Game 2016.24: Tigers at Twinkies

Nothing like a 4 game win streak to superficially heighten your mood. And I know this is you guys too…are we shallow for letting a child’s game affect our emotional state? Or passionate and complex?

The Tigers scored 3 in the first yesterday, and are now 6-0 in games where they score in the first inning.

Baseball-reference game preview here.

1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
2. J.D. Martinez, RF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Victor Martinez, DH
5. Justin Upton, LF
6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
8. Anthony Gose, CF
9. Jose Iglesias, SS

23 thoughts on “Game 2016.24: Tigers at Twinkies”

  1. Kevin, you haven’t seen anything yet. We will be over the top after we win today and sweep Cleveland in the next series!

  2. Pelfrey was lucky not to give up any runs in the 3rd and dodged the bullet. Now it’s up to Brad not to leave him in until we’re down 5 or 6. He should have someone loosening up when the bottom of the 4th starts.

    First time I’ve seen Miggy exhibit poor base running.

  3. No, let’s switch him to the outfield or 1st Base right now so we can really screw up his mind! He’s been amazing in April! He’s even made some nice plays at 3rd base. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  4. Thurs Casty got doubled off on a line Romine does because he doesn’t bother to know where the SS is..Baserunning is the lowest priotity in the Tiger organization. Luckily the RBI machine Salty comes thru!

  5. Hmm, maybe we’re not the worst base running team in the majors. Thanks, for keeping my unlikely prediction alive.

  6. Future Tiger base runner in the making. And there is no possible way Casty makes that catch and tag..So thanks Aviles!!!..

    .the Twinks are 7-18 not by accident!

    1. i agree Jud – trying for 3rd in that situation made little or no sense… but glad Sano did – and ALSO correct, great throw by JD, then a quick, perfect relay from Iglesias to Aviles, who actually caught the relay throw and applied the perfect fundamental tag on Sano… whereas had Ausmus not inserted Aviles at 3B (defensive purposes), its very possible Castellanos sees the runner sliding in, muffs the catch or the tag.

      +1 Ausmus

  7. Nice month actually..pleasant surprise closing out the month. Especially today which is a game the Tigers usually give away on Sunday, getaway day…

    How about that bullpen lately!!!

    1. Brad wanted the sweep, no Sunday lineup which makes sense, since there was no Monday game).

      Tip of the cap to Joe Mauer, who is playing like it’s 2010 and the Twins are in first. A real professional.

  8. Joe Mauer…..How about a hitting streak from opening day til now…amazing..and dumb me I haven’t picked him once for Beat the Streak!…..maybe his wife or his brother have picked him everyday!!!…Coleman have you been picking him???

    1. Yes, but too late for my streak. I made it up to 26, and was 2nd overall, way better than my previous best. Ryan Braun did me in. Back to zero.

      1. I’m sorry to admit that I have never heard of Beat he Streak. Could be fun, can you (if possible) enlighten me?

        Thanks Coleman.

        1. It’s great fun, and much harder than it looks. And, most importantly, free. You pick either one or two players each day you think will get a hit. If they do, you add 1 or 2 to your streak. The person with the longest streak wins 10,000. If you beat 56, you get 5.6 million. They’ve been doing it 16 years, the highest ever has been 49.

          1. An example of what makes it difficult: my previous longest streak was 18. I picked Cabrera: he went 0-1 with 3 walks, 2 intentional. Streak over! #%^*!

  9. Five in a row! Winning is better than losing….Childish emotions run deep and last forever…….

    1. If it improves his pitching, I am all for it, and he can have her, I still got Heidi…..

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