Game 2015.114: Tigers at Royals

When the Tigers only got 4 hits on Monday, all you could really do was shrug; it’s not like Johnny Cueto hasn’t done that before, to other teams. A different feel after a 2nd 4-hit night last night, an “oh this again feel. And it didn’t help that the Tigers made more outs on the base paths again.

Remember when the Tigers were leading the league in a lot of offensive categories? Well, they still are. They are #1 in:

  • Runners thrown out at the plate (17). Castellanos leads with 3.
  • Pickoffs (16). Kinsler leads with 5.
  • Caught Stealing (38) Gose leads with 8.
  • GIDP (111) Castellanos leads with 16.

The one bit of life the Tigers have had this series has been Jefrey Marte, who has half of the team’s 8 hits so far. Today will likely be the last day we see him for a while, since there is a tentative plan to activate Miguel Cabrera from the DL for Friday’s game in Houston. Miguel is itching to play. The question is whether he will play first or DH; Ausmus has had discussions about the possibility of playing Victor Martinez at 1st.

Today’s More Play For Marte Lineup:

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Tyler Collins, LF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Jefrey Marte, 1B
  9. James McCann, C

Brad may have figured out that James McCann hits right-handed pitchers still better than does Alex Avila: Avila has only caught 4 of the last 21 games.


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  1. Hey Brad..1st and 2nd no one out. Good bunter up and your team has trouble scoring runs…how bout a bunt……..oh nevermind!!!!!

  2. I think Tigers will win tonite. Even after McCann makes lousy choice of a pitch almost in the dirt, to swing full away on for DP (of course), I have good feelings about Norris having a bounceback game.

  3. Boy, that sucks —-ball skipping past 3rd on throw! But this year, we get used to stuff like this. I think someone here was right —- Nick might be scared of runners.

    1. Jud noticed he has bad tag technique. I wondered if it was because he shies from incoming runners. Maybe he’s just awkward though.

  4. CASTY is trying to make a tag , but he is a full 2 feet BEHIND the bag, instead of in front of it…so he gets a hop he can’t handle…..who coaches these guys??????…then he strolls to the plate and takes 3 for a K…!!!!

    1. I really, really hope when Miggy gets back and plays 1st, that Marte comes in at 3rd for a spell, and sit Casty.

  5. In other baseball news, Iwakuma, who has not been at all the pitcher the M’s expected him to be, no hits the O’s, a pretty good hitting ball club. It has been said before, but baseball is a funny f—ing game.

  6. How bout a runner stealing third and Casty tags the front of the base….no where near the sliding runner………….wow

  7. Interesting stats Coleman. Just imagine how many more GIDPs they would have without all of the pick-offs and CSs!

    1. You’ll notice Castellanos is leading in 2 categories. Your point is good. Brad tries sending runners to stay out of the DP, and they get caught or picked off. What to do?

      1. Sac bunt, sac bunt, sac bunt with 0 outs. Better success rate than aggressive (often foolish) base stealing attempts.

  8. If the scores hold like they are tonight the Pussycats drop to last place……if Assmus doesn’t get fired there is something seriously wrong!..and it should happen tomorrow morning!

    1. But will the organization be smart enough to replace him with a real, THINKING, maybe even CREATIVE manager?

      1. Word is that Al Avila likes Gardenhire. Hmm, he’s been unemployed for what, 2 years? Hey, Dusty Baker’s available!

  9. I hate to say it, but Iglesias looks a little uninspired at short, since the Tigers have dropped out of any serious postseason considerations…

  10. As good as a bunt for Iggy —–he got lucky —–but why the hell didn’t he actually BUNT????????
    Real creative managing —– everyone swing for the fences, no matter the situation.
    This time lucky —–Iggy’s grounder died just like a bunt, but next time,——–?

    1. Iggy can actually bunt too. And McCann. And Holaday. Oh wait, he’s not on the team, because….Avila. Actually, he can bunt too.

  11. excluding the playoffs, KC are 123-1 since last season when leading at the start of the 8th inning

  12. Marte isn’t gonna stay in the bigs long if he keeps striking out with the bases loaded , one out everyday!!!

  13. Wheres Hardy..wheres Rondon…wheres Wilson…even AlAl..hey Brad you keep trying this and fail EVERY TIME

  14. Rondon’s 1st 3 pitches fastballs 99-98-99, then a 89 change for the groundout

    don’t walk anybody, make then earn it

  15. I’ve been jumping on Ausmus a bunch. So it’s only fair to say: 1) dude did a private session batting practice with Kinsler, and he’s been on fire since. 2) dude said he saw a “different demeanor” in Rondon lately, and has been trusting him in high-leverage situations. Win. 3) dude personally caught bullpen sessions with Verlander, and he’s been better ever since.

    In short, he may not be ready to be a manager yet, but I think we have a A-team hitting coach or pitching coach here,, if we can somehow swing it.

    1. Good observations, and I agree 100%.
      In over his head as manager, but he could be hitting/pitching coach —–team could save an extra salary.

    2. Good observations, but has there ever been an example of a manager accepting a demotion to pitching or hitting coach? Even if he was willing, I can’t imagine upper management wanting to keep him around. When teams are done with someone, they’re usually done.

