Game 2016.18: A’s at Tigers


It has only been 3 starts so far this season for newly-Tigerish Jordan Zimmerman, but what a 3 starts they have been. Zimmerman has won all 3 without allowing a single run, although his Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched (WHIP) is a solid but not spectacular 1.086, which means he has been pitching out of a few jams. Despite pitching shutouts he has yet to make it to an 8th inning (7, 6, 7), as the high pitch counts have caught up to him. So don’t expect him to keep throwing up zeros on the board, but the early returns on the Zimmerman acquisition are looking good.

The Oakland A’s may not be the team to break JZ’s scoreless streak, if their offensive stats are any indication. The Athletics are struggling near the bottom of the league with a lean .234 team batting average (DET is at .252) and a .665 OPS (DET is at .700). Their top hitter is Josh Reddick with a very ordinary .250/.822 line. In fact, their 3 top players in WAR are all pitchers, which is pretty unusual, but that is how they have managed a 10-9 record despite their hitting woes.

Today’s Slumpish Lineup:

  1. Kinsler, 2B
  2. Upton, LF
  3. Cabrera, 1B
  4. V Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, LF
  6. Castellanos, 3B
  7. Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Collins, CF
  9. Iglesias, SS

The top of the lineup is back to the usual.


25 thoughts on “Game 2016.18: A’s at Tigers”

  1. Dan Dickerson was interviewed by the MLB TV channel this afternoon and Dan called BA a GOOD manager ….. not once, but twice! I guess he must tow the company line to keep his gig or I would like some of what he’s smoking.

  2. Kinsler had flu-like symptoms

    re: Cabrera…maybe a ‘day off’ is just what he needed?

    1. +1 for Ausmus giving Cabrera the day off

      it was not the physical aspect of the day off, but rather the mental aspect

  3. Come on, am I not a genius? Yesterday I told you guys that after being benched to watch Miggy today. Marginal pitching also helps, even J-Up has a hit. Bad news: Has he saved Brad’s job?

    Really happy to see Miggy break out before we had to resort to the Gil Hodges solution.

    As I wrote this, we played keystone kops in the outfield. How can they give a double on that ball?

  4. You’ll be happy to hear me say good night. Some random thoughts I had:

    Zimmerman is a bull dog!

    Last year a 7-3 lead in the 7th would have been scary.

    Miggy for sure and J-Up maybe have awakened.

    Let’s get Pelfrey his first win as a Tiger tomorrow.

    Teresa and I will savor our curley fries tomorrow.


  5. Lowe: 4 pitches, 4 strikes, 1 K, 2 outs in relief
    Wilson: 10 pitches, 8 strikes, 1 hit, 3 outs

    …now that’s a better approach to relief pitching (w/a lead) than ‘the (trying to) paint the corners’ approach and walking hitters

  6. Gentlemen: If you are in a position to deal with young Mr. Collins’ hand and verbal signals last night, are you fining him, sitting him or just counseling him? Discuss among yourselves….


      I think Collins was just hailing a cab…or the bus back to Toledo (when Maybin gets off the DL).

      Mr Collins sh*t happens, but you don’t make it worse by shooting the rod at your home town fans… a more practical approach might be to take a better angle to the ball next time – or even better, make up for your mistake (in the field) while you’re at the plate… and for the record, going 0-4 w/2 K’s, doesn’t go a long way in that regard

      1. Watch the replay. Is it just me, or is the Collins “bird” play a microcosm of why DET is 9-9 instead of…say 12-6?

        First of all it was a shallow popup, and even the best can lose a ball in the lights or sun, which is why players are taught in Little League on up to familiarize yourself with the field (lights, sun) and try to take angles to popups that don’t have you staring in the sun or lights.

        Next, even in routine popups or fly balls NOT hit to you, if you’re not covering a base, move toward the ball in case something weird happens… note the slow arrival of Upton and no JD Martinez in the picture

        Next, when the ball is setting on the ground, pick it up with your bare hand, NOT the glove – Mr Upton tried to pick up the ball w/his glove…and well…didn’t

        Next, Collins picks up the ball ‘properly’ and throws a good one-hopper to third, but since a runner is coming and sliding into 3rd, Castellanos gets all antsy in his pantsies and of course can’t glove the good throw and it gets by him. +1 for Zimmerman for backing up 3B

        Fundamentals and playing smart can turn a ‘good team’ into a ‘great team’, and by the same token poor fundamentals and making dumb plays can turn a ‘good team’ into a ‘mediocre or underperforming team’. Instilling fundamentals typically falls on management.

        1. Fundamentals and Tigers should not be used in the same sentence unless you have poor also in it…so Good post Norman

  7. Now lets see if this game was a “nut for the blind squirrel” or will this game be a turning point!

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