Game 2015.71: Tigers at Indians

Still traveling, so I’m gonna make it short. Seems to be working.

16 thoughts on “Game 2015.71: Tigers at Indians”

  1. No Iggy, No JD… and excuse my language, but Buck Farmer! was promoted to DET today…don’t know who had to take the dog south.

    1. Rajai Davis, RF
    2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
    3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
    4. Victor Martinez, DH
    5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
    6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
    7. James McCann, C
    8. Andrew Romine, SS
    9. Anthony Gose, CF

  2. My language is gonna get a whole lot worse than yours after NC’s 1st 3 ABs produce 2 Ks & a GIDP.
    IF something a whole lot better than that happens, well maybe I can keep quiet for awhile.
    And Jeez —–Buck Farmer. I was just waiting and waiting for us to get him back!

  3. Ausmus said he didn’t play JD today because he has bad numbers against Salazar, but meanwhile he inserts NC back into the lineup – and with that 2nd K today, NC’s numbers against CLE; 34 AB’s 16 K’s and just 4 H…guess that same logic doesn’t apply to NC (as to JD)

  4. regarding 3B, Romine might be playing himself into that position, w/NC doing the opposite

  5. So Casty turns “projected” GIDP into a 2-run double —–THAT’s an improvement…..
    And who lit the fire under Romine?!

    1. Romine is still an unknown. He’s only had about half as many MLB ABs as Casty. What if he’s actually good?

      1. Yeah, what a pleasant gift that would be.
        And I hate to say it, but Ian Kinsler just looks….defeated.

  6. Great interaction between that young boy Indians fan and Cabrera. Oh, my —-fun at the old ballpark!

  7. This same conversation about NC..substitue McCanns name….same same…swibns at everything anywhere out of the strike zone…Holiday has one less RBI in 100 less at bats…helllloooo!

    1. Relax, soon Avila will be back hitting .175 and dropping every throw to the plate. But…the pitch framing will be excellent.

      1. Exactly..I think Avila puts his fingers down in his crotch better than the other guys also….accoarding to my daughter!!

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