Game 2015.39: Brewers at Tigers

This one really snuck up on me…go Tigers.

(I loved that bunt that Kinsler laid down last night. He’s such a ballplayer.)

Baseball-Reference game preview here.

Davis in LF tonight, Cespedes with the night off.

1. Gose, CF
2. Kinsler, 2B
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez V, DH
5. Martinez J.D., RF
6. Davis, LF
7. Castellanos, 3B
8. McCann, C
9. Iglesias, SS


26 thoughts on “Game 2015.39: Brewers at Tigers”

  1. Cubs going to cut Phil Coke tomorrow – which means they paid him $2.25M to pitch 10 innings…not a bad gig for PCoke

  2. Looks like the offense is back in the deep freeze. And what’s w/ all the 1st pitch swinging all of the sudden?

    1. It’s hard to do too much on offense with a National League pitcher batting 4th. We’re going to have to win a bunch of low-scoring games until Victor recovers.

      1. Victor Martinez slugging % LH: .160 (before tonight)
        Avg. slugging % NL Pitchers: .142

        1. All true but he is not the only reason we look dead tonight. Plenty of garbage ABs by other guys like Castellanos playing into this sleeper. I might move VMart down in the order and out of the 4th hole but I would not sit him down. Few guys, if any, playing today have a better track record of getting back on track like VMart. I would drop him to 7th and let him find it.

  3. Someone tell these guys to wake and realize they are playing the Brewers. And wake up Ausmus, too. Lobstein was done before he spit up the lead.

  4. Assmus screws up again, leaving the Lobster in one hitter too long and possibly costing us the game!

    1. Good move, with the cleanup hitter that can’t get the ball out of the infield. They have to move JD or Cespedes to the 4th spot, this is just insane, I’m not sure why anyone would throw a strike to Miggy.

      1. Agreed, but the boy genius knows better despite the evidence that we all just watched. Put VMart in the 7 hole.

  5. Assmus screws up again by not pinch hitting YC for VMart, and this will cost us the game!

  6. 9-1-2-3 get on 7 times.. but of course Mr O-4. Takes care of that. Is it posdible he didn’t really go to college.!…how dumb do you have to be …….

  7. The difference between Leyland and Asmus is this. Leyland was stubborn and just set in his ways. If you didn’t like it …too bad.
    Asmus is in way over his head and I believe this is as smart as he is. He has no clue what to do about Victor. He is not going to stand up to this situation because he doesn’t know what to do. Its not like the line up the past three days didn’t work. But to do something now and either tell VMart to bat right handed, or drop him in the order, or sit him, or DL him, is impossible for Asmus to deal with. He is going to neeed DD to make the decision for him!!!

  8. In 3 of Sanchez’ starts this year, he’s given up 20 runs in 15.2 innings, in his other outings he’s been good to very good… which Sanchez do we see tonight?

  9. guess its ‘bad (or dirty) Sanchez’ tonight…

    DET making one of the worst teams in MLB look pretty good

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