Game 2015.17: Indians at Tigers

The Indians beat the Tigers with great pitching on Friday, and pounded us with great hitting yesterday. I wonder what’s in store for today.

The Tigers have been pretty bad over their last 7 games, no need to recap that here. Let’s just get a winning streak started. I do miss the old Leyland rants after games like this. I can’t help but think that Ausmus just walked into the locker room, looked down at his shoes and said, “aww shucks, let’s just try to win tomorrow.”

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

Both Upton and Cabrera are sitting today. I hate both of those moves.

1. 2B Kinsler

2. SS Iglesias

3. DH Martinez

4. RF Martinez

5. 3B Castellanos

6. C Saltalamacchia

7. LF Aviles

8. 1B Romine

9. CF Gose

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  1. The bull pen is the least of the Tiger problems…last year in 65 games Tigers scored 2 or fewer. There are now officially at it again. Yesterday quote. Brad….” I am not worried about the offense, at all”. He wasn’t worried about it last year either. The problem isn’t worrying, the problem is not trying to do something about it.

  2. If Assmus say’s he’s not worried about the offense then why the substitutions today? I agree with Kevin about not liking the moves. Why replace .217 & .210 with .125 & .111? You know Miggy is going to break out! I would rather flip VMart & Miggy in the batting order and move JUp to 8th.

    1. I agree with Brad (May be a first)! This is about trying to get the player’s attention. While I also believe Miggy will break out (watch him tomorrow), J-Up needs to sit in the corner today. What benching Miggy does is give notice to EVERYONE that they are not secure if they don’t produce. Just hope there is no physical reason for sitting out today.

      Sending JD was a surprise. It is not. per se, a bad move. Greene doesn’t appear that sharp although the 9 pitch 2nd helps. Nice DP to get him out of the third in decent order. Is Ian our MVP so far?

      1. Is it worth trying to get the players attention at the expense of losing a game, especially when we need runs because of shaky stating pitching?

        1. Yes, of course it is. They are both performing well below their potential. The only things missing from this inning was the usual strikeout from J-UP and the grounder to short from Miggy.

  3. VerHagen looks like he doesn’t have it today. I hope they don’t leave him in long enough to make it impossible to come back.


  4. Hey Assmus why did you take VerHagen out ? I think he could have given up 10 or 15 more runs if you would have let him!…..oh thats right he didn’t throw 100 pitches quite yet….my bad!!!!!

  5. Brad, shut up. Whatever Shaw was doing hasn’t worked. All you are doing is killing whatever momentum we got from Victor’s double!

  6. Odds & Ends:

    When will we have enough of Anthony Gose? He has an under 200 BA, he is an average fielder and shows a definite lack of hustle. If Maybin is OK from his latest shoulder episode, end his rehab before he really gets hurt and bring him up.

    Miggy is not Miggy. Timing seems way off.

    Boyd had a good outing. We should consider giving him a start since Sanchez looked horrible and Greene may miss a start.

    The team as a whole has many problems and it has to do as much with organizational morale than individual performances. At the beginning of the season I thought we could have an outside shot at a playoff spot only if everything went perfect. More and more I realize that with the present manager and coaching staff this may be impossible. If it doesn’t turn around soon, the season will be lost.

  7. Coleman and Kevin:
    Congrats for putting together a great website. Used to look forward to the comment section, especially when “Vince from Minnesota” posted. Too bad he’s given up his act. Unfortunately we’re now relegated to hearing from a high-school graduate who coaches high-school kids who has all the answers and denigrates the manager’s name. Seems that one other poster also finds it humorous to defame the manager. These clowns probably think their comments are informative. Your website deserves better than to be filled with infantile rants. Best of luck going forward!

    1. Sorry everyone, but I have to agree with TJB. This has always been my favorite Tigers blog because of the analysis and witty comments section, but my interest has been waning since last year thanks to a loud but vocal minority.

      I don’t know if there’s a solution. If we could attract more quality commenters that would certainly help drown out the noise, but that might not be possible with all the different Tigers blogs out there today. Maybe there’s a way in WordPress to ban comments that use all caps or contain certain words/phrases (Assmus comes to mind).

          1. It sounds almost counter-intuitive, but I think more commenters will make for better comments. I’m not a fan of the “Assmus” kind of stuff myself, but…I do do nicknames, so I can’t talk.

            1. I’m not an Ausmus fan at all and have no problem ripping on him or giving him nicknames, but there’s something about “Assmus” that has started to really irk me. Maybe it’s that it’s condescending without being at all clever. I don’t know.

              Having said that, I do admit it’s a lot harder to come up with nicknames for him compared to Leyland because Leyland was such a character. Brad is just…bland. Bland Ausmus? Nah…

      1. We’ve had a year and a little bit (really not that much…but still, Cabrera batting like Inge? makes you bite your nails, right?) of underperforming, and not only does that make people tend negative, but it makes people stop commenting on the blog. You could probably graph it.

        There actually is a filter on the blog. Try to type a comment with, well, guess a word in it. I personally think “Assmus” is silly: I think there are legitimate grounds for unhappiness there, but that seems too easy. Then again, I joke and make nicknames myself. I think it’s just the frequency that is bothering you.

