Game 2015.111: Red Sox at Tigers

A win today would be the first back to back series wins since Cle/Chi June 22 – 28.

In his last 6 starts, Verlander’s K/BB ratio is 8.25/1. That’s just sick.

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

Verlander vs. Henry Owens in Owens’ 2nd career start.

  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jefry Marte, 1B
  9. Anthony Gose, CF


36 thoughts on “Game 2015.111: Red Sox at Tigers”

  1. Absolutely brilliant to NOT have Rajai lay down a bunt there ——good clever strategy in 1-run game….

  2. I jus peeked in on the game in time to see Gose picked off which I think is the 100000000000000 of the year for the worst baserunning team in the MLB…..does anyone coach this team?

  3. Hello, Gorzy —–goodbye ballgame.
    UNLESS he really did correct his mechanics down south…….

  4. Poor Justin. First of all he should have 3 wins this year except for our crap pen. Now General Genius MBA (My Brilliant Arrogance) brings in Tom G into a 2-1 game. He is now following with Feliz so hold your breath. Not to worry though, Kroll is getting ready!

  5. Having Kroll getting ready must have shook up Feliz. Kroll can be fresh to pitch to Big Pappy!

  6. It may not matter who we pitch, since we can’t touch Cy Owens. That is, except Ian The Beast Kinsler.

  7. If Al Avila had anything to do with bringing Gas Can up from the minors , he should get fired before the ink dries!!!

  8. A sac bunt! OMG! Sure hope Ausmus wasn’t watching —–that could revolutionize Detroit baseball!

  9. Time for the power-hitting Hot Dog to go back to the #9 slot in the order. .240 hitter without his 80-foot toppers for infield hits. Those 20 RBI’s are certainly impressive. Boston screwed up with Porcello, but they kept the best shortstop.

    1. I agree Coleman! Put the Hot Dog at #9 where he belongs! Ausmus had it correct all along (contrary to what some think…)

  10. And we still trust these “relief” pitchers we’ve got!
    It would be a relief for me if they were all dumped. Good comment by Jud (above), and Coleman too.
    To be fair, with Wilson on a rest day, Ausmus doesn’t have much to work with.
    TIME TO CHANGE 75% OF IT!! (Of course that should have been done last winter).

  11. the fact that Krol and Gorzo are still on the roster highlights one of the more glaring problems w/’15 DET:

    Krol ERA=6.75 WHIP=2.02
    Gorzo ERA=6.66 WHIP=1.97

    MEMO to Ausmus: you can throw the whole righty-lefty thing away when the pitchers are this ineffective (against either R or L)

  12. Brad MBA is still right. Don’t you get it? You have got to go lefthander against lefthander. The uneducated masses can not possibly understand.

    Al (El Viejo): Por favor despierta!

  13. Wade Davis Holland, Papebond, Igahawa, Perkins, etc etc etc blow everyone away…but if you are Capt Smarty..MBA included you can’t possibly get LH batters out if you’re RH and you can’t possibly get RH batters out if your LH after the 6th inning. I think he learned that at Dartmouth !!!

  14. Get beat today by a guy hittint .143, and the other guy hitting .133…hey Jeff hows that scouting report doing today?

  15. NYY just got shut out again – they scored 1 run in the 3-game series w/TOR…and got swept. Go TOR!

  16. Boys, heres the thing that bothers me the most about today. I don’t blame Gorzalany or the guy who recommended he come back up…..BUT someone high on the food chain could have been Jones, could have been Brad, could have been Al Av, but someone making a lot of $$$ SAID…yes!. Thats a really good idea. Lets bring him up. Thats the guy to blame.
    There is never any accountability in the Tiger System. If there were any Feliz, Krol, Gonzo, Would not be around to be used today. Now maybe we would have lost 50-2 with three other guys, but we absulutely knew the out come today the moment Gonzo stepped on that mound!!!!!!! Amen!

    1. I’m all for it. Is there any danger for them, that it could be too soon, if they were all called up tomorrow?

  17. Back from the land of the Rising Sun( and it was HOT) to see we got some moves made.Time will tell, but I will give the new crew a chance, maybe about a four to five foot leash.
    I met a young lady from San Pedro De Marquis DR, who was impressed that I knew what her hometown is famous for. I Met lots of great young men and women from all over the world, but have been forced to cross a few countries off my must go to list, based on a small sample size. They know who they are. Sadly was not able to get tickets to a Baseball game, talked to a few guys who did, and now I must get back over there some day.

    1. Welcome back Jim….you head out of the country for a week or two and what happens??? Meanwhile Cabrera takes another step (no pun intended) towards getting back in the show:

      We will be in Houston this weekend for the three games series so I wonder if we will see him play? Doubt it. I am beginning to think that Miguel’s style of play never allows him to go the entire season being 100%, or for that matter 90% healthy? Maybe the Tigers need to plan for that reality?

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