado dust-up from last night, and personally i think (especially AL) pitchers who try to hit opposing hitters are a bit wimpy…sure they’re ‘defending one of their own’ (or retaliating for one of their guy’s getting hit), but an AL pitcher will never have to come to bat (in AL games); so they’ll never be standing in the shoes of someone intentionally getting thrown at.

    Ventura hit Machado w/a 99 mph fastball in the ribs, what if that would have hit his wrist or hand (or head) and BAL would have lost one of their best players to DL?

    As i’ve suggested before, it won’t eliminate it, but i would propose the following to help mitigate pitchers throwing at hitters:

    -2 bases for all HBP
    – coach/train hitters to allow inside (out of strike zone) pitches to hit their elbow or bicep (armor) pads – and get 2 bases
    -bench or bullpen players who leave those areas during an in-game fight receive automatic 3 game suspension (NBA type rule)

    i’m all for pitchers being able to throw inside to keep hitters from digging in, but before Cabrera hit the game-tying double last night (in 9th) TOR reliever (on a 0-2 count) whizzed a 90+ mph fastball by Cabrera’s ear… now what if Cabrera’s cat-like reflexes don’t get him out of the way of that pitch? …Cabrera and DET could be in big trouble… that’s my 2 cents

  14. Just saw the Tiger’s lineup for today. Can anyone tell me why Cameron Maybin is sitting out his 2nd game in a row? Today Aviles is the left fielder and J-Up moves to center. Why?

    1. Maybin is having an issue/flare-up w/his wrist… and VMart, since going 0-6 in TOR series is just given a day off

  15. let’s hope R.A. means “runs allowed” Dickey today

    we were always taught to try and hit line drives right back at the pitcher when facing junk ballers like Dickey – and resist the urge to swing for the fences

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