Your 2016 Detroit Tigers

Here is a look of the team the Tigers will be sending out on Opening Day tomorrow:

Detroit Tigers 2016 Opening Day Roster



  • Justin Verlander (R)
  • Jordan Zimmerman (R)
  • Anibal Sanchez (R)
  • Mike Pelfrey (R)
  • Shane Greene (R)

Relief Pitchers:

  • Buck Farmer (R)
  • Logan Kensing (R)
  • Mark Lowe (R)
  • Drew Verhagen (R)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (R)
  • Kyle Ryan (L)
  • Justin Wilson (L)

In the starting rotation, Zimmerman and Sanchez replace Price and Simon from last year’s Opening Day roster, but it’s the relief corp where the greatest turnover has happened; in fact the entire bullpen has turned over. It’s hard to imagine this group not being able to improve on what Alburquerque, Chamberlain, Gorzelanny, Krol, Nathan, Nesbitt, Rondon and Soria provided last season, but then again things didn’t look as bad at the start of last season as they turned out to be, so keep the seat belts fastened and trays in an upright position. The starting rotation looks solid, or maybe solid-ish, and should at least be able to burn a lot of innings. Sanchez’ health is suspect, as usual, but the Tigers have Daniel Norris parked on the DL as another starter.

Other pitchers on the 15-Day DL: Jeff Ferrell, Blaine Hardy, Angel Nesbitt, and Alex Wilson.

Position Players:


  • C James McCann
  • 1B Miguel Cabrera
  • 2B Ian Kinsler
  • 3B Nick Castellanos
  • SS Jose Iglesias
  • LF Justin Upton
  • CF Anthony Gose
  • RF JD Martinez
  • DH Victor Martinez


  • C Jarrod Saltalamacchia
  • INF/OF Andrew Romine
  • INF/OF Mike Aviles
  • OF Tyler Collins

There has been less turnover on the position player side, with the most noticeable difference from last season being Justin Upton in left field instead of Cespedes. McCann should be a big upgrade from Avila offensively, with a solid backup in Saltalamacchia, who can also spell Cabrera at first. The CF position looks very week, with only Anthony Gose—who thinks analytic stats are a scam—and some non-CF-type backups. Goes had a good spring training at the plate, but then again he started well last season also. Cameron Maybin is on the DL for a bit, and will probably bump Collins then. As usual the key to the lineup will be the health of Victor Martinez.

One other big change between the 2015 and 2016 Tigers is the man putting the roster together. It will be interesting to see how Avila handles in-season roster changes. His acquisitions of Upton and Zimmerman were very Dombrowski-esque.

8 thoughts on “Your 2016 Detroit Tigers”

  1. Well, here we go again, hoping for the best, but have lowered expectations somewhat. On a personal note, Heidi is back on Quick Pitch and is in mid season form, albeit with a ring on her married finger that would cost me a year’s pay, you know, if I still had a job. 162 to go…..

  2. Good intro/recap to the season Coleman.

    Pitching and staying healthy will be critical for DET, but then again, you could say that about every other MLB team also.

    I think the proverbial ‘window of opportunity’ will soon be closing for a few of DET’s aging stars… and Mr Illitch – so in many respects this could be the ‘make or break’ year… and that, coupled with the “experts” projected lowest expectations (in years), has me oddly optimistic about this team/year. The marathon begins today, I guess we shall see.

  3. As I enter my 50th season as a devoted and loyal Tiger fan, it is great to be back on the DTW with my good Internet friends. Your posts have taught me much about America’s game as you pepper your comments great knowledge and much good humor. I wish all and the Tigers a great season as we plow our way to the playoffs.

    For What Its Worth….Stuff I’d Like to See this Year:

    A. A very strong and dominating Verlander and Sanchez all season long!
    B. J.D. and Miggy each belting over 40 HRs.
    C. An Awesome Bullpen…better yet, I will simply settle for an Awesome Closer!
    D. A strong road team (that’s fun to watch) and for that matter Tiger domination over Royals and the Indians (both home and away)

    Let’s play ball!



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