Game 2016.4: Yankees at Tigers

It seems almost inevitable at this time of year that the Tigers aren’t quite living up to expectations at the plate, and that it is almost obligatory to throw out the old cliche, they will start hitting better once the weather warms up. Columns, blogs, comments, you find this everywhere, often accompanied with the old one about how, you know, Latin players can’t be expected to play well until it is 90 degrees or something.

Well it was 29 at game time yesterday, and the Tiger bats seemed just fine, as Nick Castellanos (Florida native) went 4-for-4, Miguel Cabrera (Venezuela) hit his first home run of the season, and Jose Iglesias (Cuba) knocked in a key insurance run. The Yankee bats were ice cold though, as Jordan Zimmerman (Wisconsin), Justin Wilson, and Kyle Ryan (short sleeves!) held the Yankees to 3 hits and no runs.

Today is another chilly one, as the Tigers send out Mike Pelfrey for his Tiger debut, and the Tigers face old nemesis C.C. Sabathia., as flurries begin to fall on Comerica Park.

Today’s Chill Lineup:

  • Kinsler, 2B
  • Upton, LF
  • Cabrera, 1B
  • V Martinez, DH
  • JD Martinez, LF
  • McCann,  C
  • Iglesias, SS
  • Avails, 3B
  • Gose, CF

Pitching: Mike Pelfrey

This was a scheduled day off for Nick Castellanos, and a chance to get Mike Aviles some action. But do you really want to pull a guy who just went 4-for-4? Schedules can always be changed. Brad Ausmus acknowledges that he considered that, but thinks that sticking with the plan is the best thing in the long run.

14 thoughts on “Game 2016.4: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. MLB Regional coverage in California we are getting Red Sox at Toronto……WTH!….we aren’t getting a game in the same Country!!!!!

  2. One game and Assmus is back to his usual head scratching poor decision making ….. WTF is Aviles in for Casty, especially when Casty went 4 for 4 yesterday and played solid in the field.

    1. A scheduled day off this early in the season? ….. what was Thursday? ….. and with the poor weather coming on Sunday, expect a cancellation.

    2. Hey Brad..Casty had Sun and Monday off..played Tues and Wed. Had Thurs off played Fri….needs Saturday off??????….nice gig!

  3. One of Brad’s quirks, if a guy is hot rest him! Did the same last year. Poor Pelfrey, shift beats him and JD drops one (called a hit) another infield hit. Now he’s done. I’m sorry these wounds are self inflicted.

  4. We knew it woulbe Pelfrey or Green ending the streak. Might as well get it over with.
    I am more worried about Upton who can’t hit a beach ball….and Alex Avila had more hits so far than McCann…..
    …..I don’t worry about Brad..I expect him to make poor decisions!

  5. ” Latin players can’t be expected to play well until it is 90 degrees or something.”
    Everytime I hear this I think about the playoffs and the World Series being in October when it’s usually under 90 degrees.

    1. I know, right? If this were true, the best teams in July would probably win their divisions, and lose in the playoffs. Does that happen? I haven’t researched this. I think there is something mildly, although benignly, condescending about that cliche.

      Postseason almost going until November though, that is pretty stupid. And the players have themselves to blame, more or less. They used to get 162 games in a lot sooner, but the Players Union killed off all the double-headers.

    2. We’ll put it another way. Let’s say the game time temperature is 38 degrees, and you have to put your money on either Miguel Cabrera or the 3 guys on the other team from Minnesota or Wisconsin getting a hit. Your own money. Yes, exactly.Not to say that there aren’t differences, but a good hitter is still a good hitter in any environment.

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