Game 2016.37: Tigers at Orioles

Drafting this on Saturday b/c I’m out of town on Sunday.

Fill in the blanks.

The Tigers lost in ______________ (spectacular, heartbreaking, the usual) fashion yesterday, falling a third straight time to the O’s, and for the 11th time in 12 games. That’s right, the Tigers have one win in May. While many will point to _______________ (a lack of hitting, Anibal Sanchez, the bullpen, Justin Upton, all four) for the loss, the reality is that Ausmus has lost this clubhouse, and the team is playing with about as much effort as my employees demonstrate after Friday taco lunch.

I still don’t understand why Ausmus ________________ (left in _______ so long, didn’t pinch hit for ____________, didn’t think about _____________ in ____________ situation).His managerial playbook is as confusing to me as are adult coloring books, and I wonder if his bench coaches are all mutes or dumb.

I will note that I’ve been turning on 1130 AM in the mornings via iHeartRadio. Matt Shepard let’s his callers go on forever (though that seems to be typical in a 1 host format), but there is a lot of Tigers commiserating going on. It’s good to not be alone.

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  1. The scary part about Ausmus to me that I really never consider, because of his background, is maybe he is coaching to the best of his ability. Maybe he just never considers trying ways to manufacture runs. Steals, hit and runs, bunts, PH for poor performing players. Things that we see everyday. the one thing I don’t buy is you are limited by your roster. He has close to 6 All Stars, maybe more..Most of us have been arm chair managers for at least 10+ years and in our favor we get to second guess. The whole situation is strange. Very strange indeed!

  2. Triple with nobody out, and we leave him stranded. Very 2016 Tigers.

    Moya has definitely been a spark though, despite his misplay. Gose seems to be offering very little right now.

  3. Moya gets a triple, runner at 3rd nobody out – and you’re a team that’s been struggling to score runs (in a 2-3 game), and up steps McCann, who’s not hitting his girlfriends weight (BA .114), followed by Aviles (.129), and maybe try a squeeze or something other than having your 8 & 9 swing away??? …nope, McCann popout, Aviles ground out…etc… inning ends w/Moya still at 3rd. Aviles even had a 2-0 count, perfect pitch count to squeeze.

    i’m done complaining.

    1. That’s why Kevin’s intro was spot on. Just fill in the blanks, we’ll find a way to lose. Sitting Iglesias to me is a mystery. Yes, he has been in a slump but he brings a lot to the game besides his bat. Since it is a long season, we must rest the players 37 games into the season so they can be fresh for the stretch drive in September when we fight the Twinkies for last place.

  4. And if players are underperforming….coaching them is your job…..Anyone can coach when players are doing good. But only few can coach when things aren’t. THATS WHY THEY PAY YOU millions of dollars to coach.

  5. Cabrera is a career .390 BA with the base loaded, but since the start of last season, he’s only 1 for 19

  6. DET w/2 hits in each of the first 5 innings, including 1 HR, 1 triple and 3 doubles and 2 BB’s – they’re out-hitting BAL 10-5, but trailing 5-4… a common thread in ’16

  7. No matter what happens today, look out. The RED HOT Twinkies (2 in a row) come to Comerica tomorrow.

  8. McCann is horrible! Why is it so hard for us to find even a mediocre catcher. He’s just like Avilla. 1 very average year then back to reality.

  9. Too early to write McCann off. He should hit around 270 which would be very acceptable. By the way, how many RISP have the “big guns” stranded today.

  10. Sorry but to me he looks very similar to Avilla. No power, lousy average. Remember Avila actually started an all star game. We need to get a proven catcher.

    1. Bill, the problem is there aren’t any “proven” catchers available… McCann will be fine eventually, though his hitting thus far has been terrible this year. He’s a better defensive catcher than most catchers, and he hit well (for his position) last year. Plus, Salty is a solid veteran backup. DET needs better offensive production from the C position, but so do most MLB teams.

  11. …guess there may be a little fight left in DET! (JD & Cabrera HRs!)…but now what’s the bullpen going to do?

  12. Two good signs, JD may be coming around and Miggy has shown some power in this series.

  13. K-Rod didn’t even make us sweat it out! Sets up a great next series, both clubs with big streaks going, Twinkies 2, Tigers 1. Great job by the Kangaroo Kid in relief, 1st win in majors.

