Game 2015.86: Tigers at Twins

A little technical difficulty tonight. Let’s hope Justin Verlander is over his technical difficulties. Is JD Martinez’ hand really OK? Maybe Ian Kinsler is really back to normal (the failed home run trot swagger seems normal, unfortunately. Gose, though, c’mon man, that’s not your game).

Tigers are 4-2 now post-Miggy. This one will need a good Verlander performance, not a “I had really great stuff for 2 innings, so I’m happy” Verlander.

Today’s Same Lineup Again Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  3. Victor Martinez, DH
  4. JD Martinez, RF
  5. Alex Avila, c
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Marc Krauss, 1B
  8. Anthony Gose, CF
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

32 thoughts on “Game 2015.86: Tigers at Twins”

  1. I do believe Vic is getting back to normal. The other Martinez seems a bit off tho —–might be his hand.
    Like the way Casty is placing his hits lately. He & Kins —–can they keep up their current trends?

    1. JD’s at bats have been horrible, for him. Hopefully he will feel better after the break.

    1. He did swing, but I think his tirade has earned him a bit of…whatever the opposite of the benefit of the doubt is. Funny clip of the guys making fun or Torii. Everyone always says how much he was loved as a teammate, but you could really see it there.

      1. Yeah, that was great. Torii was in stitches too. Hope that’s on YouTube; I want to watch it a few more times.

  2. Well if JD’s hand is hurting him, other players ought to smash THEIR fingers with baseballs.

  3. The Marc Krauss signing is really interesting. So far he looks like what was expected: a guy who hits around .200, strikes out a lot, and has occasional good power. Which is exactly how JD Martinez looked in Houston. And they played together in Houston, and Dave Clark coached him in Houston and recommended the signing. Could it happen twice? the odds are minimal. But there’s not much risk in giving it a chance.

  4. That is interesting. Didn’t know they played together.
    Need the same kind of weird lightning…..

  5. Too soon to claim that JV’s got his mojo back?
    82 pitches thru 6; if nothing bad happens, he can have himself a CG.

  6. If we’re maintaining any sliver of a hope of salvaging this season (low percentage here), then the only thing that will take a little bite out of this stinging loss is to take the last 2, and thus win another road series. Of course, Sunday’s is that proverbial “throw-away” with our rookie hurler on the hill, so if we could somehow steal that one, and get a bounce-back performance from Alfredo today, AND the offense keeps its’ batteries charged, well………….

  7. although most DET fans have been vaccinated for ‘epic bullpen collapse syndrome’, last night’s game could signal the end of an era… KC keeps rolling and DET keeps finding new innovative ways to give wins away.

    For the past couple years, teams that took a 5 or more run lead into the 9th were 1057-0…

  8. In ’15 DET’s bullpen is 27th (ERA) in MLB, which seems to be on-par w/previous years:
    Regular season……. Playoffs
    2014…..27th (4.29)…..10th/10 (19.29)
    2013…..24th (4.01)…..9th/10 (4.07)
    2012…..18th (3.79)…..8th/10 (3.90)
    2011…..25th (3.93)…..8th/8 (8.01)
    2010…..14th (3.96)
    2009…..22th (4.34)
    2008…..27th (4.69)
    2007…..23th (4.40)
    2006…..4th (3.55)……2nd/8 (1.95)

    1. Hmmm, Stormin’ —–those are interesting stats.
      I guess we should be encouraged, then….

  9. Sure glad Avilas back..his 2 RBI and .202 BA in the 5 SPOT along 12 K’s….. with his superb pitch calling have solidified the struggling Tigers. Last night Mr 100 mph thru nothing but sliders and change ups. Whose calling these pitches.?.
    .1-4 batters for the Tigers got on base 10 times, but Daddys boy couldn’t manage an RBI……
    …..this team is as dysfunctunal as it gets. Read the post game stuff. The Tigers fron Assmus down blamed “baseball”…it couldn ‘t have possibly been their crappy playing!

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