Game 2015.153-155: Twins at Tigers

It’s the home stretch, and the last home series. 9 left to go. The Twins can stay alive for a wild card with a sweep. The next series, at Texas, could be very big…for Texas. There is a game 162 that will not be played this season.

It would be nice to see JD make it to #40.

Jim Leyland with some nice words about Yogi Berra.

27 thoughts on “Game 2015.153-155: Twins at Tigers”

  1. I forgot the next guy to add to the “fire list”..Dave” I lead the entire MLB in guys throw out at third and also home” Clark!!!

  2. I just flashed back from the football game in time to hear Rod say ” that was the worst throw I have ever seen a Tiger throw”…how did I know it was Casty!!!!!

  3. Hey McCann nice at bat. He threw you 3 outside strikes which you easily could bounce a ground ball to second to move the winning runner over……oh! Thats right the Tigers don’t believe in that…….my bad!!!!..Leyland and Ausmus say that’s a wasted out!

    1. Been Tigers’ dilemma thru 2 regimes now = stubborn unwillingness to play any small ball, even when trying it is a “no-brainer” —-(to use Leyland’s own term).

  4. And how many times in the past 6 years has Minnesota done this to the Tigers…..karmagame!….good and with Boyd…there’s another keeper!….good pitching tonight from the pen again….and Victor going for the MVP of the last 20 games of the season!

  5. Watching Astros/Rangers…Astros with Tiger-level bad baserunning, runner on 2md, he goes for 3rd on sharp grounder to short.

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