Game 2015.58: Tigers at White Sox

One win shouldn’t “shake the proverbial monkey on the Tigers’ back”, but that seemed to be a recurring theme in the post-game. I’ve only picked up what I’ve read, but I am not reassured or inspired in the least.

I mean, this team just lost 8 games in a row. EIGHT. Let’s not act like all is well in the world. If they lose today they’ll have lost 9/10 going into an off-day. But win today…and we have a winning streak heading into a home series.

Jerry Green, of the Detroit News, wrote an article defending Brad Ausmus this morning, instead seemingly shifting the blame for the team’s woes to Victor Martinez, and the Tigers’ decision to pick VMart over Scherzer. Green is conveniently forgetting that the Tigers offered Scherzer an outrageous sum last March which would have likely prevented them from re-signing VMart. He also neglects to mention that Scherzer’s contract is for $142M dollars MORE than VMart’s. This is just the beginning. He then goes on to shift whatever blame is left to injuries for VMart, JV, and Avila. I honestly have no idea what he’s watching, or which editor thought it would be a good idea to give him a forum. He could not be more wrong in his analysis or conclusions. He does, however, get roasted in the comments, where most of the people posting agree with my notion that other than Tony Gage, every tier 1 beat writer is scared of the Tigers’ front office.

If you haven’t been watching the rest of the AL b/c this Tigers’ train wreck is so encompassing, the Royals have lost 9/11, and are averaging less than 3 runs per game over their last 18. And your second WC team is the Texas Rangers. One month ago I read/heard some local guys whom I really respect beg the organization to trade Choo, Beltre, and Fielder, with the understanding that a bag of chips would be good return for Choo.

What a difference a month can make.