Game 2016.52: Tigers at Angels

Let’s get out of this place, the sooner the better!

Anibal Sanchez checked out early enough last night, he was done after 3. Brad Ausmus said afterwards, “I don’t think he’s real confident on the mound right now, so we’re going to have to make an adjustment with Sanchy.” I was pondering what sort of adjustment that Brad would come up with, when I saw that he went for a big one: Sanchy has been demoted to the bullpen. Well, now that’s an actual adjustment! Interesting. I was looking for the ol’ 15-day DL forearm strain discovery thing, which they have done with Sanchez a couple of times. Not that he hasn’t actually been injured, but it is pretty easy to park a struggling pitcher on the DL. But nope, this time, the full demotion.

At any rate, the move earned Brad the “get thee to the bullpen” game day post picture (but I will entertain suggestions that the move didn’t come from him).

That demotion means the “temporary” stater Michael Fulmer is probably going to be around for a while. Fulmer had a brilliant 7 2/3 innings last outing with only 3 hits and 1 walk. But then again, we are in Anaheim.

The Tigers head back home after tonight’s game for a one-game fatigue series with the Yankees.

Today’s Escape From LA Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. JD Martinez, LF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. Castellanos, 3B
  6. Upton, LF
  7. Maybin, CF
  8. Saltalamacchia, C
  9. Iglesias, SS

31 thoughts on “Game 2016.52: Tigers at Angels”

  1. Tigers go from 15-10 in April to 11-17 in May. Let’s hope the Tigers warm up in June.

  2. Looks like Fulmer needs to mentor Sanchez…26 pitches in 3 innings. And he can teach all other pitchers how pitch the fifth inning.

    1. What a beautiful game he has thrown! 7 innings, 1 hit. I hope he won’t have to pay for all the base runners we’ve stranded. By the way, I wouldn’t let him get near Sanchez. What if what Annibal has is contagious.

    1. i hoping he finishes this himself (9 IN shutout)…and not have to rely on ‘the bullpen’

      85 pitches thru 7 for Fulmer

  3. Fulmer gives up his first hit in 7th (w/2 outs – a clean single), and the next batter up Marte (ex-Tiger) Fulmer starts him off w/a 84 mph change-up (swing and miss)…i like the way this guy thinks and pitches.

  4. Hope he gets out of this inning because I see Alex Wilson is warming up. Not my first choice. I’d go with K-Rod if I had to. 3 pitch K! But a ground rule double. I’d leave him in.

  5. Looking at my scorebook, it took three singles to score V-mart from 2nd in the 6th. How do you spell speed?

    1. …no kidding!!… a double followed by 3 singles and that only produced 1 run… granted one was an infield single (and VMart was the lead runner), but it still tough to compute the math on that inning

      1. Like Jim Price always says, “you can’t make this stuff up!”

  6. Fulmer’s last 2 outings: 15 1/3 IN; 0 R; 5 Hits; 3 BB’s & 11 K’s… impressive

  7. Guess LAA might be feeling a little sorry for the struggling Tigers…walk 3, then an E6 on what should have been a GIDP inning ending grounder

  8. Still recovering from the surprise of Brad demoting “Sanchy,” and now he brings the closer in in the 8th. Oh my!

    1. Fulmer provides real hope for the starting rotation. Hopefully Boyd will give us a little more Thursday. Brad did surprise me also, he might be a decent manager in 5-6 years, wherever he is,

      1. Fulmer is just the second pitcher in Tigers’ history to produce consecutive games of seven-plus scoreless innings with three or fewer hits. Mickey Lolich was the other.

        …kind of amazing the DET pitchers who didn’t make this short list: JV, Scherzer, Morris, etc

  9. Fulmer..great job..hes too young to know how the Tiges play and party on the West Coast…
    Congratulations to the Brad led Tigers for going 2-4 which translates into one of the best west coast trips in recent memory…
    ..the big guns were horrible on the whole trip..but in their favor hit all the hot West Coast spots…
    ..a throw away game tomorrow in the Bronx…and then welcome home, securely in second last place!

  10. Back at the rancho after a quick trip to Seattle/Tacoma for some live baseball. Tuesday watched the M’s take BP, then the home run derby started. I asked the kid sitting next to me if they had a mercy rule when it was 15-0. Headed to AAA ball Tuesday night, and again today. A reunion of some old Tigers ( who were verbally kicked around here) Berry and Al Al. Q was cold today and gave the home plate ump his opinion in front of a whole bunch of kids ( it’ s OK, none of them were watching anyway) and Al Al threw a meaningless 9th . He had good velocity and command, might get back in the big leagues with the Angels soon, where he can help them beat up on our boys some more.

  11. Brad says he has bee working with Upton..Upton went 3/22 on this trip…but only 7 K’s..thanks Brad. Now Upton just makes outs instead of K’s..gee! and we thought we wouldn’t get our $$$ worth on him!…..nice gig….

    How bout that rookie yeaterday…that was a WOW!

    1. See the ball…hit the ball…see the ball…hit the ball..repeat as needed!

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