      1. No, have never heard of it happening. The usual way is that he’ll be fired, and end up as a coach somewhere else.

      2. it did happen in college football, when DC, Luke Fickell took over as HC for OSU in ’11 after Tressel left through the Tattoo-gate – and then in ’12 when Meyer was hired to replace Fickell, he retained Fickell as DC

        1. I forgot about Luke Fickell…we used to call him The Waterboy because of his resemblance to Adam Sandler.

  16. In retrospect…Ausmus never coached ANYTHING at any level. That’s just weird. That’s like…you know what that’s like? That’s like hiring Matt Millen as GM. I’m going to man up and duck the tomatoes hers, but I think Brad Ausmus is a good guy to have, just not in this position, not yet.

    1. …you know Coleman, now you’ve totally poisoned Ausmus in my mind by suggesting the Matt Millen analogy… because Millen is the living, breathing, sports analogy embodiment of someone that’s in WAY over their head

  17. knowing baseball and leading baseball are obviously two different things. We have no doubt that Brad knows baseball. He is a smart guy, But his decision making lacks experience AND I don’t think Lamont and Jones are any help at all, in my opinion. The other part that hurts him in his decision making, is he makes the same mistakes over and over. I think from the beginning of the year til not at least 40% of the bullpen problem is him…(or Jones) and how he uses them. 60% is how bad they pitch. Hardy is a good example, been solid for the most part but only has 8 holds. Why Brad never gave him a chance til late July. Wilson could have been “discovered” earlier. His insistence on LH vs LH and RH vs RH is an obsession of his and it is his worst fault.
    sometimes its right but not 100% of the time.
    Lastly he says he never talks to a player after they make a mistake because as he says they already feel bad enough…WHAT!!!! Castallanos needs his own personal coach, just for him. He is fundamentally and mentally the worst player in the MLB. Not holding players accountable for bonehead plays have only led to a record number of bonehead plays. Are you telling us that there’s nothing you can do about your teams baserunning. How about the number of times they slide by a base and get tagged out…16 times picked off, 112 DPs, and there is nothing YOU can do. …….By the end of the Year Brad Ausmus will have a losing record as a manager. Sorry Brad thats not good enough!!!

    1. good points Jud!

      …i agree that Ausmus is a good guy and a smart guy, but ultimately he’s working in a results oriented business, and the fact is he took a playoff team with the 4th largest payroll in MLB and didn’t produce favorable “results”.

      If i were new GM Avila, i’d be actively looking for a new Mgr and new coaching staff – and then make that move the day after the regular season ends (unless of course ‘your guy’ is coaching in the playoffs).

  18. I remember when they first hired Ausmus, Dombrowski etc made a big deal about how he was a “new” type of manager. Then he was “given” Lamont and Jones and Leyland looking over his shoulder. If Brad were really smart he would have said I’ll take the job, but I need to pick my own staff.

    1. i agree 100% Coleman – regarding Ausmus/DET retaining some of the old guard (Lamont, Jones & Leyland in an administrative position)… I firmly believe that in the previous 4 years, had DET’s bullpen been better managed (JL ’10-’13 and ’14 BA) and maintained (DD), DET could have won at least one WS.

      Ausmus has essentially managed like JL, unfortunately including JL’s shortcomings (i.e. bullpen mngmt, veteran player loyalty to a fault and lacking in advanced scouting of opposing teams/players). So in the end it appears the primary thing that was “new” about Ausmus’ was not his approach, but rather his newness to the job and coaching.

      1. Stormin’: I firmly, FIRMLY believe that, just the way you stated it, Det could have won a WS. But there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind WHICH WS it could (would) have been = 2013 was Detroit’s year —-they were going there, and to win it!—– seriously —— UNTIL ——-
        Well, you’re waiting for me to say “until Big Papi hit that GS in Gm 2 of ALCS”.
        But no, trouble began at beginning of 8th inning of that game, when Leyland over-managed with his bullpen (mis)decisions.
        Anyway, I don’t feel like re-hashing the whole thing, but the bases didn’t have to be loaded when Ortiz stepped to the plate for his momentum-changing swing. And Tigers’ WS dreams were finished, even tho at that time, game was only tied at 5-5, series was still tied 1-1, and Det had stolen HF advantage.
        Sorry, Tigers, but that WS window was open in 2013, but it’s slammed shut for a while now…..

  19. Pretty great news from Al Avila in a Detroit News article:

    “One thing I will bring different is expanded analytics,” Avila said. “I will tell you that I feel that we have a ways to go to catch up with the industry. We have been making some strides, but we’ll fast-forward a little bit and add to that department.”

    It was telling, then, one of Avila’s first moves as general manager was to promote 20-something Sam Menzin from analytics coordinator to director of baseball operations. Menzin also soon will be given the green light to hire two analytics experts.

    “We will expand little by little,” Avila said. “There are certain areas that we’ve been missing out on. Sam is preparing those conversations. Preparing for next year, in the offseason, the pursuit of free agents, possible trades.”

    All I can say is: FINALLY!!!

    1. i also read that article KW, and agree with your “finally” assessment… now, let’s hope we see the follow-through

  20. Two things will determine Al Av credibility and two things only……what he does with Ausmus and what he does with Alex!!!!

    1. My 7 year old grandson won 4 tickets to Jets- Lions…went on field, met Stafford and Megatron…got to do some plays….had a dinner. Pictures with players and mascot. I am telling you at 7 and aleady a die- hard Lion fan it doesn’t get better than that. I wish now I would have flown in just to watch him!!!!!

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