Game 2015.94: Mariners at Tigers

Last night could have been one of those wins; instead, it was just one more blowpen special. A nice time to change the channel would have been after the majestic JD Martinez home run, a 467 foot shot to center. JD, Iglesias, and McCann have been fun to watch this season.

Today’s No Lead is Safe Lineup:

  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jefrey Marte, 1B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

The clairvoyant Iglesias, who was ill before last night’s game, returns tonight.

48 thoughts on “Game 2015.94: Mariners at Tigers”

  1. I watched most games in 2009 because it was like watching Comedy Central TV..there wasn’t much talent…But a lot off funny, bad baseball. I watch these games now off and on just to see how they will screw the game up, with a lot of talent…….I am ready for a total house cleaning. Its been a great run. The Lions did it and made the playoffs. I am ready for the Tigers to totally clean house. Keep JD,Iggy, Gose, Mc Cann, Wilson, Romine, Greene( too young to give up on), Hardy, and clear out everyone else…but especially Ausmus, Jones,Joyner, Lamont..this swing swing swing swing swing philosophy has to go,.the inability to coach in close games is beyond well the last 218 games….109-109……..just my opiniont

    1. >>>> this swing swing swing swing swing philosophy has to go,.the inability to coach in close games is beyond well documented.


  2. Being aggressive early in the count can be an effective strategy. Why you would use that strategy against a pitcher who has been struggling to make it deep into games, on a team with a bad bullpen, is beyond me (hint: there is a reason teams work to drive up pitch counts on Tiger starters).

    1. Ironically, I think this is why to Tigers do well against the Royals. You’d be a fool to be patient and pitch-count their starters out with that bullpen.

  3. Saw some stats this am on mlb network. The Dodgers since june 15 have the second highest bullpen era in mlb. Guess who is in 1st??? No prizes to the winner. Going to Japan Friday for a Scouting event, back to the US on 10 August. Hope to see some new faces on the Tigers team and maybe a new skipper. Jud, update your resume!

    1. Jud….I will be glad to serve as a key reference on your bunting philosophy!

      Safe travels Jim!

    2. I have coached 1000 high school games ….I could out coach this clown with both hands tied behind my back…and a blindfold on…..just sayin!

      1. I’m angling for 3rd base coach. Let’s see, if the guy is fast (Davis, Gose) you hold him. If he’s slow (Castellanos, VMart), you send him. Do I have the gig?

  4. I don’t know if Victor is hurting again or has packed it in,, but he’s been plain awful the last two series.

  5. I must say, Kinsler’s AB’s of late have been impressive. His aggressive baserunning for me, borders on foolish. But he gets away with it here, stretching what I thought was a single, into a head-first-sliding-just-barely-avoiding-the-tag genuine double.

      1. I agree, Coleman. A little bit of foolhardy mixed in with that kind of meanness, can be tolerated….

  6. Nice rally, Tigers. Marte takes 2 swing & misses, down on 1 knee. Montgomery should deal him nothing but in-the-dirt stuff the rest of night, and probably rack up 4 K’s on him.

        1. Maybe the continued presence of Krauss shows how bare the cupboard is down on the farm, and implies that DD won’t be able to pull off a big trade to get some pitching even if he wants to.

          1. Mr Ivy league totally believes any LH batter off the street is way better against a RH pitcher …therefore Lennerton isn’up they sign Krauss. Krauss doesn’t belong on a t-ball team. This is Ausmus at his worst. How in the world can you PH Avila for McCann under any circumstance….but your right the cupboard is pretty bare.

  7. Casty…u kiddin me….he ran into his monthly pitch….atta boy…7 more and this might get out of reach!

    1. I’m 2-0 so far with that game post photo, with a good start on 3-0. Obviously Casty reads this thing and gets inspired.

  8. How do you like Nicky’s swing?! And don’t forget Ian laying down a beauty of a bunt “double” to start this rally. And is that TWO hits for him this inning?? Almost like he’s single-handedly trying to keep David Price in Motown!
    Also love the way VMart stands tough after 2 strikes, fouling off pitch after pitch. Things aren’t falling well for him at present, but I don’t think he’s packing it in…

  9. Seattle is a regular Big Top out there. And Ian is on a Search and Destroy mission right now.

  10. When’s the last time we were on the good end of an 8-run inning?
    But let’s not mark this one in the W column yet —–we’re only 6 runs up.

  11. The oddest thing about this Tiger mess is this. As a player how can you possibly want to play somewhere else. The Tigers over pay you…Great facility and fans fill the place..your manager doesn’t hold you accountable….how can you go somewhere where theres more talent…all you have to do is bust your butt everyday and win some games…2/3 is fine all year….Kinsler is a great example, last couple days he has busted his butt…well don’t even tell me he hasn’t taken 25 games off this year…..I just don’t get it!!!

  12. I don’t know why BA is going to the blow pen now. The problem here is that Avila isn’t in there handling the pitcher. Oh wait, he was in there last when “handling the pitcher” when the things blew up …

  13. Wilson and Hardy…have been pretty solid all year. If you have those two and Soria why would you use any one else..other teams have the same problem you do….let Krol..Rondon..AlAl..Feliz pitch garbage time after you have already lost

      1. Exactly….we do have the lead quite often….Krol..Rondon..AlAl…Feliz( might be capable, need to see him more) should never see the field in a tie game or a lead…..they get plenty of work when were behind!!!

  14. Here is another Brad Ausmus stupid move that he makes 1000000000 times a week..AlAl JUST because he is RH and Hardy just got out a RH batter….Is there a dumber manager on the planet than Brad!!!?????????

  15. Wilson thru 7 pitches..Hardy thru 13…pulls them both..just to pull them..Soria had to throw 30…because Brad burns the pen..he will announce no Soria tomorrow….why??? he burned him in a 5 run game!

  16. They will ask Brad if he should not have used Soria like that tonight….Ausmus will answer…Nope..I am never wrong!!!!


    if i had to bet, i’d say DET won’t trade Price or Cespedes – although if the BOS series goes badly, and the trade offers from other teams are exceptional, that may tip the scales to moving one or both of them.

    instead of hanging on to ‘hope’ and FA’s (that will be signing with other teams), i still believe now is a great time to reload for next year and the future – but again, that’s still contingent upon the trade offers being exceptional. Price would be the best SP available, and should garner the ‘best’ package, but i suspect only a team that believes they could resign him (FA) would part with top prospects for a 2-month rental.

  18. The talk was “we’ll see how the next 10 games go.” So far we’re 3-3. Unless we win the next 4, I don’t see how anyone can think that we need to be buyers. And even then I wouldn’t be convinced. This team is getting worse as the season progresses. Ausmus leaving in Feliz two nights ago was just idiotic.

    1. I think they are sellers, but conditional sellers. I think right now Dombrowski is getting offers, and playing “you can do better than that.” The more games they win, the more bargaining power he has, because he can play “you know, maybe we need to keep these guys.”

  19. Its actually funny watching Kinsler and Casty bust their butt the last couple days, because they are the worst offenders of the totally inconsistent offense…..and your right I think you have to have more than a 1 game winning streak every other game to be considered buyers!!!

    1. after winning their first 6 games this year, the longest winning streak DET has been able to put together is 3 games (6 times)

      Ausmus was quoted yesterday saying that “KC was .500 at this point last year and they went to the WS” — the only thing I would add is last year’s KC team also had the best bullpen in MLB along with 4-5 reliable starters — just sayin

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