Game 2014.26: Tigers at Royals

David Price responded in true ace form yesterday, with a 5 hit masterpiece that was 1 out from being a complete game shutout. KC fans went nuts after Cain hit a bomb to trim the lead to 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th, but Price responded by striking out Hosmer in 4 pitches. It was a desperately need win b/c the prospects of being swept in a 4 game series against what looks to be our division rival were harrowing. I’m not surprised that Price came out for the 9th, since he was only at 91 pitches entering the 9th. I think it would have been Soria had he been at 101.

Anibal Sanchez climbs the hill today against Mark Guthrie. A win today and split in the series will feel like a series win to me.

J.D. Martinez back in the lineup today. Rajai Davis had a huge run in yesterday’s game. I like this Gose/Davis platoon.

Baseball Reference game preview here.

1. Gose, CF
2. Kinsler, 2B
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez V, DH
5. Martinez J.D., RF
6. Cespedes, LF
7. Avila, C
8. Castellanos, 3B
9. Iglesias, SS

8 thoughts on “Game 2014.26: Tigers at Royals”

  1. The Tigers have had success hitting against Guthrie. Let’s hope Sanchez shows up as Sanchez. A win will let us leave KC in first.

  2. After a long drought of not being on base, the Boss’ Son forgot how to run the bases. And now it looks like he is mentoring Iglesias.

    1. OK, I will stop bashing Avila. Meanwhile, Sanchez is on a roll!

  3. Did u see my post last night the exact play about Goss retouching second came up in the Texas/ Oakland game, including the step towards third after the retouch. Appeal..ruled the opposite of the Goss ruling..called him safe!!!……

  4. We will take that split especially after going 0-2…the Sluggos scored a weeks worth of runs led by the most unlikely of batters Alex Avila ….wow…Sanchez and Price and Soria save the day!

    A note to Avila..if you did this more often we would score 6 runs way more ofter…..


    Rondon could be out for a while. I suspect some of the bottom dwellers (MIL, PHI, TEX) might begin “selling” earlier this year – unloading unproductive contracts for young prospects. Though not a lot of pieces (bullpen) DET can use from any of those teams…and its not like DET is loaded with expendable “prospects”…that other teams will want.

  6. For those of us wondering whether or not DET benefits financially w/JV being on the 60-day vs 15 day DL, here are a couple of links:

    JV’s getting paid about $4.7M per month – and i would have to assume DET bought insurance on his (and Miggy’s and VMart’s) contracts…which based on the one article could mean DET could recover about $4M-$5M if JV remains on the DL through May

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