Game 2016.13: Tigers at Royals

To say that there were problems with runners in scoring position last night would be an understatement, but the good news is: lots of runners in scoring position. You couldn’t ask for much more than to twice have Miguel Cabrera step in with the bases loaded and less than two outs, and couldn’t have been more surprised that he struck out both times, the 2nd on 5 consecutive change up pitches (!). A .255 BA / .735 OPS is decent enough for most baseball mortals, but for Cabrera it definitely qualifies as a cold start. As far as WAR goes—which in the best of times is a statistic that triggers arguments, but at this time of the season is more of a curiosity—Cabrera is coming in with a lean 0.2, tied for 8th best on the team with Kyle Ryan.

One odd thing I noticed looking at how Cabrera has done in the past with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 out, with everything else he has done, he has never exactly been a sacrifice fly machine; last season he only had 2. The Tiger leaders were Victor Martinez with 7, Castellanos with 6, and Kinsler with 5.

Tonight they try again, with Jordan Zimmerman  (2-0, 0.00) taking on Ian Kennedy, who has a WHIP of only 0.73 after 2 starts. Runs may be at a premium tonight.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Upton, LF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, LF
  6. Castellanos, 3B
  7. Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Gose, CF
  9. Iglesias, SS

About that lineup…

So far this season Justin Upton’s strikeout rate has been high enough to make Brandon Inge look like a contact hitter, which is not exactly helpful in the #2 spot, is it? Is it worth trying Kinsler/Iglesias at the 1/2 spots (in either order)? Iglesias is 2nd on the team with a .400 On Base Percentage, and has a history of putting the ball in play, along with better than average speed. That sounds like a top of the order guy.

27 thoughts on “Game 2016.13: Tigers at Royals”

  1. Good write up Coleman with some good questions. Given his ego, I believe Iglesias would shine in a number two hitting role. Meanwhile what message would that give Mr. Upton? Put him behind Casty.

  2. I’m watching the ESPN feed tonight. Nice to not hear our “company store” announcers.

  3. Kinsler keeps it up on his spanking of Kennedy while Iggy cost us a run!?

    1. You’ve got to be kidding ….. if so, that’s some damn poor coaching ….. Iggy has a better look at what’s going on in right field than OV.

  4. Awesome Tiger D once again led by Kinsler. I believe this guy wants a Gold Glove this year? Well done!

  5. I cant wait for Maybin. Anthony Gose’s body language is that he doesn’t care. That failed sacrifice was another example. Stranded another 3, hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.

  6. Zimmerman still doesn’t have any runs scored on him. A good outing and good pitcher duel tonight.

  7. The ESPN guys were talking about bumping Upton back also, but their scenario was batting Cabrera 2nd. I like the idea of getting your best hitter more at bats. But there is a clogging up the bases/GIDP issue there.

  8. Iggy with a nice pick from Miggy saved the day! (Not to mention Salty and Ian in the top of the 9th.)F-Rod VERY, VERY, LUCKY!

  9. Wasn’t pretty, but a win tomorrow will allow us to go home in first place.

  10. TJones, Rodney, Valverde, Nathan, etc…and now FWad…DET knows how to find ’em (cardiac closers)

  11. Kinsler or Iglesias should get ‘the save”, but the mlb, and their infinite wisdom will award ‘the save’ to KRod…crazy!

  12. As one ESPN announcer said recently, maybe the 8th inning pitcher should get a 1/2 save or something. A lot of times they face 2-3-4 or 3-4-5 hitters and the closer gets the latter part of the order. This is what Wilson did in the 8th, 2-3-4.

    1. …i agree give Wilson or anybody the ‘save’ rather than KRod.

      Hochevar came in for Kennedy, w/1 out and bases loaded – he then K’d Kinsler and got Upton to fly out – that IS more deserving of a “save” than KRod.

      MLB should either scrap the “save” stat or apply some more stringent criteria, i.e. if a pitcher starts the 9th with nobody on base and gives up an ER, he does NOT get ‘the save’

  13. Brad doesn’t have the balls to tell Upton hes moving down in the line up..Instead Assmus might move him to 3-4-5…so he won’t feel bad!….meanwhile Upton is still on the 300 strikeout pace at 2+ every game!

  14. On the plus side Upton is on pace for 26 rbi….which would make Alex Avila look like a Hall of Famer!

  15. i noticed the ‘first place CWS’ had a whopping 12,785 fans at yesterday’s game… meanwhile the Cubs (on the northside) sellout or nearly sellout every home game… what a difference a few miles make – in many ways.

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