Game 2015.52: Tigers at Angels

Well, in other news, Verlander pitched today for Toledo. 6 H and 3 ER in 2 2/3. Let’s just assume he was throwing all straight balls as he hopped back on the bike for the first time in a while.

Anyone have any good baseball news they want to post.

1. Anthony Gose, CF

2. Ian Kinsler, 2B

3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B

4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF

5. J.D. Martinez, RF

6. Tyler Collins, DH

7. James McCann, C

8. Jose Iglesias, SS

9. Andrew Romine, 3B

41 thoughts on “Game 2015.52: Tigers at Angels”

  1. Ok Kevin, I have some good news and bad news. Good new….KC Royals are no longer in first place…..bad news, it isn’t the Tigers who moved into first place. Let’s hope for a good game as a national audience watches.

  2. So the Red Sox walked Prince Fielder to put the go ahead run on first with 2 out in the 9th.

    Is there any doubt that if that’s Cabrera that Ausmus is PR for him?

    Anyway, pinch hitter Josh Hamilton laced a double into the LF gap and Fielder came around and scored (pretty easily).

    Jeff Bannister is doing something with the Rangers.

  3. Well theres your party boys…Kinsler picked off because he’s sleeping on first and Cabrerra swings at a 55 foot pitch…………………in defense of Kinsler its been about a month since he’s been on first an he is rusty.

  4. Goodbye May as the Tigers have gone 12-15 after a 15-8 April in the D. Let’s hope June will be better. Didn’t the Zumba incident occur last May?

  5. One of my best buddies, huge Tiger fan, moved to Mississippi, to Jackson. Doing some work with U of Miss…..I am not even suggesting that you have to change your name

    1. Yesterday my wife and I drove to Laurel, MS to buy a car. The dealership owner was a big Tiger fan from Livonia. We talked much Tigers before doing the paperwork. Ole Miss has a Med Center in Jackson that your pal must be working at. We live in Vicksburg where currently the final outcome of the Civil War is still in question. Gonna retire soon and head Kevin’s way. So I math avert change my name to Only Tiger Fan in Weatherford, Texas?.

  6. Kinsler at 4-46 now remains in the 2 spot. In fact, he remains in the line up..amazing. And Iggy batting .330 bats 9th..and Romine batting .330 will return to the bench tomorrow..isn’t something seriously wrong here

  7. 0-6 RISP. Good news is that we’ve had 6 RISP. Maybe we can win on penetrations.

  8. I too, would leave Price in. You can’t bring in Joba with bases packed .
    Hope this works out…….

  9. No, no, no, Brad. Joba could get this 3rd out, but that last popout had David in the right zone. I would have let him get one more man.

  10. Iglesias and Kinsler with a bonehead play. Things I never thought I’d see:

    – 5 HR given up in 5 outs
    – 2 runs score on an IF hit with no error

  11. Some may disagree with me here, but even with 116 pitches, you show faith in your veteran starter after he gets 2nd out. You don’t go to the pen with a cold arm for 3rd out. Wrong move, Brad……………. again.

    1. Nah, no way. He was gassed, it was the right move. We would have crucified him had Price given up another hit. Just a lucky hit by Giavotella.

      Did Romine get injured? Did he just PH Castellanos for Romine? I switched the game off for a sec. Am I missing something?

      1. Brad makes the weirdest pinch-hit moves. Castellanos should never pinch hit for anyone. I think Leyland must have texted him “Casty might run into one.”

  12. The Tigers aren’t exactly playing well, but they are doing even worse than they should with their not playing well. I guess they are making up for lucking out and winning a bunch of 1-0 and 2-1 games.

  13. Joba has been almost perfect the last two weeks, hard to fault that move. On the other hand…I think you need to pull Price sooner, or ride him the whole inning.

  14. It’s an art, really, when to leave a guy in or pull him. Arts are hard to learn. I wonder if Brad will ever get it, considering things he’s said.

    1. We are all born with various talents (art) that you can’t learn; you can only reinforce your artistic skills via good or positive experiences. Talent resides in our DNA and perhaps given by God. Meanwhile knowledge of a science can be taught and learned (by most). What mixture of arts and science a baseball manager should have is certainly of good debate? What would Sparky, Billy, or other artists have done last night? However I would dare say Brad was simply out-managed by Mike last night as he never responded to the Angels’ pitching changes, etc. Mike won that game for the Rally Monkies by giving them an opportunity to win. Unfortunately Brad has given many the chance to excell and win. Rather he has simply “managed” these past 52 games. That’s the difference between baseball science and the art of baseball.

  15. Agreed. That is a tricky call, and when to pull, when to stick, is an art. Who knows what would have happened, but my gut feeling tells me that I ride him the whole inning, after that 2nd out was secured. I really like my percentages of going with a “gassed” Price, who’s totally focused, tough competitor, and in his zone, intent on getting that 3rd out, adrenaline flowing, relieved at getting the pop-up, than going with a cold Chamberlain, who’s always a scare inheriting runners, and is due for a misstep.
    I guess everyone has their coaching philosophies…..

    1. One thing you have to say about Price is that he’s a competitor. He would have been out there firing 140 pitches if coach let him (not that that would be s good idea). And I like that he never leaves after he’s pulled, he always cheers from the dugout. If all 25 guys were competitors in the same way we might be better off.

  16. F’n Castellanos for Romine? MAYBE if 2 are on and we need a 2B or HR. But if you need a baserunner wouldn’t he be better off sending Dombrowski up there?


    1. He always sends Romine in for a defensive replacement for Castellanos at the end of the game, so I think he figured that if Romine started he should pinch-hit Castellanos as an offensive replacement at the end of the game.

      No, I literally think that that was the reasoning.

  17. I was involved in a game of thrones binge watch with what’s her name, and missed the game. I see in the box score young # 68 pitched, allowed 3 base runners (2BB, 1 Hit) and guess how many scored? Wait for it! ZERO! Beginning to think something has got to give, there is too much talent on this ball club to be hovering around 500.

  18. If I had anything to do with the administration of the Detroit Tigers organization I would fire Brad Ausmus before the 9th inning of this game for allowing Nesbit to pitch to Zobrist ?? Why do we have a left-handed specialist in our bullpen? The only thing I can think of is maybe he’s got money on the A’s? WTF? Somebody explain this to me like I’m a five-year old… I’m absolutely floored right now.

    Wow. Just wow.

  19. if you’re watching the Tiger game, and want to see a team playing with some passion and fundamentals… switch over to ESPN2 and watch UM playing FL in softball WS … its 1-0 in bottom of 6th

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