Game 2015.55: Athletics at Tigers

There isn’t much to say about last night’s game: the Tigers, were completely baffled by a legitimate Cy Young caliber pitcher. Games like that will happen. The problem is that when you are on a losing streak it’s harder to take them in stride.

Miguel Cabrera does seem to be coming out of his night-game malaise, so there’s that.  Then there’s Ian Kinsler.

A lot of good comments on last night’s post about managing and leadership; they were more interesting than the actual game.

Today’s Drifting Down the Standings Lineup:

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  6. JD Martinez, DH
  7. Tyler Collins, RF
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. Bryan Holaday, C

I’m not sure why Fields doesn’t get a shot this series, what could it hurt?

22 thoughts on “Game 2015.55: Athletics at Tigers”

  1. Following same script, night after night.
    I have a feeling that we’ll be hitting and get some runs tonite tho.
    Just hope there’s no more fielding blunders…….
    Nice comment by broadcaster Rod: “Tigers have been making a LOT of opposing pitchers look good lately.”

  2. don’t ask “where’s bottom?”…because I suspect we’re not there yet

    with DET’s payroll, one would think this level of disappointing performance will bring about some changes… since, we’ve graduated well beyond the acceptable clichés & excuses phase

  3. Same script, same score, same dead feeling.
    @Mr Cash: When we hit bottom, then we start coming back up again, right?

    1. ‘Kaline fan’ – let’s hope that’s the plan…but I have my doubts that Avila, JV and VMart’s return will be the quick fix DET craves.

      1. Yeah, in healthier, happier times, that fix would work. But now, I’m afraid you’re probably right…….

  4. Fields and Collins will be back on the bench friday so the do nothings can get back to scoring their 2 runs. Meanwhile Assmus will by estatic now that the Sluggos have finally gotten out of their 5 week slump….forget the 7th loss in a row they actually scored!!!…

  5. I like our pitching staff. We have four really good starters without Verlander. Gose and Davis need to be in the line up, all the time but not back to back. Iglesias and Kinsler too. Placed in the line up so theirs a constant running and bunting threat. JD Martinez needs confidence he’s a really good player. Kinsler is too good and he’ll come around. McCann and Holiday can handle the catching duties. Iglesias will be a great SS some day. Cabrera is a very under rated fielder, but I’m thinking he might need glasses. I noticed the difference during the day vs the night some time ago. He looks healthy, but like a lot of players he seems down in the dumps. I just don’t know about Castellanos. I like him but he swings at a lot of bad pitches, nice to see him walk a couple of times lately. If I owned the team This is what I’d do – trade Al out of the bull pen, reassign Verlander to the bull pen 1-3 innings tops, trade Alex, Cespedes, and mabe Castellanos and rest Victor at least until after the altar game.

    1. Mike – i’ve thought the same thing about Cabrera (about possibly needing glasses) – i saw a game where he was wearing clear (sunglass-type) glasses at a night game, and the ESPN announcers commented that they thought it was to eliminate glare (of lights presumably), but i wondered if it was some type of prescription glasses.

      Whatever the case, i’ve seen an inordinate number of bad swings and Miggy getting fooled on pitches this year than in previous years.

  6. Martinez, Cespedes, Mc Cann, Castallanos are the same hitter. Once in awhile they run into one but day in and day out they can’t be counted on…Kinsler can’t be counted on at all. So theres more than half your starting lineup. . Miggy,this year, helps himself with numbers , but doesn’t really help the team….that leaves Davis..Iggy and Gose to carry the load…u bat them 1-2-3 so they can cause some havoc. You split them up and the other Sluggos either get them out DP or just don’t score them..

    1. And what is so important that you need Cespedes and Martinez both in the lineup to go 2-7 with 0 or 1 RBI

  7. When I grew up pitching rotations were as low as 3, then 4 now 5. Now I can’t tell you how many times pitchers throw 100 pitches or so, then replaced and be of the next three re leavers that collectively throw 15 pitches or so get the win. Also I can’t stand crediting a relief pitcher with a low era when he came in to stop the bleeding allowed all three runners that were left on base to score and it didn’t impact him what-so-ever.
    I constantly hear that pitchers vs batters batting averages on average go up every time through the line up. So let’s change things around. Let change pitchers by design every time through the batting order. If the guy is doing great and hasn’t allowed a hit keep him in the game to preserve the no lhitter, but other than that change things around and let the managers change pitchers to benefit the pitchers. It might be interesting!

    1. I had a long post on here a few years ago arguing that the “closer” should start the game. I was half-kidding. But…OK, if your closer is your best 1-inning pitcher, why not use him for the 1st inning? Look up the stats about 1st inning leads–a shutdown 1st inning is a much higher predictor of victory than you would think.

  8. Mike, your ideas are interesting. And Ausmus is such a bold, dynamic and creative manager, that I’m sure he’d be willing to implement much of what you and Coleman suggest (**sarcasm alert**).
    Hell, I’ve been waiting and waiting for him to even test out the much more conventional policy of making the whole team take bunting practice, so successful sac bunts could be incorporated into our “offensive arsenal” (which at this time, could use some stocking up). And at same time, eliminating 80% of DPs we hit into.
    Mario and Rod flashed a graphic last week. I think it indicated that this year’s Tigers are on pace to set a MLB record for hitting into DPs.

  9. Brad,our grear leader said this morning, Haun was the perfect pitcher for us to break out against yesterday, but were not swinging the bats like we usually do…..isn’t 5 weeks of the same thing what you uaually do?…The Tigers are under the false assumption that any day they will wake up and this will all go away…..I hope they are right!

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