Game 2015.103: Tigers at Orioles

Late start today. More on the Cespedes deal later.

28 thoughts on “Game 2015.103: Tigers at Orioles”

  1. This trading week just changed baseball forever. Just think 30-40-50 players just changed teams. This will be the new norm of acquirring players. Free agentcy is one thing, but this has never been done before to this extent…and its just the beginning

  2. Buck Showaltet states “i use certain pitchets when I am ahead and certain pitchers when I am behind”!!!….Capt Smarty doesn’t believe that. He uses pitchers strictly based on whether they are LH or RH..has NOTHING to do with skill level…..this is one of his major problems on a daily basis. Krol should never ever ever pitch when the Tigers are ahead Smarty…always when behind!

    1. He is a guy making his MLB debut. Just the guy to bring in IN THAT SITUATION if you have NO MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

  3. When the Tigers were up 6-0 I was hoping they would hang on for another 1-run win. Guess that was wishful thinking.

  4. Hey Casty…try soccer..its a bigger ball!!….or at least swing at pitches in the Baltimore area code!

  5. Any word on why Avila wasn’t traded? It seems highly unlikely he will be tendered a contract, so he will leave after the season with nothing in return for the Tigers. I would have guessed West Michigan could have used a middle reliever or whatever DD could have gotten for him.

    1. two things likely prevented the AAvila trade:
      1) no takers …or the offers were in-line w/his talents… so why bother
      2) his father

    1. +3……were good!…..if Cespedes returns +5….if Ausmus gets the boot..+8….if Avila gets the boot +10….if Castallanos ever learns how to play baseball +12

      1. At least Casty now has a golden sombrero. What took so long? He has been hitting a lot better lately, but too many clanks off the glove at 3rd, and they all seem to cost runs (ever notice how the Tigers are always ending up with Worst Case Scenario stuff this season? Even the blowpen today might not have cost the game without the weird stupid ruling on the Iglesias play at the plate.

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