Game 2015.53: Athletics at Tigers

After that frustrating 7-game road trip out west the fans probably appreciated the day off Monday almost as much as the team did.

The team was busy though, and there are a number of roster changes.

  • First, Alfredo Simon returns from bereavement leave and will resume his spot in the rotation tonight.  Buck Farmer has been sent back to Toledo to make room for Simon’s return.
  • The Tigers, having got their 2-hits worth out of Hernan Perez, put him on waivers. Perez was claimed by the Milwaukee Brewers. Perez is young enough the he still may have potential, but since he was out of options the Tigers were stuck keeping him on the major league roster or letting him go.
  • To replace Perez, the Tigers added infielder Josh Wilson from Toledo. Wilson has hit .291 with 10 RBI for the Mud Hens.
  • Rajai Davis has gone to join his wife for the birth of their 2nd child and has been placed on paternity leave, which means he will be back Friday at the latest. Getting his first major league call up to replace Rajai will be local boy Daniel Fields, who’s father played for the Tigers in 1986, was a hitting coach for Alan Trammel’s Tigers,  and is now a minor league instructor. Fields has hit .271 with 3 home runs and 7 triples for the Mud Hens. Fields’ stay is likely to be short, but he provides that elusive left-handed bat with power.

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  6. JD Martinez, RF
  7. Tyler Collins, DH
  8. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  9. James McCann, C

Brad tries something a little different and moves the slumping Kinsler to 5th, and tries Iggy in the 2-spot.

28 thoughts on “Game 2015.53: Athletics at Tigers”

  1. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Romine at 3rd. With the A’s butchering balls at a record pace (they lead the league with 52 errors, 20 over the league average) we could use an extra guy who can put the ball in play and run.

    1. Yes, Romine has become the surprise “hitting weapon” that no one expected this year, and he does run pretty well (save for his occasional baserunning gaffe, but everyone who attempts steals, has those).
      Still, we can’t completely give up on Casty yet, and maybe getting back inside Comerica will cure his slump, and he’ll return to being the offensive threat we all know he can (and should) be.
      Will tonite be that breakout game everyone’s been waiting for the Tigers to have? Sure hope so. And I always feel good with Alfredo on the mound. I just hope with his extra time off, he doesn’t show up with a case of Rusty Arm.
      Also I’m excited about these roster changes. Maybe some pleasant surprises with this new blood?
      GO!! CATS!!!

  2. I consulted my past year scorebooks and found Tiger run scored for the past years as of game 52 are (with won/loss in parenthesis):

    2015: 212 (28/24)
    2014: 240 (31/21)
    2013: 268 (29/23)
    2012: 229 (24/28)
    2011: 218 (26/26)

    I believe we are missing Victor Martinez (and perhaps JD too?), but there is time to correct the ship. Let’s start tonight Tiger fans!

  3. I forgot to add today is the 5-year anniversary of Armando Galarraga’s “perfect” game.

    1. Jim Joyce is calling from second base. I don’t see Armando anywhere.

    2. It appears Graveman of Oakland is re-creating the Galarraga game with the Tigers following his lead.

      1. They’re helping out the commish with that pace-of-play thing by breezing through the game with no base runners.

  4. Hey….it’s good to be back home again…oh yes it is! Well done Nick!

    1. Had a good feeling about Nick before this one started. I don’t think he’s done yet, either.

  5. Kinsler should sit out a few games, maybe 10, get his head together. That was a serious fielding gaffe. Even Iggy showing him where to throw, didn’t help.

  6. Is Kinsler on some “funny” pills..error to lose a game in Anaheim, bonehead play here…4 for 47 now as a batter…just look at him physically…he is spaced out!!!!

    1. You’re right. As manager, I would have a little closed-door session with him, try to find out what the hell’s up…..

  7. Wow…3 runs!!!..that means 0 or 1 tomorrow when they face a real pitcher….

    ..are now closer to last place then they are to first place….fire Assmus now!. This team has no fight…no heart…no courage…no brains. I don’t even think a trip to the Wizard will help this team. And the play Kinsler made should get him suspended!

  8. This L is on Kinsler, at a time when the team really needed a W. A justifiable suspension probably won’t even happen, but he needs to apologize to all his teammates, for lately playing with his ass on his shoulders, lack of proper focus in batters’ box, on basepaths, and in field.

  9. Kinsler threw Casty under the bus this morning. Said he should have made the play at third. But the most amazing statement, despite what every other person saw was Kinsler said he made the right play throwing home when no one was going home!!!!!!!!!!what!!!!!!

  10. Jud, I’m amazed. Has Ian turned into a full nutter?? I didn’t read any of today’s reports, but the TV replay was crystal-clear == A’s runner was almost standing on 3rd, and Iggy, standing clearly (it would seem) in Kinsler’s vision, his right arm fully-extended, pointing to 1st base (IOW= THROW IT THERE!).
    IAN: Are we back in the Nixon era? Videotape is lying???
    I can only echo your response here: What??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. these guys (DET ’15) are wearing me out and its only early June

    every team experiences ups and downs over the course of a 162-game schedule, but since the great start of this season, we’ve seen a disproportionate number of “downs” from this team… and i guess the part that bothers me most is the pile of losses to bad to mediocre teams/pitchers

    this team is rudder-less and floundering – who’s going to step up and lead the resurgence?

  12. Without Hunter and VMart in the clubhouse…who is the leader in the clubhouse.??………no one. Thats another part of the problem ..25 individuals just trying to get by. No leader in the club house, no leader on the field, and no leader running the show. Watch them play, its very obvious!
    ….like it or not Leyland was in Charge. I now actually miss that stubborn old fool. He was in charge!

  13. Lets see…get more than 2 off Gray
    Lets see…Sanchez allowing less than 5
    Lets see…. Tigers reach down and pull themselves out of this streak
    Lets see… Assmus managing a great game
    Lets see ….Kinsler actually doing anything to help the team
    Lets see… Miggy had 3 RBI in the past 10 games, maybe he gets 3 today
    Lets see …The Tigers start a one game win streak..
    Lets see…Is there a full moon tonight?
    Lets see ……….did hell freeze over????

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