Game 2015.132: Tigers at Royals

JV is getting into a groove. The defenses miscues are troubling. Lots of guys look like they have checked out.

1. Anthony Gose, CF

2. Ian Kinsler, 2B

3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B

4. J.D Martinez, RF

5. Victor Martinez, DH

6. Nick Castellanos, 3B

7. Tyler Collins, LF

8. Jose Iglesias, SS

9. Alex Avila, C

22 thoughts on “Game 2015.132: Tigers at Royals”

  1. Wolf has had 2 solid starts, I’d like to see him do well again. Can’t resist rooting for the old guys!

  2. 12-1?? These guys can’t even play “spoiler.” Why does Aumus still have a job? What difference does he make? I would cut him loose and let Tram take it the rest of the way.

  3. This game was an absolute, tragic disaster. Because I lost my Beat the Stresk Streak on Kinsler, who was hit with a pitch and then pulled early because of blowout.

      1. That game is a lot harder than it looks! I doubled down on Dee Gordon in a day game, and Paul Goldschmidt in a night game. Gordon went 3-for-4, they decided to give Goldschmidt the day off. Until the 8th inning, when he pinch-hit for the pitcher and flew out. 0-for-1, and there goes a 14-game streak. There may have been some swearing…

  4. In the “can we please fire Brad ( i am the only one who knows what I know) Ausmus”….Our boy Victor has not scored a run since Aug 17, he has not batted in a run since the 18th ..he is 0-14 lately with his current slump he is 5/41…thats about .125 BA…BUT he will be in the 4 or 5 spot tomorrow and the next day and the next day.Why will he play?, simple! Brad is no more in charge than I am… please fire him tomorrow.

  5. You know, OTFIM, I would be totally into that! A player/manager/broadcaster like Gibby really knows his baseball! Besides being a tough hard-nose guy who could smash lethargy in the clubhouse, and on the field,he’s someone who’s thinking during the whole game, every situation —–he’s familiar with it, has thought it out, weighs all the different options and possibilities —-(contrast that with someone else we know…..).
    How could the Tigers go wrong if they made a move like that? Seriously wonder what it would take to talk K G out of retirement, and get him “back in the game”!!?

    1. He has said his main priority is dealing with his health; I’m sure he’d turn down a manager job. But if they fired Brad today, maybe you could talk him into being interim the rest of the season. That would make the games worth watching.

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