      2. I predict in the future all caps won’t be a thing. Also, the ancient Greeks wrote in all caps.

        I think you hit on the most important thing: more comments from more commentators. Well, actually you said “quality commentators,” but that scared me a little in case I wouldn’t qualify. I think you would though, so please stick with it.

    2. Thanks for the comment. I miss Vince here too. As for the manager, well it beats me what makes a good manager, although I suspect the first qualification is that he is not your team’s manager. As far as the comments, I think the biggest problem is not enough people commenting. Sometimes people feel they are talking to themselves, and you talk differently then. I have definitely learned things from that high school coach you mentioned though, so don’t let a bunch of comments that bugged you throw you off, we are all on the same team here.

  8. TJB go back to where everybody lives happily ever after. Those of us who post here have been on this site for years. We actually like each other.
    You are right about one thing…we are clowns!

  9. When the high payed team make out as clowns on the field and we make note of it, doesn’t mean we are clowns! Glad you enjoy our humor since you are giving us accolades, thank-you.

  10. Hopefully Kevin and/or Coleman will respond but here is my opinion. Unless any of our contributors is either Al Avila or Brad Asmus, none of us can influence what happens to the Tigers. We are simply fans expressing our opinions to what we see every day. My own opinions are just as valid or invalid as the next persons. Just like I can boo at a player who shows lack of hustle or performs poorly, we can express how we feel. One big difference is that we ate not paying for expressing the opinions. The great thing is that any one of us can disagree with whatever is written and state so. I have been guilty of going on an occasional rant and have even been corrected on a fact here and there. It does not upset me when Kevin, Norman, Jud or anyone may disagree with me, unless it’s my wife. I am at least that smart! It’s been over 30 years since the Tigers last won the Series but it could certainly be worse (Cubs). I think we enjoy the game, kind of live and die with the Tigers and are sometimes passionate about them. I see nothing wrong with that.

  11. Ranting is just away of relieving some of the frustration of day to day dealings with the Tigers. I think all of us post positive comments as well as negative as well as some humorous ones. Its just hard to be positive when things go on like losing 7 out of 9. As Tony stated expressing an opinion is what we do. In fact when things are going good our dialog is great. We are all life long Tiger fans, no rookies here. I for one enjoy the funny posts. Everyone has a great sense of humor!. See you tomorrow boys!

  12. So we suck right now, but if I try to get through a day without reading this blog, I find my life lacking a certain amount of levity and/ or righteous anger. Heard yesterday at a memorial: fight the good fight, run the race, stay the course. Agreed. As some dude in Godfather Part II said, ” this is the business we have chosen! In other words, do not call out my boys on this blog, we have and will fight to the death for your right to free speech, but we also do not throw each other under the bus! And as a former High School /American Legion Baseball Coach, and a proud High School Graduate, most of the bloggers (aka the Stalwarts) on this blog have forgot more about baseball than you have ever known.

    1. I know I have forgotten more than I ever knew. I trust TJB is coming from a good place, and is starting a good conversation. And yes, he may have unfairly gone after someone (attack the comments, not the person). And that person, to his credit, has the right spirit about this. The more we include the better.

      I’m gratified you remember the Stalwarts bit!

    2. Jim,
      i also traveled this weekend to a memorial for a friend, great guy/father (only 51) who succumbed to a 3 yr battle w/sarcoma… after his doctors gave him about a year to a year-and-a-half to live. Obviously, these types of events have a way of putting the whole sports-thing into proper perspective. Even though i spent the entire weekend catching up with friends/family and exchanging fond memories…supplemented by a fair amount of drinking, i still checked the Tiger box scores & recaps and checked this blog for the barometer (and ‘the dirt’) it provides.

      The “teams” one follows, like the Tigers, provide an intersection point or common ground for all types of people from all walks of life. I speak with my parents every week, and invariably after my mother hangs up, ‘so you two can talk sports’, the conversation will turn to the Tiger (or Wings or Lions or UM or MSU or), and 70% of that conversation will involve complaining about this or that – because its kind of what Tiger (MI) fans do…right? ‘B*tching about the Tigers’ or the Tiger Mgr seems to be in many of our DNA

      Its been my experience that when things are “going good”, DET fans don’t like to be too complimentary or too positive; for fear of ‘jinxing it’… plus, its kind of the nature of our society (especially in political or election season…which sadly never seems to stop), to focus more on the negative than the positives – but having said all that, i feel this blog does provide its share of positive (as well as insightful and funny) compliments too.

      Props to Kevin and Coleman for all you do to keep this outlet available.

  13. I’m going to challenge everyone on here to do one of two things during a game this week:

    1) Post something insightful or thought provoking. I.e. – why isn’t Cabrera swinging at more first pitches? He’s a career .950+ OPS on the first pitch. (I made that up). Or, It’s silly to leave VerHagen out there any longer, his ERA balloons up after 6 batters. Or, did you see the angle that Gose took to field that hit? We already know he has a weak arm, taking a bad angle just gifts the extra base. (this is a very narrow set of examples; but we have commenters of all sorts on here, everyone understands the game a bit differently)

    2) Engage in a discussion with someone about something they posted.

    Let’s see what happens.

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