Game 2015.126: Angels at Tigers

Only 36 games to go.

If the Tigers go 36-0 they likely won’t win the division.

Btw, we’re in last place. LAST PLACE.

1. LF Rajai Davis

2. 2B Ian Kinsler

3. 1B Miguel Cabrera

4. DH Victor Martinez

5. RF J.D. Martinez

6. 3B Nick Castellanos

7. C James McCann

8. SS Jose Iglesias

9. CF Anthony Gose

42 thoughts on “Game 2015.126: Angels at Tigers”

  1. Santiago wilL make mince meat out of the Pussycats. He is one of those pitchers that doesn’t throw a lot of strikes,BUT the Pussycats will swing anyway… the past 5 years the entire Detroit roster has 5 RBI against him..Miggy hits .182 against him..but lucky for him Victor flails behind him.
    In Santiago last game he BB himself right out of the game…..but he will find himself miraculously tonight……

  2. DET could play a role in LAA, TOR, TEX and TAM’s playoff hopes – but for the remaining games against AL Central teams, that division race is over (and has been). It would be nice to see DET take some pride in playing ‘the spoiler’… instead of just going through the motions.

    The silver-lining for ’15 may be, 1) DET was able to add some quality young pitchers at the deadline, and 2) a new Mgr and coaching staff for ’16…due to dismal showing and ROI.

    1. Hope you’re right about new coaching staff, but frankly, I don’t see it happening. Fact that they fired DD shows me that either they know something we can’t see, or we’re seeing everything right, and they’re a bunch of blind-as-a-bat a**holes.

  3. Because most playets have basically tanked it, other than Miggy, Kinsler and maybe 1 or 2 others this team needs to remain in last place to insure the departure of the Assmus era. I can’t believe I said that, but any late surge could fool AlAv into thinking Brads the Man!!…
    The Tigers 40 man roster is one of the youngest, not he oldest in baseball. They need direction and they need discipline…Asmus can coach skills, kind of, but he scores zero in direction, discipline, and imagination, accountability, etc etc.
    Ausmus isn’t lazy. He works his butt off. Those two weeks I watched him in spring training, he worked hard. He is also very organized. BUT he is not a delagator, He is not an Authoritarion,( if thats a word)..he is not an innovator. He has no imagination. He just hopes things work out his way. He would be a great position coach for someone like Joe Maddon.

  4. Observations:
    1)(This one’s obvious) Miggy clowns and talks with everyone at 1st, and often home plate too. I’ve always thought for 1 full game, they should mike Cabrera, so we can hear all the conversations that go on.

    (I’ll continue in a min….)

  5. Observations:
    2) Verlander ALWAYS have to have the slab completely clean before every pitch. How long has he been doing this?

  6. Observations
    3) Iglesias always takes at least 1 (what looks like a very) fat pitch right down broadway in each at-bat, usually for strike 1, but sometimes strike 2.

  7. Gee Brad We would have hated to have JD hit that double with two guys on batting 4…Good thing you had Victor in there to end yet another rally………And Tomorrow Victor will be in the 4 spot. BRAD Knows everything!

  8. Runner on 3rd one out!!!…McCann 9 pitch at bat…2 were strikes..weakest agroundball to short ever…no wonder you only have 26 RBI for the entire year…..

  9. Avg pitch count/inning:

    Santiago = 21
    Verlander = 11
    I like the way JV is just challenging them to put ball in play, not too worried about racking up K’s.

    1. Even the better managers screw up! Chances are if they walk Miggy, Victor’s hit is a DP.

      1. Yup…Scoscia out thought himself on that one…he thinks Victors do!!!..not realizing he has been due for months..

  10. How can you not walk him with “auto out” on deck?……oh well. Thanks Miggy we needed that. I enjoy your greatness every day!!!!!!!

  11. Jud, from your stats on Santiago, we just replicated in 5 innings, what we were able to produce against him in all of last 5 yrs!

    1. Ya…. when I researched him only 2 Tigers, I forgot who now, had hit over .233 against him in 5 years. And it wasn’t Miggy, Victor, or Davis who have been around. Too bad for him though he has thrown more strikes than usual. He is still throwing a ton of balls getting guys out, but the pitches to Miggy, Victor, JD were grooved!

  12. What the next word better than “filthy”….Brilliant was Prices word. I am stuck listening to Angels announcers, who are good, with the blackout..So I put the radio on…I wanna hear the screaming!!!!!! Rare occurance this year!

    1. plus2 = ditto. Forcing JV to “sit on the fence” and wait while replay officials hashed that (and probably would have gotten it wrong) would have been a serious crime. Kudos on that one, Brad!

    1. We were watching as we ate dinner with the grandkids, my 12 year old (RHP) says that was a Chalker!

  13. I only watched from the 7th on… and it was vintage JV…and hopefully a taste of things to come in ’16

    That makes two 1-hit shutouts in a week for the DET staff… betcha its been a while since DET pitching pulled off that feat.

  14. two batters into last night’s game Norris stopped Wolfe in mid-conversation to say that JV was “going to pitch a no hitter tonight”

    –i like the kid’s (Norris) confidence and awareness

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