Game 2014.160: Twins at Tigers

89-70, magic number is 2.

Up against the clock today, so I’ll just make one quick point. Are the Tigers the hottest AL team entering the playoffs?…

Swarzak v. Porcello tonight.

Game preview here.

1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
2. Torii Hunter, RF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Victor Martinez, DH
5. J.D. Martinez, LF
6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
7. Alex Avila, C
8. Andrew Romine, SS
9. Rajai Davis, CF

28 thoughts on “Game 2014.160: Twins at Tigers”

  1. looks like Ricky’s Sept struggles continue – he’s over 200 innings for the year for the 1st time in his career…maybe he’s hit the wall?

    …hurry back Sanchez

  2. This one, assuming it ends the way it is heading, is on Ausmus. Kid Rick was Kid Rocked from the first pitch and Ausmus slept.

  3. Well, I’m enjoying this sneak preview of the Tigers’ short postseason.

    Castellanos can’t throw, Cabrera can’t catch. Way to throw the game away right there. They should trade places, unless the Tigers plan to run out three DH’s next season.

    Lousy stinking lousy Porcello. I hate that guy.

  4. I like the way Nick doesn’t allow being the worst third baseman in MLB to affect his strikeout technique. It’s similar to the way Alex doesn’t let his defensive prowess affect him at the plate.

  5. VMart runs a hitting clinic in each AB – even though he didn’t get all of it on the 5th inning fly out, that was a great AB

    the Castellanos – Cabrera show on defense isn’t helping the cause tonight

    1. personally I can’t see trying to acclimate Sanchez to a bullpen role – if they only think they can get 3-5 innings out of him, I’d seriously have to consider starting Sanchez (even for just 4 or 5 innings) instead of Porcello, based on Porcello’s last five outings… this approach i’d only employ if Sanchez has good stuff (in his simulated games and bullpen sessions)

  6. Good to see that Johnson got some good work in: 1 pitch, 1 hit, 1 earned run. Seems Ausmus is working his usual magic with the blowpen.

  7. I think Victor and Miggy should try their menace on Tigers pitchers. Anything is worth a try. Ian Kinsler should make the binocular face at them. Something. Anything.

  8. Don’t worry friends. We weren’t going to sweep out, and we’re not going to sweep the playoffs.

    I’m going to make a drink. Who’s with me?

  9. Sure glad Assmus used Ryan (who is he anyway) instead of Sanchez as the “long man” that we don’t have in the first place!

    1. Hate to come out of my sour mood for this, but Kyle Ryan has pitched pretty well. Great stuff. He could be in the rotation by 2nd half next year, certainly 2016.

  10. Cy Nolasco puts his 5-12 and 5.5 era on the line…based on last game he would be a first ballot HOF….game on!!!! 91 wins…90 ties

  11. Don’t you guys think that celebrating the new Wild Card is a little silly? It’s basically a 163. No one every celebrates that.

    1. It’s a 162-game season in baseball where teams can play 3-4 weeks with one or no days off. For most of that stretch, no matter how well they do, it’s “so far so good, but anything can happen.” Toward the end, I can see why you’d be looking for reasons to celebrate. Especially since it will soon come to naught for most of the teams. As long as Zubaz aren’t involved, it’s all good.

      1. I just think I’d feel silly if I had a champagne celebration and wore a brand new hat only to get eliminated after one game. I’d argue that the NFL is different b/c it’s single elimination for all teams.

        If the Tigers end up as the wild card I certainly hope they’ll immediately begin preparing for the game, and not waste a single drop of Stroh’s on the fact that they have, at that time, earned the right to only one more game.

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