Game 2015:60: Cubs at Tigers

The Tigers continue to roll; 3 and counting. Also 3 and counting for Ian Kinsler multiple hit games. Coincidence? I think not.  I think we can safely say The Slump is over.

You wouldn’t necessarily think it in a 6-0 game, but the Rajai Davis catch was a game-changing moment. Baseball is like that. How many times have you seen games where a pitcher throws what should have been the 3rd strike, and the ump calls it a ball, and it all falls apart after that. If that ball clears the wall, the Tigers are down instead of up, and a bunch of people, including maybe Anibal himself, are muttering about more Anibal Long Balls. Just ask Anibal, who said after the game: “he made the game with that catch.”

Tonight’s Get Out the Mini-Brooms Lineup:

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. JD Martinez, RF
  6. Tyler Collins, DH
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

15 thoughts on “Game 2015:60: Cubs at Tigers”

  1. Greene saved himself a run in his first inning shut down. Well done; let the bats reciprocate.

    1. In case you’re wondering why it took so long for your comment to post…you spelled “shut” wrong. It’s been a while since I’ve had to fix one of those, ha!

      1. Thanks Coleman…Mr. Apple thinks he knows better! Meanwhile, Mr. Denorfia is on my list as a whiner.

    1. Jud, a few outings earlier I believe you said the Shane Greene experiment was over. I agree…what do you want for $500K?

    2. I guess it is…Hey Shane all these pitches in the middle of the plate…..get hammered. Has nothing to do with arm slot…has to do with where the hell you are throwing these pitches!!!!!

  2. How does Castianos stay in the MLB…He has 0 range, he can’t field stuff hit at him…he can’t hit..worst than average arm…he is ranked as the worst baserunner in baseball, when he occassionally gets on…..I don’t get it!!!!

    1. the thing that puzzles me most about Castellanos is reaction (or lack thereof) timing… i thought all good 3B had to have cat-like reflexes…something he does not. His movements (fielding and base running) all seem to be of the lumbering and methodical nature.

      He’s had some flashes in the field and at the plate, but if he ever discovers how to hit with some consistency, he’d probably make a good 1B for some team.

    1. And as I say that Nesbitt and AlAl bring their gas can to put out the fire!….Nesbitt is young …but Al Al used to be good!!!!

  3. After the game everyone will be lavishing praises on AlAl once again,however as he gives up yet another 3 run dinger…. Seems like his 3 or 4th.of those….. Then he strikes out everyone and he’s compared to Mario Rivera!!!!!! This is getting old!

  4. DET’s weekend series w/CLE will see CLE pitchers: Salazar, Carrasco and Kluber – so i can’t imagine DET putting up many runs – so DET pitching will have to be stellar (including JV on Sat)…

    The ‘two steps forward, three steps back mode’ DET has been in for the past month cannot continue for much longer if DET wants to win the AL Central. Will JV and VMart be the spark?…guess we’ll find out

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