Game 2015.66: Tigers at Reds

So, I’m posting this from a bar in Austin. Kinda slipped my mind. Go Tigers.


25 thoughts on “Game 2015.66: Tigers at Reds”

  1. Ok so he ate Miggy and Cespedes up…..just wait til Casty and McCann get to him. They will show him!

  2. Wait..that batter squared around and just tapped the ball with his bat…got the run in….Ausmus turned to Lamont and asked “is that legal??????”

    1. And Lamont replied, “Wow, that was weird. But they got away with it… think we could try that, Brad?”
      “Jeez, I don’t know, Gene —-I’m scared. It would mean I’d have to think, and make decisions, step out of my comfort zzzzzone. And even if we did, I wouldn’t think of doing it so early in a game where we’re probably gonna score 10-12 runs anyway. So let’s just block it out of our memories —–you know, pretend we never saw it!”
      “Yeah, let’s forget about it. And I heard they call it ‘small ball’ —-that’s not a reference to the manager’s anatomy, is it?”

  3. As easy as everyones crappy pitchers carve up the Sluggos, Cueto isn’t even breaking a sweat doing it!

  4. And Leyland somewhere says….see why bunt?…just hit one if those three run dingers EVERY game!!!!

    1. And Ausmus picks that up telepathically, and says, “I believe in you, Jim; I worship you! But, wait a minute —–are teams gonna walk Kinsey every game?”

    2. I am sure the Reds’ Manager says the same thing about Todd Frazier.

  5. Delay probably means bullpen time for both teams. Right when we were getting to Cueto?? And we lose David. Guess we better hope it pours “Tigers and dogs”, & get a postponement….
    Yay, Miggy! With 51 RBI, he should be solo for the A.L. lead after tonite.

  6. McCann can’t hit a lick…but the boy can play some D….great throw by Kinsler to save Gas Can Al!!!!

  7. Miggy yet another Defensive lapse…does that often now. That ball got him in the nose, but it was in his glove first…….but Gas Can comes thru!!!!!!

  8. Check out Al’s dance after that K —–even he can’t believe he finally didn’t blow a game!

  9. Hey Soria, Krol, Cespedes, Martinez, Casstalanos, McCann, Wilson, Joba, Kinsler, Davis Romine, Ausmus, Lamont, Jones…..thanks for doing frickin NOTHING for 6 hours of our lives. This sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 2 swings of the bat in 6 hours by Miggy and Collins….this was the the worst loss of the season for this reason. For 5 minutes out of 6 hours the Tigers had a chance to win. For 5 hours and 55 minutes they had ZERO chance to win! Against a team going nowhere!!!!!

    1. In their defense tho, Cueto’s one of the best starters in MLB, with nasty good stuff, and deceptive motion. No surprise Miggy got to him, but the rest? Even on THEIR good days, Cueto’s tough to hit.

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