  14. 12 of the next 15 games against sub.500 teams + 3 against surprising PHI (who’s 6 games over .500) – 9 games at home 6 on the road.

    Make or break time for Ausmus and DET.

    we shall see

  15. Quote from Showalter re Ausmus: “He’s putting everybody in the right positions,” Showalter said before the game. “I’d do all the same things he’s doing. He’s part of their solution, not their problem. Trust me. He’s good. And I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t think it. I’d just leave it alone.”

    1. …I’m sure Ausmus appreciates Buck’s support …and its also reassuring to hear that DET players are playing in their “right positions”; and under the Mgr’s astute leadership, we haven’t had any examples of pitchers trying to bat cleanup or any position players taking the mound to pitch. 😉

      Yes, DET pitching has been mediocre to bad, and the offense has been very erratic, but its not ‘all’ on the players.

  16. Showalter would not have batted Mc Can hitting. 130 in the 7th with winning runners on…so Buck nice of you to try and protect the “coaches brotherhood”…but we ain’t buying it!!!

    1. Jud, consider that Showalter might have better choices than Gose .209 or Romaine .067 available to him. Besides, McCann did have a hit an RBI today.

      1. Tony I have a feeling that if Showalter was the Tiger coach that 25 man roster would look way different than it does…and he would do something about the 5-6 guys hitting under the Mendoza line..

    1. Not sure how happy I want to get considering Maybin didn’t break .200 with the Hens. Moya might be OK if he learns how to play left field (or center).

    2. The point being Gose gone..has to learn how to hit again…
      Aviles is next…Romine next….McCann next..Upton next….
      This is a performance based job…

  17. Tomorrow starts the biggest series of the year.. The two hottest teams from the Al Central from Sunday, square off. Lot of emotion running from the Sunday brawl in Toronto…and last place on the the Central…stay tuned Tiger fans!

  18. Do you guys think that Bannister put Matt Bush up to the HBP? Or that Bush did it on his own? Either way, that Rangers clubhouse LOVES Bush, Odor and Bannister. Talk about solidifying a culture.

    1. since Bush is a recent graduate of FSDOC (FL St Dept of Corrections), with ‘a bit of past’, i would guess Bannister ordered ‘the hit’…with something as subtle as ‘Matt, you know what to do this inning’.

      Although, technically, it was an ‘illegal slide’, I suspect Odor gets a meaningful suspension, maybe 7-10 games or more…because Joey Bats is ‘a star’, and MLB typically takes care of its stars… and MLB doesn’t want to infuse a NHL mentality into their sport…though, it might be good for ratings/attendance/revenue

      1. Will Jose Bats get a suspension for that “purpose” slide?..or just for the fight?..all in all there will be a lot of guys going down!…..
        I am pretty much old school and my only problem with all this is.. why did they wait so long to plunk Jose..should have been cleared up long ago!

  19. I know I am on California time..but, I am pretty surprised I have’t read that Brad had been let loose…I guess one win a week keeps you in your million dollar job…A mil doesn’t get much now-a-days, I guess!

  20. If he goes this week, and it’s not a sure thing, it will probably be on Thursday (off day). The series with the Twinkies might play a part especially if we get swept.

    1. DET has a 9 game home stand against 3 very beatable teams (MIN, TAM, PHI)…followed by 6 games at OAK and LAA – to teams that have also struggled.

      I agree w/Tony, if DET were to get swept and/or embarrassed by the Twinkies, then Thursday’s “day off” could be pink slip day.

      On the other side of the ledger, if DET could win 10 of the next 15 games, that would put them at 26-26 and possibly back in the hunt for the ALC. I don’t see CWS being able to sustain their winning ways too much longer… and expect them to be hovering around .500 by AS break. Their pitching has been great (3.17 team ERA) thus far, but Latos & Rodon seem headed back to earth (based on last 3 starts)…and we’re moving into the injury part of the season for pitchers.

      BTW: DET has the two top hitters (BA) in the AL (VMart .352 & Castellanos .344)

  21. “Your only as good as you are in todays game”…Sparky
    “Your only as good as your next days pitcher”…Leyland
    “Everythings fine, I am not worried”….Brad

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